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Ancillary Research - Album Covers

  1. 1. •The colours of the album art follows abasic design of red, black and white.It’s a simple yet effective colour schemebut at the same time it’s very striking.•The logo of a trident is the band motifand is used throughout the release ofthe album and the branding of thealbum. It’s a powerful logo and isfitting as it represents the genre of thealbum well.•The colour which is most dominantover the album is the colour red. Thisis a colour which connotes energy andshows that the album is a statement.•The ‘Parental Advisory’ logo isincluded to warn people of the lyricalcontent.
  2. 2. •The colour scheme of the inside is the same as on the front cover. There are five black dots across the sleeve, this could be to represent the five members of the band.•Even though the initial designof the sleeve is quite basic itdoes make up for it as the sleevedoes unfold to reveal an image.Even though it isn’t red unlikethe rest of the design is blackand white, keeping with rockgenre conventions. The symbolis also present, remindingpeople of the brand identity.
  3. 3. •Again, the colour scheme is the sameand the logo keeps with the style ofthe cover and the sleeve.•Even though the trident isn’t includedon the back of the booklet, there isstill some form of brand identity asboth shapes form a ‘Q’.•This logo also keeps with the theme ofthe album and there is meaningbehind the symbols as the trident isrepresenting death and the makeshift‘Q’ is representing life.•The copyright is included along thebottom alongside the record companylogo.
  4. 4. •Stanley Donwood is an album artist who has collaborated with Radiohead since the release of their second album in 1995. This is one of many collaboration he has done with the band •Unlike most album art, the colour scheme isn’t striking, with very dark reds and bland blues being the chosen colour scheme. •The image itself makes up for the lack of colours, the mountains are dominating the artwork, giving the album a big personality. •Radiohead are a band who write about world issues and politics and this links with the album art, Donwood got the inspiration for the album artwork and the booklet artwork through world events which were happening around the time. In the interview Donwood said that the war in Kosovo was the main inspiration, with the front cover symbolising the mountain ranges during•This inspiration gives the artwork a the war.dark theme and this is reflected throughthe rest of the booklet.
  5. 5. •The back of the CD bookletisn’t as dark and has a brighterand sharper colour scheme,but the imagery of the imageis quite powerful.•The top left corner of the imagefeatures a fire and is brightlycoloured. It’s an explosion or a fireof some kind and draws theviewers eye to the cover, especiallywhen they open the CD case.•The colours seem to represent afire orange explosion of somekind and this carries on thetheme from the album cover ofwar and politics,
  6. 6. •The middle pages of thebooklet show a differentstyle of art with geometricshapes being shown. o•The most visible feature ofboth pieces of art is the useof the colour red, this colouris a colour which can beassociated with evil andviolence, so despite a slightchange in the colour scheme,the theme still persists.•Dorwood said himself thatthe red swimming pool onthe spine of the bookletrepresents “a symbol oflooming danger andshattered expectations”.This is supposed to be a poolof human blood.
  7. 7. •The booklet folds out to reveal longer pieces of art,again, mountain ranges and fire is a motif which hasbeen carried throughout and truly comes to life onthese larger pieces. At the end the recognitions and thecopyright details are included. Kid A is an album with apolitical influence behind it which has created somepowerful images within the booklet.
  8. 8. •In terms of the colour scheme, this is atruly brilliant front cover, the balancebetween all the colours is perfect, theexplosion of colour in the middle isn’t toolarge and overpowering, leaving enoughblack space to visibly see the text. This willcertainly grab anybody’s attention. •The striking motif has been carried through to the track listing and the accreditations, the explosion gives a disorganised frantic feeling to the pages and this is also noticeable in the text itself, which is breaking conventions and varying the space between letters and words, making the viewer pay more attention to the content.
  9. 9. •The vibrant images have beencarried through to the remainingpages throughout the albumbooklet. With no text the imagesare truly striking and because of theblack background the effects arecertainly the focal point of the pageand keeps thoroughly with themessage behind the album.
  10. 10. •This is a simple, but effective album cover.The colour scheme isn’t anything specialbut it shows a perfect balance and thecolours compliment each other really well,the colour scheme definitely works, butwithout the image acting as a focal point itwouldn’t be nearly as strong as it is.•The flipside of the booklet goes with abasic colour scheme, the information,accreditations etc. are in black andwhite, this is to make the cover specialand different, if the pink cover wasfilled with text it wouldn’t work aswell.
  11. 11. •The theme of the album goes much further thenthe standard album booklet page sizes. Bothsides fold out to a poster, showing how brilliantthe image, colour scheme and content are andhow they work even better on a larger scale.
  12. 12. The focus on the cover is on thepiece of art, this gives off analterative and arty vibe which is areflection of the band.The art is accentuated even more byplacing a plain black border aroundit. This acts a frame and does a goodjob of separating the text and theimage, which keeps the colourscheme in tact.The image is also symmetrical andfollows conventions. The mountainsat the bottom ensure that the rest ofthe image is anchored, if it wasn’t forthis the image would be too jumbled.
  13. 13. •The middle of the booklet gives that rough anduncut feel to it which is what fans of the band like.The font is rough handwriting of the lyrics followswith the alternative conventions. And this all works really well with the simple colour scheme, which , like the Pearl Jam album makes the cover that much special.
  14. 14. •The album comes with an additional booklet andlike the Pearl Jam album folds out to show thealbum cover album on a larger, more appreciativescale. •The colour scheme follows the theme from the other booklet and keeps with the simple black and white style. The credits are specially highlighted in this album with a strong bold text, making the feel of the album and the motivation behind it something to be admired.
  15. 15. •Like many solo artist albums,this one features a figure at thecentre of the style and theme ofcover. On this particular coverthough it isn’t the artist, it’s acharacter who could be crucialto the message of the album.•Because the image is a strongfocal point, the artist andalbum name text are separatedwithin borders.•Even though the text of thealbum title isnt very large,there is an usual shape whichhelp to draw attention.•This is far from being a simplisticalbum cover, the image issurrounded by a detailedbackground which holds the artistname. The colours work well witheach other. But I do feel there maybe too much going on.
  16. 16. •The artistic and theme carries onthrough the booklet followingconventions and we can begin to seea rural feel to the images. The text is •The star of the album is alsoneatly organised and stands out well, included in the booklet and keeps inespecially in the page on the right. line with the feel and style. She is well positioned and framed which follows conventions.
  17. 17. •Just like the album frontcover the text has beenseparated from thebackground so there is no lossin the detail. The album titleis much larger on the back somakes up for the smaller fontused on the front.•The album small print,record company and thebarcode are separated fromthe bulk of the design to keepthe theme consistent andstylish.
  18. 18. •This album does feature the star and he is the focal point, he is positioned in centre and the use of the colour white allows him to stand out further.•The mis en scene of the image isinteresting and makes up for the lack ofan album title or artist title, theinclusion of either of these woulddistract the viewer from the image. •The use of framing is clever in this image, it’s a very structured image with lines and symmetry being consistent throughout, this could be another reason there is no text, it would disrupt this structure.
  19. 19. •Again the artist is the star of thecover but this time the colourshave changed, breakingconventions and disrupting thetheme. It’s also missing thestructure that the cover had.•The record company logo and thecopyrights are very small on thiscover and the colour chosen doesntclash with the background, makingthe text almost blend in, this retainsthe focus on the star and the songtitles.
  20. 20. •What’s interesting about thisalbum is how a simple design canbe so attention grabbing. There’sno image, but there doesnt needto be, the colour of the cover is sostriking. It breaks fundamentalconventions and doesnt includedthe artist name or an image, thiscould entice the viewer further.•The title is also really well puttogether, the first word is strongand bold and sets the theme forthe album while the second wordis sharp and the letters are spacedout, remaining just as visible.•Like all the good simplisticalbum covers, the colour schemeis strong, with the two coloursworking with each other so well.
  21. 21. •The style does vary throughout and images are included in the booklet. The images keep with the simplistic design and don’t include any alterations or feature any text.•And just like the front cover theback cover is stripped down. Nocopyrights or record companiesare shown and the song titles aremethodically laid out.