LinkedIn References-Far Superior to Endorsements


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The Reference feature on LinkedIn is not used as frequently as Endorsements, but is far more impactful than Endorsements will ever be.

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LinkedIn References-Far Superior to Endorsements

  1. 1. HR McNeilly, LLC. 8891 Brighton Ln, Ste 103 Bonita Springs, FL 34135 Ph: (239) 478-7409 LinkedIn References-Far More Superior Than Endorsements When I did my reference checks as an HR Manager (and now as an Executive Recruiter), I insisted on direct supervisor reference or company letterhead for references. Even then, you're still subject to general statements of employment. The endorsement feature on LinkedIn has become questionable and many doubt it adds any value to the profile. Plus, it takes up a lot of space. HR McNeilly, LLC. is a “Diversity Supplier” and has been certified by the Veterans Administration as a “Veteran Owned Small Business.” For a top candidate, I would expect flawless references in the traditional manner (company letterhead and/or names of immediate supervisors along with phone numbers). LinkedIn does provide a recommendation feature that tries to fill this requirement, but it is not adequate for a formal reference check (primarily because there's no phone numbers to call and verify or ask additional questions). The LinkedIn recommendation feature is a good start and it does make a profile a more interesting read. My preference will be to ask the candidate for more details. Overall, I like this feature on LinkedIn if used appropriately. The references still need to be followed up in greater detail before I would consider a reference check complete. HR people will be careful to distinguish between references and those "so called" endorsements. Depending on the industry and job function, there could be legal concerns for failing to properly check references. For instance, nursing home employees have to be fingerprinted and background checks HR Dept: as a new startup, I will completed to ensure the public trust. In the defense industry, a security background check must be completed prior. give you a better deal on a case by case basis depending upon your needs and timeframe. The reference feature is a good start, but needs to be followed up in detail by phone and fax as traditionally has been the accepted best practice among HR professionals. Endorsements should never be considered a substitute for a thorough reference and background check. Many employers will not want to provide a reference/recommendation letter due to future legal concerns, however, some employers view this as an opportunity to thank you for your many years of hard work. Robert H. McNeilly MSM, SPHR Executive Recruiter An independent survey of over 500 Americans in December 2009 revealed that 95 percent of American consumers said they feel a sense of trust and gratitude towards veterans. And 70% said they’d be more likely to buy from a veteran-owned business than from a business not owned by a veteran! Like this article? Share with your network and select “Follow” on the “HR McNeilly, LLC.” company page. Page 1 of 1