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RW China 2011 Half Year Market Update
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RW China 2011 Half Year Market Update


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance

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  • 1. 2011 HALF YEARLY MARKET UPDATE MEDIA BRIEFING 华德士 2011 年上半年市场动态报告媒体发布会 31 AUGUST 2011 2011 年 8 月 31 日
  • 2. OUR GLOBAL REACH   华德士的业务遍布全球 International professional recruitment consultancy with 45 offices in 21 countries 华德士是全球领先的业人才招聘公司, 其 45 家分公司遍布 21 个国家
  • 3. Robert Walters – Our Key Differentiators 华德士的特点
    • Highly functional specialised recruitment firm
    • 高度职能专业化的猎头服务机构
    • Team-based business model
    • 以团队为基础的业务模式
    • Truly global-local recruitment solutions
    • 全球的猎头服务,本地的人力资源
    • Specialist consultants with strong industry and overseas backgrounds
    • 华德士的招聘顾问有着强大的行业背景和海外经验
  • 4.  
  • 5.
    • Our offices are located in Shanghai, Suzhou , Nanjing and Beijing
    • 华德士 在中国的业务主要遍布在上海,苏州 , 南京和北京
    • We cover the following industries:
    • 华德士 为如下的主要职能和行业提供专业 招聘服务 :
      • Accounting & Finance / 会计与财务
      • Financial Services /银行和 金融服务
      • Human Resources & Business Support / 人力资源和业务支持
      • Information Technology / 信息技术
      • Consumer Sales & Marketing / 消费品类 销售和市场营销
      • Industrial Sales & Marketing / 工业品类销售与市场营销
      • Operations & Manufacturing /制造和 运 营
      • Supply Chain / 供应链和物流
      • Quality Management /品质管理
    Robert Walters China 华德士中国
  • 6. 2011 Half Yearly Market Update 华德士 2011 年上半年市场动态报告
  • 7. 2011: A RECAP OF THE FIRST SIX MONTHS 2011 年上半年回顾
    • Shortage of mid to senior level candidates who can hit the ground running
    • 中高层职位候选人短缺现象严重,使其成为就业市场争夺新宠
    • 74% of successful candidates received multiple offers or were counter offered
    • 在我们提供工作机会的候选人当中,有 74% 同时收到了多个工作邀请或聘用条件反馈
    • Big jump in the demand for technical HR professionals who can attract and retain
    • 技术性人力资源专业人士需求猛增,其更具吸引力并受到企业挽留
    • Middle market investment banks, corporate banks, boutique firms, smaller brokerage firms as well as hedge fund and custodial providers have been the most active in FS
    • 在金融服务行业中, 中级市场投资和企业银行、细分专业型和小型经纪公司,以及对冲基金和托管服务商招聘力度最为活跃。
    • Professional services, retail, logistics and manufacturing industries were very active
    • 专业服 务 , 零售,物流和制造业招聘十分活跃
  • 8. REGIONAL OUTLOOK 亚太区国家主要 情况
    • Strong start to 2011 with an expected slowdown in Q2 and Q3
    • 2011 年招聘市场以强势开场,预计第二、三季度将会放缓
    • Asia’s growth forecast has been decreased due to three main factors – Tsunami/earthquake in Japan, US economy and tightening of monetary policies
    • 亚洲增长预期被下调,主要来源于三个方面的原因 - 日本地震及引发的海啸、美国经济以及货币政策收紧
    • Inflation – food prices and operating costs remain the biggest threat
    • 通货膨胀 – 食品价格和营业成本仍旧是最大威胁
  • 9.
    • Acceleration in Q1 GDP growth but a slowdown in Q2
    • 2011 年 GDP 第一季度 强势开场,第二季度放缓
    • Property prices still soaring and not likely to slowdown ( 5% above ’97 peaks )
    • 土地价格持续飙升,没有下降趋势(相比 97 年高峰期已经增长了 5% )
    • The professional services, luxury and tourism sectors are expected to continue to expand
    • 预计专业服务,奢侈品以及旅游行业持续增长
    • Inflation may affect consumer confidence and therefore consumer retail
    • 通货膨胀刺激了消费者的购买信心,因此也影响到零售业
  • 10.
    • Big contractions in Q2 and Q3 before a return to weak growth in Q4
    • 第二、三季度经济大幅收紧,而第四季度将会再次出现小幅回升
    • Exports and industrial output plunge, led by the auto sector
    • 以汽车行业为首,出口和工业产值发生下降
    • Reconstruction could be very slow as questions arise around how to fund it
    • 建筑业由于受到融资问题的极大困惑,发展将会极度缓慢
    • GDP forecast at 1.1%
    • 2011 年的国民收入总值在 1.1%
    JAPAN 日本
  • 11. SINGAPORE 新加坡
    • Lift in Q1 GDP growth; however a slowdown imminent in Q2 and Q3
    • 第一季度国内生产总值持续增长;但第二、三季度经济将会放缓
    • Exports and manufacturing are reasons for this slowdown
    • 出口和制造业的状况,是造成经济放缓的主要原因
    • GDP forecast is currently at 5.8% (down from 14.5% in 2010 )
    • 国内生产总值目前预测达到 5.8% ( 低于 2010 年的 14.5%)
  • 12. CHINA 中国
    • Mild slowdown in Q2 and expectations are the same for rest of the year
    • 第二季度经济温和放缓,而对今年下半年的预期基本相同
    • Slowdown caused by policy changes to lending and easing in export demand
    • 由于借贷政策变化和出口需求下降,导致经济放缓
    • Residential investment still rising due to 3rd and 4th tier cities
    • 由于三四线城市房地产价格不断攀升,住宅地产整体投资情况仍旧保持上升水平
    • Lower import tax on luxury goods to assist in consumer spending and imports
    • 奢侈品进口关税调低,将有利于进一步促进消费和进口
    • OVERVIEW FOR H1 2011
    • 2011 年上半年市场综述
    • We saw a surge in the demand for Relationship Managers in the wealth management sector. In the corporate & institutional banking sector, trade finance and cash management sales specialists were highly sought-after
    • 在理财管理领域内,拥有丰富客户关系的投资顾问日益受到追捧。在企业和机构银行领域,贸易融资和现金管理销售专业人士受到高度追捧
    • There is an increased demand for HR generalists within the banking industry
    • 银行业对人力资源综合性人才的需求不断增长
    • Projects investment leads to a demand for experienced IT talent
    • 项目投资再度启动,使得对资深信息技术人才存在一定需求
    • In the first half of 2011, most candidates demanded salary increments of 30 to 50% upon switching jobs
    • 在薪资方面,候选人在更换工作时,要求薪资提升幅度在 30% 至 50% 之间不等
  • 14.
    • OUTLOOK FOR H2 2011
    • 2011 年下半年市场展望
    • In the wealth management and banking sector, hiring trends will continue to remain strong
    • 在理财管理和银行领域,招聘趋势仍将保持强劲
    • We foresee the demand for HR generalists will decline
    • 我们预计对人力资源综合性人才的需求将会发生下降
    • Companies are expected to set up or expand their IT centres in Asia, which may lead to the retail and IT vendor sectors to recruit actively
    • 企业将会建立或扩展其亚洲地区信息技术中心,并带动零售和信息技术供应商加大招聘力度
    • We anticipate candidates to receive salary increments of around 30% upon switching jobs
    • 候选人在更换工作时,其薪资提升幅度将会在 30% 左右
  • 15.
    • OVERVIEW FOR H1 2011
    • 2011 年上半年市场综述
    • We anticipate that the consumer industry will be hiring actively for their domestic supply chain operations such as logistics, distribution and demand planning in view of the increase in foreign investments and growth in domestic demand
    • 我们预计,随着外商投资力度的加大以及国内需求的不断增长,消费品行业企业将积极在国内供应链运营领域,例如物流、分销和需求规划方面进行招聘
    • We witnessed a demand for HR generalists within the retail and pharmaceutical industries
    • 零售和制药行业对人力资源综合性人才的需求不断增长
    • In the second quarter, we saw an increased demand for finance candidates in the tax and treasury space, as well as within the media industry.
    • 我们看到对税务和财政领域以及媒体行业的财务职能候选人的需求量上升
    • Salary increments for those who switched roles ranged around 20% across particular sectors
    • 对于更换工作的候选人,其薪资提升幅度的期望值在 20% 左右
  • 16.
    • OUTLOOK FOR H2 2011
    • 2011 年下半年市场展望
    • M any organisations focus more on bolstering their sales and marketing team. New roles will be created to support an influx of new projects being rolled out due to significant movements around mid level roles
    • 许多机构将把重心进一步放在如何支持销售和市场营销团队方面。由于中层职位较高的流动性,将会产生很多新职位,以支持新项目启动
    • As the China market continues to grow, we also expect many companies to further expand their engineering teams in the second half of 2011
    • 由于中国市场的持续发展,我们也预计,许多企业将进一步在 2011 年下半年扩充其工程团队
    • In the second half of 2011, significant movement at senior level roles are likely to result in new IT roles being created to support more new projects being rolled out
    • 信息技术资深职位的重大变动,将可能带来新的就业岗位,以支持更多新项目的启动
    • Towards the last quarter, the demand for HR generalists is likely to decline in favour of specialist skill sets as organisations focus more on performance measurement
    • 到 2011 年第四季度,我们预计对人力资源综合性人才的需求将会发生下降,并转入对具备专业特殊技能人才的需求
  • 17.
    • OVERVIEW FOR H1 2011
    • 2011 年上半年市场综述
    • With China’s focus on cars, e-commerce and modernisation, we observed a particularly high demand for candidates with skills in relation to automotive components, IT softwares as well as machinery
    • 随着中国进一步对汽车、电子商务和现代化方面的关注,我们发现,市场对拥有汽车零部件、信息技术软件以及机械相关技术候选人的需求量特别高
    • Technical sales professionals, especially bilingual staff with extensive industry knowledge and established client networks, are highly sought-after
    • 技术性销售专业人士,拥有广泛行业知识、成熟客户网络且具备双语能力的员工受到高度青睐
    • In the industrial corporate finance space, the aggressive growth of organisations within China and Asia has resulted in global multinational s focusing on enhancing their control systems. Some companies can also be seen customising certain structures to better suit the needs of their local businesses as well as deliver finance support and control
    • 在工业企业融资领域,企业机构在中国和亚洲地区的迅速成长,一些公司为了更好地满足其在当地的业务需要,以及对当地提供更好的财务支持和控制,正尝试着对其内部结构进行针对性的调整
  • 18.
    • OUTLOOK FOR H2 2011
    • 2011 年下半年市场展望
    • Many organisations require candidates to possess both commercial and R&D experience, and be effectively bilingual in both English and Mandarin
    • 由于世界 500 强制造业企业计划在中国地区建立其研发中心,预计其将积极展开招聘活动。许多企业机构需要拥有商业和研发经验,且具备中英文双语能力的候选人
    • General manufacturing industries are expected to undergo a steadier but consistent market growth, with a demand for professionals in supply chain management, supplier quality and development, regional procurement and commodity management
    • 预计一般制造行业市场的增长情况,将会更为稳定,但与之前或将基本一致,在供应链管理、供应商质量和开发、区域采购和日用商品管理方面的专业人士会有一定需求
    • Candidates looking to move expected salary increments of 20% to 25%.
    • 对于更换工作的候选人,其薪资提升幅度的期望值在 20% 至 25% 之间不等
  • 19. Robert Walters Global Salary Survey 2011 华德士 2011 年薪金调查
  • 20.
    • The Robert Walters Global Salary Survey offers a full report on the latest salaries and market trends across the globe.
    • 华德士全球薪资调查,每年汇编一次,完整详实的体现了全球最新薪资情况和市场趋势。该调查已被公认为市场上最为全面和质量最高的调查报告。
    • Salary Checker iPhone application  
    • 华德士即时薪资 iPhone 查询软件。即时新近查询软件已对 iPhone 和 iPad 用户开放。如需下载或索取印刷文本,请登陆网站
  • 21. Robert Walters Asia Job Index Q2 2011 2011 年第二季度亚洲就业指数
  • 22. ASIA JOB INDEX: Q2 2011 华德士亚洲就业指数 : 2011 年第二季度
    • The quarterly Robert Walters Asia Job I ndex tracks advertisement volumes fo r professional positions across leading job boards and national newspapers in China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan
    • 华德士亚洲就业指数,通过对中国、香港、新加坡、马来西亚及日本地区主要求职网站和国家性报纸所刊登发布的专业性职位广告量进行跟踪,对其就业情况提供专业的分析
    • More information available at
    • 如需获得关于《华德士亚洲就业指数报告》得更多信息,请登录
    * More details (including regional and sector highlights) can be found in the press release in your media kit 详细内容请见媒体资料新闻稿
  • 23. Asia Job Index: Q2 2010 Key Findings 2010 年第二季度亚洲就业指数主要结果
    • The Q2 2011 Asia Job Index indicates that the total number of advertisements for professional positions in China rose by 20.6% from Q1 to Q2
    • 中国区域的招聘广告投放量持续上升,第二季度较第一季度增长了 20.6%
    • In Malaysia, job advertisements rose 27.3% during the quarter as international companies set up operations in order to take advantage of the country’s growth potential
    • 由于国际企业为了充分利用马来西亚增长潜力所带来的机遇,纷纷在该地区建立运营机构,因此,其本季度广告投放量上升了 27.3%
    • The earthquake and tsunami in Japan has unsurprisingly affected recruitment advertising levels, with job advertisements declining by 7.3% from Q1 to Q2. However, IT and construction services recruitment have seen positive trends
    • 日本地震对招聘活跃度造成了一定影响,第二季度招聘广告投放量,较第一季度下滑了 7.3% 。但是,信息技术和建筑服务职能招聘呈乐观趋势
    • Demand for roles within property management rose across all regions, particularly in China where job advertisements increased by 46% despite government action to curb property inflation
    • 整个区域在物业管理方面的职位需求量均呈现增长态势,特别是中国内地,尽管政府出台政策严控房价上涨,但招聘广告投放量仍旧上升了 46%
  • 24. Questions? 媒体咨询 For more information, please contact: 更多信息或需要安排采访,请联系: Ocean Fu E: [email_address] T: (86) 21 5153 5873 中国地区市场经理傅海洋小姐 电话: +86 21 5153 5873 电邮: [email_address] Gigi Koh E: [email_address] T: (86) 21 5153 5810 中国地区文案专员徐亦佳小姐 电话: +86 21 5153 5810 电邮: [email_address]