Apsotw The Flag


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A[P]SOTW April 09

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Apsotw The Flag

  1. 1. APSOTW the flag project for Croatia Zeljko Kresic sickre@gmail.com
  2. 2. top 5 hits on Google pics for Croatia
  3. 3. strengths weaknesses people are skilled and lack of clear tough, used to rough development strategy times shaky area - frequent beautiful coast, not conflicts kill development devastated (yet) the past conflicts and unpolluted land* history affect the present and future much more *ranked 5th in Europe and 42nd in the world in then they should renewable water supplies
  4. 4. letʼs change, but not for the sake of change throughout history, we changed the flag many times ... and guess what? not much good ever came out of it SO WE SHOULD NOT CHANGE THE FLAG! Donʼt change the looks, but the way of thinking. Change to a forward looking society.
  5. 5. ok, so this guy is either nuts or a nationalist ... or both the present visual identity is strong & can be used and developed in a number of ways change of flag will not do it for us knowing the Croats, we will think that the visual change is just enough and nothing besides that should be done we must set a clear goal based on our strengths and do everything in our power to support it
  6. 6. the goal people visit Croatia partly because of its untouched nature lets start truly nurturing that value because it is a strong, yet very fragile one yes, we are jumping the green bandwagon, but we have a strong case to support it (now I am going to get myself a glass of water, from the tap, of course)
  7. 7. the goal what we want people to think (besides that we have a pretty good football squad): Croatia is a clean, green friendly country in the heart of Europe
  8. 8. positioning statement pure country, inside & out
  9. 9. the argument pure country, inside & out - the way we treat our nature is the way we treat our neighbors, business partners, visitors ... with care, with the future in mind
  10. 10. in real life that would mean all actions we take should support the clean, green country statement it would help tourism (our main industry) greatly and other products could benefit heavily Croatia branded water, olive oil, fruit and vegetables could all be covered under one umbrella statement: if it is produced in Croatia it is a truly natural product because Croats care about their land (at least as much as they care about football) only when we achieve this, we might consider changing the flag
  11. 11. Hvala!