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Unit testing a Soa Composite


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Presentation about the importance of testing and two solutions to test a SOA Composite.

Presentation about the importance of testing and two solutions to test a SOA Composite.

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  • 1. Unit testing a SOA Suite CompositeImportance of testing and tool usage and responsabilityRobert van Mölken, 19-03-2013 1
  • 2. 2 What you will come to know• Why testing an important facet is of product development• Options for testing your code• Which opties are commonly used for testing SOA applications – SOA Suite Test Suite Framework • Unit testing / simulation of a SOA composite and components – SoapUI (optional combined with DBUnit / Groovy) • Unit testing with use of datasources and XPath matching• How do these solution stack up to each other• Conclusion about what we know now
  • 3. 3" A good unit test will not onlyflush out problems before youget close to production, but it will help regression test your system as well.”
  • 4. 4 Why testing an important facet is More expensive to fix defects in later phases Too many (IT) projects failTwo reasons are budget and quality control Ideal defect removal by phase
  • 5. 5 5 reasons why Unit Testing is Important and fun 2. Use as a template for future process and/or code changes3. Leads to a Better design 4. Know how the code works and reacts on different scenario’s
  • 6. 6 5 reasons why Unit Testing is Important and fun5. Confidence in Your code and “Refactor without Fear”
  • 7. 7 Options for testing your code Front-endJava backend Middleware
  • 8. 8 Unit testing with SOA Suite testsuites frameworkResponsability of SOA Suite within test cycle
  • 9. 9 Creating a Test SuiteRight-click on testsuites folder in SOA project to create a new suite
  • 10. 10 Creating a Composite TestRight-click on tests folder in SOA project to create a new test
  • 11. 11 Emulating a Service CallService operations can be emulated, via manual value or imported file
  • 12. 12 Emulating a Service ResponseService response can be emulated, if not service is really called
  • 13. 13 Asserting Input / OutputRequest and response messaged can be asserted on expected data
  • 14. 14 Component testing (PS5+)Since PS5 it is possible to assert data of BPEL component activities
  • 15. 15 Component data assertionAsserting is possible on almost every activity. Based on primitives, xml similar, etc. It is also possible to assert the execution count.
  • 16. 16 Reporting (enterprise manager)Tests can be run via the enterprise manager. Which reports the results.
  • 17. 17Demo time: SOA Suite test framework
  • 18. (Unit) testing with SoapUIResponsability of SoapUI within test cycle
  • 19. 19 Setup tests within SoapUI (1/4)SoapUi project based on a service WSDL Add multiple service bindings to project
  • 20. 20 Setup tests within SoapUI (2/4)Execute single operations without assertions Create testsuite(s) as a empty template or based on a service binding
  • 21. 21 Setup tests within SoapUI (3/4)Generating a testsuite is easy by using a wizard with a few options
  • 22. 22 Setup tests within SoapUI (4/4)After generating you will have a testsuite with testcase(s) and teststep(s)
  • 23. 23 SoapUi Teststeps• Test step based on a SOAP service request• Test step based on a Groovy script• Test step for defining testcase properties• Test step for transfering property values• Test step for defining a conditionele goto• Test step for defining a delay (in miliseconds)• Test step for defining a call to another testcase (and other testsuite)
  • 24. 24 SoapUi Teststeps• Test step based on a REST request• Test step based on a HTTP request (GET, POST, PUT…)• Test step based on a MOCK service response• Test step based on a JDBC query to database• Test step based on a AMF (action message, AS3) request• Test step to create a manual action of human interaction
  • 25. 25 SoapUi Pro Teststeps• Test step to setup a datasource which retrieves a dataset which can be used in other test steps• Test step for defining a datasource loop• Test step for exporting property values for reporting• Test step for dynamically defining properties (current data/time)• Test step to assert/validate property values, request or response messages.
  • 26. 26 Datasource step when using SoapUI Free Commandline with Apache Ant it’s possible to start SoapUI Within SoapUi you can define properties which can be overwritten by AntA property can be a reference to a file which can be read by groovy Alternatively is the use of a DBUnit step in the Ant script to insert datasets
  • 27. 27Demo Time: SoapUi Hands-on
  • 28. How do they stack up to each otherAspect SOA Suite SoapUI (DBUnit)Setup Environment + +-Setup Testcases + +Easy to adjust / clone - ++Real unit testing ++ +-Integration testing - ++Continuous integration + ++Reporting ++ +Assertion of data -- ++
  • 29. Conclusion:Unit testing is important, cuts time & costs and gives a developer confidence!