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Loan officer type_slideshare

Loan officer type_slideshare



Loan Officers Personality Types

Loan Officers Personality Types



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  • Aptitude; a natural tendency to do something well, especially one that can be further developed <br />

Loan officer type_slideshare Loan officer type_slideshare Presentation Transcript

  • Loan Officer Personalities According to Myers Briggs Type Indicator IvyStone Sales and Personality Assessments LLC
  • The MBTI Is… An assessment or indicator, not a test, of our individual preferences and how we use them in: Relationships Communications Gathering Information and Decision Making
  • MBTI Does NOT Assess aptitudes, stress, illness, intelligence, or “normalcy” Measure whether one type is better than another Measure abilities Excellence or Maturity
  • Recognizing Your Type: Extravert or Introvert What describes you best? A go-getter or people–person Comfortable working in a group Sometimes act before reflecting Or: Calm, centered and reserved Comfortable being alone Sometimes take too much time reflecting
  • Behavioral Clues: Extroverts  Prefer to learn by doing and they like to talk in order to think things out.  They enjoy stimulation and handling as many things as they can at once.
  • Clues con’t Energetic and highly animated Openly expressive through body language Multi Taskers Easily Distracted 75% of the population
  • Behavioral Clues Introverts  Tend to learn by reading and thinking.  They participate in conversations but need time to process the information internally before coming to a decision
  • Clues con’t More reserved (body language) Not interested in large crowds and noise may drive them into their quiet zone Task focused – one thing at a time. 25% of the population
  • Which descriptions fit you the best? Extraverted Or Introverted
  • Recognizing Your Type: S or N What describes you best? Interested in the facts Work from the facts to the big picture Focus too much on the facts and miss possibilities Or: Interested in the possibilities Work from big picture to the facts Focus too much on possibilities and miss new possibilities or opportunities
  • Behavior Clues Sensors  Practical and Realistic  Listen for step by step directions  Interested in the: “What” and “How” especially past experiences and successes  Specifics, no beating around the bush  65 -75% of the population
  • Behavior Clues iNtuitives  All about big ideas, theories and ideas  Hooked on projects  Want to know “Why”  Interested in general conversations and tend to speak in circles  Imaginative – Future Thinking  25 – 35% of the population
  • Which descriptions fit you the best? Sensing OR iNtuition
  • Behavior Clues Thinkers  Insightful in their analysis  Logical, and demand efficiency  Willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done right  Not really interested in others opinions or decisions  Never without pen and paper  Population split 50/50 with Feelers
  • Behavior Clues Feelers  Concerned about how their decisions affect others  People oriented  Devoted and Emotional  Make decisions with their hearts  Skillful at understanding and handling people.
  • Which descriptions fit you the best? Thinking Or Feeling
  • Behavior Clues Judgers  Interested in the world of Order  Prepared with lists and plans to live by  Ready to make decisions to get things done  Very organized  They are 55% of the population.
  • Behavior Clues Perceivers  Usually uncommitted  Reluctant to make final decisions and will put off decision making as long as possible  45% of the population Motto! Manana
  • Which descriptions fit you the best? Judging Or Perceiving
  • Your Results (circle one from each side) Extraverted Introverted Sensor iNtuitive Thinker Feeler Judger Perceiver
  • You can enter your four letter type description here: ____ ____ ____ ____ This is not a complete assessment but only meant as an introduction to the MBTI® We hope it provides some insight into your own type preferences. For additional information please email rnolan@ivystonecg.com