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Robin Goel of OMLogic Consulting presents on Local search implementation in Online Marketing. …

Robin Goel of OMLogic Consulting presents on Local search implementation in Online Marketing.

Visit at http://robingoel.wordpress.com

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  • 1. www.omlogic.com Robin Goel OM Logic http://www.robingoel.wordpress.com
  • 2. www.omlogic.com What Is Local Search.. ? Wikipedia: Local Search is the use of specialized Internet search engines that allow users to submit geographically constrained searches against structured database of local business listings(LBL). http://www.robingoel.wordpress.com
  • 3. www.omlogic.com Why Local Search.. ?
    • More than 40% of searches on the internet has Local intent.
    • The users of Yellow Pages are rapidly moving to Internet
    • Yellow Pages.
    • On Yahoo alone 100 Million unique visitors per month search
    • with Local intent.
  • 4. www.omlogic.com Some Local Search Facts.
    • Local search uses a different algorithm to organic results.
    • The number and importance of social/local websites is
    • growing and are becoming very important as they carries
    • user generated content which shopper crave for.
    • You do NOT need a website to appear in Local search.
  • 5. www.omlogic.com Different Local Search Engines. http://www.robingoel.wordpress.com
  • 6. www.omlogic.com Why Local Business Centre..?
    • Free listings
    • Free updates
    • Free Insights
    • Add photos and videos
    • Add Multiple listings
  • 7. www.omlogic.com Adding your Business http://www.robingoel.wordpress.com
  • 8. www.omlogic.com How to Optimizing for Local Search
    • Add your business physical address on every page
    • Create a directions or find us page on your site
    • Have telephone number on your site
    • Link to your business location on Google maps from the address on your site
    • Include location names in your titles e.g. Midson Care Services in New Delhi
    • Maximize your listings by adding photos and videos.
  • 9. www.omlogic.com
    • Reviews are important in Local search
    • Should be genuine
    • Harvest from multiple sources and vertical search websites
    • Increase likelihood of contact
    • Play a factor in Local Search rankings
    Reviews http://www.robingoel.wordpress.com
  • 10. www.omlogic.com Types of Results
    • Gives 10 results
    • Name of business
    • Website URL
    • Telephone number
    10 Pack Result http://www.robingoel.wordpress.com
  • 11. www.omlogic.com Types of Results
    • Gives 3 results
    • Name of business
    • Website URL
    • Telephone number
    • Address of business
    3 Pack Result http://www.robingoel.wordpress.com
  • 12. www.omlogic.com Types of Results
    • Gives one result
    • Name of business
    • Website URL
    • Telephone number
    • Full Address of business
    1 Pack Result http://www.robingoel.wordpress.com
  • 13. www.omlogic.com What factors makes you Rank
    • Google ‘s LBC:
    • Local business centre
    • Trust of business:
    • In other domains, Links from trusted domains
    • Well structured website:
    • Good titling, internal links, keywords etc.
    • Listed in local directories and vertical directories:
    • Get listed in any local directories
    • References/ links from other sites:
    • Good links with location in anchor text
    • Number of reviews:
    • Most new visitors will look to these customers reviews to get a
    • quick impression of the business
    • Your actual business location. Proximity to search term:
    • The search term might contain a certain neighborhood name and
    • the distance you are from that search term will determine if your
    • site shows up
    • Using Google maps:
    • Categorization of LBL:
  • 14. www.omlogic.com Local Yellow Pages http://www.robingoel.wordpress.com
  • 15. www.omlogic.com Local Business Data providers http://www.robingoel.wordpress.com
  • 16. www.omlogic.com Local Social Networks http://www.robingoel.wordpress.com
  • 17. www.omlogic.com Recap
    • Get Listed in Google, Yahoo, Live, Ask
      • Add Photos, Details, Video
    • Get listed in Yellowpages
    • Get Listed in Yelp, Insiderpages etc
    • Reference your website when possible
    • Ask clients for reviews
    • Use Roboforms and Getlisted.org to make it easier.
  • 18. www.omlogic.com http://www.robingoel.wordpress.com
  • 19. www.omlogic.com http://www.robingoel.wordpress.com v