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Why Brands Should Be Like Bands

Why Brands Should Be Like Bands



My article for MTV

My article for MTV



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    Why Brands Should Be Like Bands Why Brands Should Be Like Bands Presentation Transcript

    • What Companies Can Learn From Me Hating ColdPlay - Why Brands Should Be More Like Bands - Rob Campbell
      • Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned …
      • Yes I hate COLDPLAY … sue me!
      • I mean, there’s no law the entire population of the galaxy has to like Chris Martin and the rest of his U2 wannabe’s is there?
      • And before you turn the page, labeling me some kind of crackpot, know that COLDPLAY … well, Chris Martin in particular … hates me just as much in return.
      • Surely you don’t believe he married Gwyneth Paltrow because he loved her, do you? Of course not, he specifically chose her because he knew she annoyed the absolute-crap-out-of-me.
      • Then … to totally rub my nose in it … he goes and gives his kids two of the most pretentious names he could think of - Apple and Moses - I mean what sort of names are they!!??
      • I’m telling you, that Chris Martin is one evil bastard … but lets be honest, you don’t care do you!
      • You buy his records, you queue for his concerts, you put up his posters, you follow his life in the magazines, you listen to his words in interviews, you talk about him with your friends, you watch their DVD’s, you proudly wear their t-shirts … in short, you are one walking, talking COLDPLAY brand loyalist and 96.21% of companies out there would give their right arm to have even a quarter of that consumer support.
      • Same But Different …
      • For companies today, the bottom line is ‘the bottom line’.
      • It’s all about selling more and more products to more and more people and yet, despite ever increasing levels of research, products, distribution, marketing and advertising, we live in a World where less brands have a passionate connection with consumers than at any other point in history.
      • Sure there’s the usual suspects out there … but most of them are hardly new are they? And it could be argued that for some of them, an element of their success is because the brands they compete with are so bloody boring they seem vibrant, passionate and cool in comparison.
      • Now compare that to the music industry …
      • Despite what many bands may say, they also want people to buy a crapload of their ‘products’ – be it CD’s, concert tickets, posters, DVD’s or t-shirts.
      • However, unlike millions of retail and manufacturing companies, we continually see a steady stream of distinctive, pragmatic new musical talent that, alongside established bands, go on to achieve massive consumer awareness, support and profitability - all despite being in an equally competitive marketplace.
      • Now I readily admit, not every band goes on to achieve long term success … however the same claim can also be leveled at the amount of brands that launch and go nowhere fast.
      • And if further proof was needed that brands can learn from bands … the fact of the matter is that people, regardless of their age, will always be incredibly passionate about who they think is or isn’t a great band … but very, very rarely do they get so animated when talking about brands - despite billions spent each year by corporations trying to encourage just that kind of relationship.
      • Oasis vs Green Day OR Qantas vs Singapore Airlines - I rest my case.
      • The corporate World is both incredibly competitive and incredibly scared. This means the billions they spend trying to build brand loyalty, is often expressed via bland and boring communication to ensure they never alienate potential consumers. All to often this results in us being subjected to ads designed to NOT make us give a damn - which sort of defeats the point of doing them in the first place.
      • Until companies understand that proudly ‘standing for something’ is what builds real customer loyalty [even if this polarizes the mass market], Chris Martin and his COLDPLAY chums will always have a more passionately supported and profitable ‘business’ than many of the mainstream brands out in consumerland - which I am sure he is doing just to piss me off.