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Japan Bags 1 Japan Bags 1 Presentation Transcript

    • Reducing Consumer Goods Packaging Waste in Japan
    • Team Boston
    • 4/25/08
  • The Problem
    • How do you convince all Japanese to aspire to unpackaged goods?
  • The Problem
    • How do you convince all Japanese to aspire to unpackaged goods?
      • Let’s pick a subgroup we can influence and who can ignite a trend on our behalf
  • The Problem
    • How do you convince all Japanese to aspire to unpackaged goods
    some purchases that they make for themselves? minor And let’s focus on items without the “cultural baggage”: Not gifts Not luxury goods Not bananas!
    • If we’re taking away a beloved aspect of the shopping experience (packaging), we need to provide something to fill the void
      • So, what could that be?
  • Cultural Insights
    • The Japanese readily embrace technology as an integral part of their lives
      • Japan consistently ranks near the top of almost every global list in technology adoption, including broadband, PCs, and mobile phones
        • Source: “For Young Asians, The Net Dominates Media Use,” Forrester; 26 November 2007
    • Innovation as fashion : young Japanese (late teens and twentysomethings) often wear their personal electronics as accessories
  • Cultural Insights
    • Japanese urban life is marked by a bag-toting culture
  • Idea: Carry-All Totes
    • Design a fashion-forward, high-tech tote bag for young Japanese to buy and carry their convenience store purchases
  • Idea: Carry-All Totes
    • This isn’t just a simple tote bag. It would:
      • Be equipped with a payment device (bar code or RFID chip) which also ties in to an online points program
        • Online point system tracks how much waste you’ve reduced
        • Potential for social component tie-in: group bagging goal-setting, city vs. city challenges with prizes, etc.
  • Idea: Carry-All Totes
    • Have a sleek, instantly recognizable form and design
      • It would be designed by a well-known fashion house (e.g., Takashi Murakami), thus bestowing it instant style credibility (important among this youth demo)
    • Although this starts as a youth-centric fashion statement, the act of hi-tech “bagging” becomes the trend that the masses embrace over time.
  • Other Details
    • Q: Who would sponsor this?
      • A: Government or environmental NGO would fund design work and marketing efforts
    • Q: Distribution?
      • A: Totes should be sold through youth clothing/fashion and accessory stores as well as electronics retailers