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The youth of today aren't that scary ... they're like you before you got old and boring.

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  • It is this relationship I want to discuss further
  • I liked watching television … I liked buying stuff … I wanted to please my parents … I was influenced by the West … I wanted to be successful … I loved playing games … I loved music & food … I tried to study hard
  • It is this relationship I want to discuss further
  • Internet cafes are always full
  • The claims being thrown at the youth today are very similar to the claims that were thrown at the youth of yesterday. The difference isn’t about an evolution of attitudes, it’s how technology has changed the way they look and live their life.
  • 2010 youth summit singapore slideshare

    1. 1. “ We don’t understand you either” Why youth marketing alienates as much as it attracts
    2. 2. Disclaimer :// 1// Because of time they’ll be major generalisations. 2// You’re not going to hear anything very new. 3// My talk is about youth, not media. It’s worth remembering that not all teens look the same, act the same, want the same. Because in my opinion, there isn’t anything very new to report. If you think a media channel is the answer to all your prayers, you may as well pack up now.
    3. 3. There’s a huge amount of bullshit surrounding youth marketing ... [For every example there’s a counter example]
    4. 4. Sadly, this is me
    5. 5. However …
    6. 6. It’s exaggeration not revolution.
    7. 7. (i) Progression. (ii) Group Acceptance / Validation. (iii) Filial Responsibility. One key element is responsible for the evolution of how Asian youth adopt & execute these values …
    8. 8. Technological D.N.A. [The first truly networked generation in history]
    9. 9. Japanese places Changed the way they form and maintain their relationships … [No longer is it about the common location, it’s about common interests and contact level]
    10. 10. Changed the way they communicate … [‘Word Of Thumb’ … some people have never received a physical letter in their life]
    11. 11. Changed the way they look at the World and their place in the World … [Feel part of the global village, not the local village which has helped foster a feeling of social, cultural and geographical equality]
    12. 12. Changed the way they behave … [They can tell the World how they feel & what they think with unprecedented power, freedom & social impact]
    13. 13. Changed their view of creativity … [Frame of reference is global and beyond just traditional communication mediums]
    14. 14. Changed their level of expectation … [It doesn’t matter what it is - money, fame, possessions sex - they want it now]
    15. 15. But what hasn’t changed is how turned on they get about brands. [Most brand literate generation in history / Branded by brands]
    16. 16. But they think much of the marketing is a joke … [Childish, one-dimensional, clichéd]
    17. 17. Doesn’t mean you’re their friend or they’ll spread your message Doesn’t mean you have an open invitation to make contact Doesn’t mean anything from the West is automatically best Doesn’t mean they’ll do things that could make them look foolish Doesn’t mean they will stay loyal to a single brand Doesn’t mean they value / understand creativity
    18. 18. Welcome to the youth of confusion.
    19. 19. The 2 types of youth … [Developed World, Developing World]
    20. 20. Money is the root of all happiness … [A premise sold as much by education policy as advertising]
    21. 21. Lifestyle not life ... [Personal passions can wait]
    22. 22. They know its gold rush time …
    23. 23. Incredible pressure to succeed. [Hence brands can give the illusion of success]
    24. 24. Inherent prejudice, selfishness & nationalism.
    25. 25. Ripe, but easily bruised. [Don’t know how to debate, empathise or interact so prefer to stay with what they know]
    26. 26. The mirror hides their fears & confusion. [Growth in religion, depression, STD’s, drugs & self help groups]
    27. 27. They crave someone to believe in and be inspired by ... [Especially true in more developed nations … though often the ‘lessons’ are adopted to fit in with their lifestyle. ie: sex & church]
    28. 28. This is not a generation focused on ‘we’ it’s a generation focused on ‘me’. The most brand literate & hungry generation in history. Want to give their hearts to brands that inspire and excite them as well as offering external validation. [Price is a factor, but it’s not the main factor] It is not just about the channel, it’s about the content and they want to be entertained, excited and interested… not patronised or made to feel dumb. Whilst having greater access to alternate viewpoints, their heritage and culture affects many of the decisions and goals they have. What they say and what they do are very different and this varies by city, let alone country or region. [They live ‘parallel lives’ - pleasing friends and pleasing family] The buying power – and business potential – from this group is enormous but it is deeply complex and constantly evolving even if the fundamental ‘rules of youth’ remain. The key is to understands their life, not just their lifestyle and then identify ways to liberate or celebrate their needs/wants/fears/desires. Mean something, don’t just sell something. Not all youth want the same things or think the same things. Talk to them, don’t read reports. Quick roundup …
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