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Digi Fast Marketing Strategy
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Digi Fast Marketing Strategy


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A presentation that was done in my IT training

A presentation that was done in my IT training

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  • A quick rundown of the topics to be discussed.
  • Discuss background in depth if necessary.
  • Explain with some detail each topic.
  • How the current plan works and how it can be made stronger. Discuss word of mouth marketing.
  • How to think out of the box when creating a bigger client base.
  • Not having the available information I made an educated guess on last years under developed clients and projected out over the year how I can grow this valuable resource.
  • Show how this service will benefit in all aspects of the business.
  • Discuss the benefits gained by owning the service.
  • Discuss how a more aggressive strategy will increase flow through profit.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Digi Fast Marketing Strategy Robert Melcher Phoenix University Com 140
    • 2. Agenda of Presentation
      • Introductions to key personnel
      • Overview of presentation
      • Marketing Strategy proposal
      • Owning the service
      • Bottom line profitability
    • 3. Robert Melcher’s background
      • Bachelors degree in marketing
      • Ten years with Barkley Evergreen
      • Developed national strategy
      • Six years being independent
      • Currently sub contracting my services
    • 4. Overview
      • Marketing goals and strategy
      • Demographics
      • Digi Fast’s needs
      • Owning the service
      • Bottom line profits
    • 5. Proposal
      • Enhance current marketing plan
      • Make Digi Fast top of mind
      • Promote word of mouth marketing
      • Decrease costs by owning firm
      • Use of innovative strategies
    • 6. Demographics
      • Small businesses
      • Schools
      • Churches
      • Local athletic associations
      • Local boy and girl scout clubs
    • 7. Demographic projection
    • 8. Digi Fast’s needs
      • Increase cliental
      • Create community awareness
      • Lower marketing costs
      • Develop in house marketing system
      • Bottom line profitability
    • 9. Owning the service
      • In house marketing service
      • Benefits
      • Minimal down side
      • Complete control over all marketing
      • Ability to outsource services
    • 10. Bottom line profits
      • Increase in new cliental
      • Owning the service lowers cost
      • Outsource service will increase profit
      • Being more efficient
      • Decision making more efficient
    • 11. Summarize & Questions
      • Give a brief summary
      • Answer any questions
      • Thank Digi Fast
      • Conclude presentation