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Make Peace with Your Earnings


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Employers hire people every day. When interviewed, they're looking to see how hungry you are.

Employers hire people every day. When interviewed, they're looking to see how hungry you are.

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  • 1. HR McNeilly, LLC. 8891 Brighton Ln, Ste 103 Bonita Springs, FL 34135 Ph: (239) 478-7409 Make Peace with Your Earnings I've often seen people chase after money even when they are doing quite well. As an HR person and a recruiter, I often look at candidates and employees with 360 degree point of view. Where are they on their career path? Have they reached their peak yet? Do they have weak areas they need to improve? You'd be surprised how often I hear people complaining about their income, yet they smoke, drink, drive expensive cars, and live in houses that are beyond their abilities to pay. HR McNeilly, LLC. is a “Diversity Supplier” and has been certified by the Veterans Administration as a “Veteran Owned Small Business.” These people are not willing to give up any aspect of their personal lives to create more savings. Instead, they look for employers to give them a raise or find a better paying position. They do not make good candidates. When an offer is made, they will try to get every last dime on the table. To me, that is very foolish and shows me where they are on their professional development. Ever notice when it's time to go grocery shopping? When the cupboards are bare, you may start feeling anxious. The food is almost gone! When the cupboards are full, then you feel more content. There's plenty to eat. That's similar to job searching. If you have a good job that is meeting your needs, then you're not likely to change. If your company starts laying people off, then all of sudden your perspective changes and you're highly motivated to find something else. Employers hire people every day. When interviewed, they're looking to see how hungry you are. Not enough money can make anyone's life miserable, so clearly each job seeker will want a certain standard of living. Once you've obtained a degree of comfort or satisfaction, make peace with your earnings. You're not likely to find greater opportunities that will significantly raise your earnings enough to reach your expectations. For most professionals, the next logical step in their upward HR Dept: as a new startup, I will progression is to start their own business. More startups fail than give you a better deal on a case succeed. It takes a few years for any business to take root and by case basis depending upon grow. So, you may actually lose money to start your own business at least in the first few years. your needs and timeframe. Take the time to eat right and exercise while you can. Earning more money is not going to bring you better health. Nobody wants to overpay for anything-that includes wages and salaries. Most people will pay what is considered fair, but only begrudgingly. This is especially true in a poor economy like we have today. An independent survey of over 500 Americans in December 2009 revealed that 95 percent of American consumers said they feel a sense of trust and gratitude towards veterans. And 70% said they’d be more likely to buy from a veteran-owned business than from a business not owned by a veteran! Robert H. McNeilly MSM, SPHR Executive Recruiter Like this article? Share with your network and select “Follow” on the “HR McNeilly, LLC.” company page. Page 1 of 1