Fun Learning For Kids : World's Greatest Inventors

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Introduce children to the world's greatest inventions and their inventions through these interactive puzzles!

Introduce children to the world's greatest inventions and their inventions through these interactive puzzles!

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  • 1. Weekly Children’s Newspaper EOTO : World’s Greatest Inventors Fun Learning for Kids Weekly Children’s Newspaper
  • 2. Thomas Edison invented the mimeograph, which is a low-cost printing press, on August 8, 1876. Can you name any 3 other inventions by Edison? Weekly Children’s Newspaper
  • 3. 4 Amazing Inventions! The greatest inventions are not always in the field of science and medicine. Here are some unconventional yet truly life-changing inventions! Click the link to find out more: Weekly Children’s Newspaper
  • 4. Word Famous Inventors! Complete the names of these world-renowned inventors: a. A _ Y A B _ A T _: India’s master astronomer and mathematician b. J _ H A _ N _ S G _ T _ N B _ R _: Invented a printing machine that uses a movable type c. H _ N R _ F _ R _: Maker of American cars and automobile manufacturing Weekly Children’s Newspaper
  • 5. Louis Braille invented the raised-dot writing mechanism for blind people at the early age of 15. Being blind himself, he sought a way for blind people to read. His invention was known as the Braille system and is used by moving the fingers over dotted characters. Weekly Children’s Newspaper
  • 6. From the grid below, find all the inventions by these modern inventors. Weekly Children’s Newspaper
  • 7. Is your favourite past-time playing video games? Then you can thank Ralph H Baer for inventing the first home console for video games in 1972. He worked on developing the hardware and games, finally creating the "Brown Box" prototype. This prototype had two controllers, a light gun and 16 switches on the console that selected the game to be played. Weekly Children’s Newspaper
  • 8. Answers: 1. Light bulb, Tin foil phonograph, Kinetoscope 2. a: Aryabata, Johannes Gutenberg, Henry Ford 3. Facebook, Twitter, iPod, iPad, Moonwalk, Telescope, Xerox Weekly Children’s Newspaper
  • 9. Thank You! Connect with us @ Weekly Children’s Newspaper Print this slideshow to teach kids offline!