2011 cl finalist


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UEFA Champons League Final

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2011 cl finalist

  1. 1. 2010-2011 U E FA C H A M P I O N S L E AG U E DATA A N A L Y S I S FI NALISTS ’ CO M PA R I SON THE STARS OF BARCA AND RED DEVILS FACE EACH OTHER ON MAY 28. WHO’S YOUR PICK? It’s been a championship year for both teams So who’s your pick. On what basis have Both teams played 12 matches to get to Let’s consider Wembley as a neutral you made your selection? the final. ground and thus it’s an ‘Away’ match for Let’s take a look at some data from the both teams. Barca won 8, drew 3 and lost 1 (Away respective campaigns during the to Arsenal) for a Win Conversion United won all their Away matches. 2010-2011 UEFA Champions League season. Record (WCR) of 66.7% Advantage United. Warning: Do not use this data United won 9 and tied 3 for a WCR of United has an early 2-0 lead. Will it to bet the mortgage!!! 75%. Advantage to United. suffice? Advantage BARCA Advantage to BARCA with a Advantage BARCA 3-2 lead at HT. Shots Barca United Barca United On- H Goals 8 6 Target Barca United 3.0/0.7 1.7/0.7 A Home 6 6 Home 75% 55% 1.5/0.7 1.3/0.0 Total H Away 19 13 Away 73% 56% 2.3/0.7 1.5/0.3 Combined A 15 15 Combined 74% 55.5% Acc. 42% 40% GOALS SCORED AVG/GOALS CONCEDED AVG POSSESSION SHOTS & ACCURACY ITED HAVE THE BALL? WILL BARCA LET UN
  2. 2. Goal Intervals 70 United BarcaThe Chart to the right shows the goals 60 67scored in each half for all 12 matches. 59 50Barca scored a total of 27 goals; 9 (33%) inAway matches and United scored a total 40 41of 18 goals; 8 Away (44%). Advantage 30to United. Score is 3-3. 33 20In their Home matches (10 goals),United split their goals 50-50; five in the 101st Half and 5 in the 2nd Half. 0In Away matches the split was 12.5% and 1st H 2nd H87.5% respectively for 1st- and 2nd Halfgoals.Will United be able to score lategoals against Barca or do theyneed to score early? 80 Scoring 1st Goal 60 65 67WILL THE TIME OF THE GOALS 40SCORED PLAY ANY ROLE IN THEFINAL? 20 35 33 0Barca 1st Half 2nd HalfIn Home matches, the split was 39% to 80 o r y? Winning at Half-Time (WHT) vict61% for 1st Half and 2nd Half respectively. ited 60 for a Un keyIn Away matches the split for Barca was 60 is the44% and 56%. 40 47 Is th 53 40 20Scoring the 1st Goal and Leadingat HT 0United scored the first goal in 9 (75%) 1st Half 2nd Halfof their matches, winning ALL of them. Inthose 9 matches they also had the lead at Shots to Goal Ratiohalf-time on 5 occasions and scored 2goals by half-time on one occasion. In Barca Unitedthose 9 matches they scored 17 of their O-T Total O-T Totalgoals of which only 35% were scored inthe 1st H. When leading at HT, United won Score 1st 2.9 6.5 3.3 7.4all their matches scoring 60% of their WHT 3.0 6.2 3.2 6.2goals in the 1st H (20% in the 1st 15’ and40% within 30’. Advantage United? (4-3) 2 Goals @ HT 2.2 4.7 2.0 2.5Barca scored the 1stgoal in 10 of their Barca score a goal for every 3 strikes on-target when scoring the 1st goal and whenmatches and won 7, drew 2 and lost 1. In leading at H-T (WHT). Advantage Barca. Score is now 4-4. Extra-timethose 7 matches, Barca scored 33% of needed?their goals in the 1st H. Barca had the lead If United have their scoring touch in the Final and score that 1st important goal andat Half-time in 7 matches, winning 6 with a maintain a HT lead with perhaps a 2nd goal by H-T then the advantage may swing to them.split of 47%/53% for the 1st and 2nd Half Take your pick and don’t bet the mortgage!goals.