Social Media Marketing: Best Strategies To Increase Your Brand's Twitter Engagement


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With thousands of brands utilizing Twitter on a daily basis, it's extremely important for your business to be forward-thinking when it comes to engaging with current and potential customers. Queen City Media's team provides readers with a few simple and creative strategies that have been statistically proven to increase user engagement and click-through rates.

From targeting specific customer demographics including what and when to tweet, your brand can more efficiently build a presence in social media communities, while initiating dynamic discussions.

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Social Media Marketing: Best Strategies To Increase Your Brand's Twitter Engagement

  1. 1. Creative Ways To Increase Twitter Engagement
  2. 2. Photos Are PROVEN To Increase Engagement! • Tweets with images get 2x more engagement than those without! • Images serve as a Visual complement to your content!
  3. 3. When Should You Tweet? • Target your Followers! Tweet later in the day • Tweet On The Weekend! • Click-through Rates Are Highest on Fri, Sat & Sun (h/t Dan Zarrella)
  4. 4. Initiate A Discussion! • Social Media Revolves Around PEOPLE • Ask Questions!! • Be Creative and use a Call To Action! • Ask Viewers To Engage In A “Caption This!” Contest • Use Split Panel Images To See Which Viewers Prefer More
  5. 5. Use #HashTags! • Tweets using Hashtags See 2x MORE Engagement! • Hashtags CONNECT tweets to a specific Topic
  6. 6. Optimize For Mobile • 66% of User-Generated tweets that mention brands come from MOBILE devices • 80% Of Twitter users accessing via MOBILE • Attach links that are mobile-friendly • Make Things Simple!
  7. 7. Include Links • Tweets with links have an 86% HIGHER Retweet rate than those without • External content gets CLICKED!
  8. 8. Generate Interest! • Viewers Love ACCESS, Reward Them For Engaging! • Treat Your Page As A VIP Newsletter! • Provide “Sneak Peek” Photos Of Upcoming Products • Create A Guessing Game With Teasers
  9. 9. Communicate Company Values! • Social Media Marketing Is About Telling A STORY! • Display Company Mission Statement On A Photo Of Staff/Location • Share A Quote From An Owner, President, or Managing Partner • Do you display your message in the office? Perfect, snap a photo and share it with your fans!
  10. 10. Queen City Media specializes in brand and content marketing on all of the major social media platforms. Contact us today for a FREE social media evaluation! 716.845.6500 515 Main St. Buffalo, NY 14203