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Prophets trends-in-interactive-design Prophets trends-in-interactive-design Presentation Transcript

  • ID12 the 2012 trendsin interactive design
  • about mehi, my name is Petra Sellgerman designer living in Belgiumdesign director @prophetsagencyfollow me on twitter or behanceget more details on linkedin
  • links in this pres: View slide
  • 2012 design trendsemerging trends in 2011 View slide
  • 1 emerging trends in 2011multiple device thinking
  • foodsense.is1 responsive design
  • www.flowfestival.com1 responsive design
  • 2 emerging trends in 2011 flashsteps aside
  • www.onehourpersecond.com2 campaign sites fully animated in css
  • “we will no longer continueto develop Flash Player in the browserto work with new mobile deviceconfigurations (…) for Android andBlackBerry PlayBook. ADOBE press release “
  • 3emerging trends in 2011this is not an arial
  • www.kitchensinkstudios.com3 mad about webfonts
  • dentsunetwork.com3 show off with typo text
  • 4emerging trends in 2011parallaxed
  • www.editsquarterly.com4 parallax goes mainstream
  • www.janploch.de4 no words – just scroll
  • www.soul-reaper.com4 html5 comic
  • 5 emerging trends in 2011infographics
  • animated infographics are the new infographics
  • slaveryfootprint.org5 survey goes visual
  • 6 emerging trends in 2011onepager deluxe
  • scroll and discover
  • www.neotokio.it6 expandable content
  • onepagelove.com6 one page lover gallery
  • 2012 design trendsway to go in 2012
  • 1 way to go in 2012 content is king,users are queens
  • “ Designers are no longer designing for the device, they are designing for the experience. “ COURTNEY BOYD MYERS, Features Editor of the next web
  • 1 editorial design experience on ipad
  • 1 instapaper: read later (+ remove the clutter)
  • couch mode
  • livetour.mas.be1 couch mode 2 (live tour through a museum)
  • 2way to go in 2012 lessis more
  • path.com2 only the essence
  • hugh emotional headers (and arrow links to content)
  • 3 way to go in 2012apps redefining the web
  • www.icloud.com3 apps inspire the web
  • 4 way to go in 2012useful, custom and pretty
  • registration as convenient as possible
  • 4 form informs function
  • make online reading more convenient
  • contrastrebellion.com4 not just good-looking
  • “With more companies and startupsplacing high importance on design andusability the web will only continue toget better and more user-friendly. Ryan Essmaker, design entrepreneur “
  • fab.com4 design sells more than ever
  • tattly.com4 upgrade your body as design object
  • www.thrivesolo.com3 prettify administration
  • 5 way to go in 2012 even googlerealizes that
  • 5 no more function over form (even google got it)
  • “you can’t just be geekyanymore, you have to bebeautiful too. “ BRAD MCCARTY, Managing Editor the next web
  • google zeitgeist
  • UI experience x 2000
  • 6 way to go in 2012bookmarking gets visual
  • pinterest.com6 is ‘pin it’ the new ‘like it’?
  • gimmebar.com6 inspiration library
  • 2012 design trendstechnological progress
  • 1technological progressanimate
  • beta.rallyinteractive.com1 funky css3 shapes and animations
  • nizoapp.com1 css animation
  • scroll innovation
  •!/services1 parallax pearle
  • no flash - all html
  • 2 technological progress flash isthe new niche
  • and sometimes flash is just right
  • experience.mtvnhd.com2 webcam integration & video
  • 3technological progress challengethe site flow
  • innovative navigation
  • functional navigation
  • 4 technological progress custom fontsare mainstream
  • mahifx.com4 minimalism: typo meets color meets animation
  • webfont is approaching the finesse of a printfont
  • 5technological progressweb GL
  • web GL experiments
  • web GL commercial use
  • 6technological progress APImash ups
  • instagram, my favourite app
  •!prettyPhoto6 daily dosis best of social goes offline
  • 7 technological progress responsiveweb design 2.0
  • www.bostonglobe.com7 mastering responsive design
  • “Simply using responsive design tomake full site accessible on mobiledevices results in substandard UX. JAKOB NIELSEN, UI expert “
  • “associate devices with purpose:I want to check (mobile),I want to manage (desktop),I want to immerse (tablet). “ Whitney Hess, UX Designer
  • 7 RESS: Responsive Design + Server Side Components
  • 2012 design trendsso what you really need to do
  • 1 what you really need to do Acknowledge and embraceunpredictability
  • trial & error
  • betali.st2 beta testing (the geeks in us love it)
  • www.kickstarter.com1 fund design projects
  • 2what you really need to doprocess mix
  • boooring yessssss!2 rethink the workflow
  • “This past year, I’ve led more working sessions,had more discussions, simplified more wire-frames, edited more collaborative Google docs,responded to more Basecamp posts, writtenmore stories, and spent less time in Photoshopand Illustrator than I ever have before. I’m abetter designer for it. Dan Mall, DD Big Spaceship “
  • www.wunderkit.com2 beta multitask
  • 3 what you really need to do Useyour instinct
  • “Emotion is at the heart ofevery decision we make. …We do what feels right,we go with our gut. “ Aaron walter, lead designer Mail Chimp
  • www.heringberlin.com3 capture the soul of the product
  • 3 read about it
  • “ “users tell us so much about themselvesthrough their repeated use of ourproduct and we haven’t done enoughwork to create customized contentexperiences for them as a result of allof that intel. Whitney Hess, UX Designer
  • customized information
  • felton talks about FB timeline
  • “This year designers havea chance to actively nudgethe world in any directionthey like. Cameron Koczon, gimmebar “
  • a must-read
  • “keep looking, don’t settle. STEVE JOBS “
  • 2012 design trendsthe future is beautiful
  • enjoy!
  • read alsoThe Future of webdesignWhat I learned in 2011 and my predictions for 2012What I Learned About the Web in 2011An Important Time for DesignFuture friendly
  • nice to meet you! Petra Selldesign director at @volpelino