Robin Goel of OMLogic Consulting Presenting on Twitter and its Importance in Business.


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Robin Goel of OMLogic Consulting presenting on Importance of twitter and various tools making twitter more Innovative and Productive for Business Sector.

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Robin Goel of OMLogic Consulting Presenting on Twitter and its Importance in Business.

  1. 1. Robin Goel May 1st, 2009
  2. 2. What is Twitter ? • Twitter is a social networking and micro- blogging service that allows you answer the question, quot;What are you doing?quot; by sending short text messages 140 characters in length, called quot;tweetsquot;, to your friends, or quot;followers.quot; quot;tweetsquot;, to your friends, or quot;followers.quot;
  3. 3. Our communication tools are shrinking… My blog Big pdf Big Tome Tome Welcome to Microblogging Revolution
  4. 4. Why do people use Twitter ? t keeps you connected with: iIt keeps you connected with :g Tome o Your community o Your industry o Your friends o Your world
  5. 5. How do businesses use Twitter?
  6. 6. Twitter helps businesses: o Raise awareness o Offer proactive customer service o Answer questions o Promote events, products, services o Network and partner o Internal Pipe - Yammer
  7. 7. Businesses should NOT: o Be sales-oriented robots o Be repetitive and dull o Follow too many people at once
  8. 8. Businesses should: o Be conversational o Jump in the discussion o Pay attention o Pace themselves
  9. 9. Business Example: Zappos • Zappos (@zappos) – Customer service – Company transparency – Brand proliferation • Other examples: – Comcast (@comcastcares) – (@delloutlet) – Motore Coffee (@motore)
  10. 10. Twitter Terminology • Jargon: • Tweets = 140-character updates on Twitter • Follower = A user interested in your updates • Symbols: • @ = Public conversations • # = Adding a tag to a tweet • RT = Retweeting is sharing tweets with others • d = Direct messages are similar to e-mails
  11. 11. TOOLS
  12. 12. 1. Autopostr - Integrates your Flickr account with your Twitter account. - Automatically post a new tweet in your Twitter account whenever you have added new images in your Flickr account. 2. Twiddeo - Update your Twitter via videos instead of words. - Upload your video and a short description about it.
  13. 13. 3. Twit Wall - Got frustrated with 140 limited characters. - Login with your existing Twitter account. - Now you can write Tweets that are over 140 characters. 4. Twhirl - A Messenger- like software, free to download and install. - Post Tweets like sending messages using instant messenger software. - Also see Tweets from those whom you're following on Tweeter.
  14. 14. 5. Group Tweet - Allows you to set up a Twitter group, get your friends, customers etc. - Broadcast your Tweets visible to your group members only. 6. Twellow - A Yellow Pages like service for Twitter. - A Search engine for Twitter. - one is able to add other social links like Facebook, Linkedin, Digg etc, which they belong to.
  15. 15. 7. Twitscoop - Find the hottest topic people are tweeting right now. - Allows allow you to either enter a keyword or a person's Twitter name to track a conversation, topic or conference. - Results refreshes every 20 seconds. 8. Twitterless - Tells you who stops following you and graphs your follower history overtime. - See all of your followers or friends on one page. Filter them by keywords in their description. - See where your followers are in the world on a Google map and find out where your follower base is strongest.
  16. 16. 9. Mr.Tweet - Get relevant followers by recommending you to them. - Discover great people relevant to your current needs. - Improve your Twitter usage via useful statistics. 10. Tweet Deck - Personal browser for staying in touch with happening around the world. - Update Facebook and follow your Facebook friends. - Columns to create personal dashboard.
  17. 17. “Those who criticise use of Twitter at work haven't seen the tectonic plates moving… …social networks such as these are the way businesses will be run in the future…” Victor Keegan, The Guardian
  18. 18. Question?