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  • 2011 was a year of recovery for the Singapore economy. Premium brands in the Ice Cream industry have performed well in 2011; consumers have traded up to premium brands. Furthermore, consumer tastes in Singapore have become more sophisticated resulting in consumers trading up to premium brands. Therefore, this shift in consumer preference has led to an increase in average unit price of Ice Cream in Singapore. This trend indicates that there is a huge preference for premium Ice Cream brands in Singapore.
  • Group 3 arp

    1. 1. Analyzing the effect(s) of competitive marketing strategies: A case study of Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs’ brand equity Group 3: Aditya Sharma Robin Agarwal Prasan Arora
    2. 2. ContentsObjectiveOverviewCompetition profilingIndustry trendsResearch methodologyHypothesisProbable research outcomes
    3. 3. Objective Analyzing the effect(s) of competitivemarketing strategies of Ben and Jerry’s & Haagen-Dazs’ brand equity
    4. 4. Overview In 2011, the segment grew 4% to reach $118 million Average unit price increased in 2011 From 2012-2016, the Ice-cream industry expected to register a constant value CAGR of 2%Source: Euro monitor report – Ice Cream in Singapore
    5. 5. Competition Profiling Brand Company 2007 2008 2009 2010 Walls Unilever Singapore Pte Ltd 12.8 12.8 13 12.7 Magnolia F&N Foods (S) Pte Ltd 13.3 13.3 12.7 12.3Häagen-Dazs General Mills Asia Pte Ltd 10.1 10.1 10.3 10.5Ben & Jerrys Unilever Singapore Pte Ltd 5.4 5.4 5.6 5.7Standard brands: Wall’s, MagnoliaPremium brands: Häagen-Dazs & Ben & Jerry’s Source: Euro monitor report – Ice Cream in Singapore
    6. 6. Industry Trends 2011 - year of recovery for Singapore economy Consumers traded to premium brands due to more sophisticated needs Premium brands performed well in 2011Source: Euro monitor report – Ice Cream in Singapore
    7. 7. Why Häagen-Dazs & Ben & Jerry’s?Global premium brandsLargest selling premium brands - combined marketshare - 16 per cent in SingaporeShift in consumer preference led to an increase inaverage unit price of Ice Cream in Singapore.
    8. 8. Research MethodologyInitial Analysis (Secondary Data) Examining historical data from journals, research papers and industry reports Examining company data – advertising budgetQualitative Research (Primary Data) Interviews with Brand Manager & Marketing team Focus Group Interviews Customer SurveyQuantitative Research (Primary Data) Verifying differential parameters and attributes
    9. 9. HypothesisThe marketing strategies employed substantiallyaffect the brand equityAggressive competitive marketing strategies againsteach other
    10. 10. Possible Research Outcomes Comprehensive study of consumer perception In-depth analysis of the Product, Pricing, Place and Promotion strategies implemented Tactical behavior of the smaller / new brands Alternative Strategic proposals to capture competitor’s market share
    11. 11. ReferencesEuro monitor report – Ice Cream in SingaporeEBSCO HOST – Ice-cream in Asia Pacific
    12. 12. Thank You!