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2012 Autumn Catalog
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2012 Autumn Catalog



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  • 1. Table of ContentsTHE LEGEND FITNESS ADVANTAGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3Racks, Cages & Platforms Pro Series Cages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-9 Performance Series Cages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-14 LandMine Attachments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Cages with Platforms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Platforms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Specialty Rack & Cages . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18Free Weight Equipment Utility Benches . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Olympic Benches . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Upper & Lower Body . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21Body Weight Equipment Upper Body & Core . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Glute/Ham Developers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23Plate-Loaded Equipment Upper Body . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Lower Body . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 LeverEDGE Line . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26-27 Westside Barbell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28-30Speed & Strength Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31Storage Solutions Dumbbells & Kettlebells . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Barbells & Plates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33Pin Select Equipment Upper Body . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34-35 Lower Body & Core . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Multi Stack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37-38 Combo Stations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39Product Specifications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40Guarantee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41Standard Colors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42
  • 2. TheLEGENDFITNESSAdvantage Designed, Tested and Manufactured In America: Every Legend Fitness-branded item is manufactured in East Tennessee by hard-working Americans. Unlike some of our competitors, that claim their equipment is “built in the USA”, but only after the components came off a boat from China. We are keeping jobs, and money, here at home and are proud of it. Outstanding Customer Service: Despite being a world leader in strength manufacturing, we are still small town folks that will bend over backwards to assist you. A prior customer is a lifelong friend. Same Day Parts Shipping: On most stocked items, we will get parts shipped to you within 24 hours of notification via phone or e-mail. Plus, those parts are being shipped from East Tennessee, not Taiwan. No Call Screening: If you have questions, give us a call. More often than not you’ll find an actual human being with an answer. We thrive on customer feedback to build relationships and improve our product. CAD Developed to Minimize the Use of Bolts & Fasteners: Bolts can come loose, so the only reason we ever put them on a frame is if it helps you get the equipment through a standard-sized door. As a result, our frames are the most rigid and maintenance-free in the business. Weight Room Design: Speak with one of our experienced sales staff for strength solutions customized to your facility, or visit our website and use the “Design Your Own Weight Room” feature on the home page. More Choices: Currently, we carry approximately 200 individual products and accessories. We are your “one stop shop” for completely outfitting a strength training facility. Customization: We only build to order and as such we are better equipped to accommodate custom modifications to our standard catalog items. See something in our lineup that you would like to tweak a little bit to meet your needs? Give us a call. We’re willing to work with you to make you happy. Color Choice and Personalization: We have 16 standard frame colors and, at current count, about 85 standard upholstery colors. But if there’s another color you want, let us know. We can usually make it happen for a nominal fee. Team logos can also be reproduced on the frames, platforms and pads of most pieces of equipment. The Choice of Legends: Our close associations with luminaries such as Louie Simmons (Westside Barbell), Dr. Michael Yessis, Chip Smith (CES), Anthony DiLuglio (Art of Strength), D1 Sports, Cal Deitz (XL Athlete) and others allows us to get expert feedback during development and gives us the distinction of winning favor with some of the most respected names in the industry. 3
  • 3. RACKS, CAGES & PLATFORMS RACKS, CAGES & PLATFORMS Pro Series Cages Pro Series cages 3221 Pro Series Power Cage The flagship of our navy. As fully welded as a cage can be and as customizable as a box of building blocks. Available in both 8-foot and 9-foot tall models. Standard features include: • Chrome offset 7 gauge racking • Laser-cut racking numbers • Chrome angled/numbered weight pegs • Walk-through bar & dip attachment storage • Plyo band/chain holders • Multi-grip pull-up bar • Low band pegs • 3x2 spotter arms • High band pegs • Bench docking system • Polymer sandwich Monster Hooks • UMHW wear guards Dimensions 8’ Pro Series Power Cage L: 80” (87” w/plates) W: 64” H: 104” ship weight: 980lbs. 9’ Pro Series Power Cage L: 80” (87” w/plates) W: 64” H: 116” ship weight: 1080lbs. Bars, plates, bench, bands and platform sold separately. Some optional equipment shown. 3227 Pro Series Double-Sided Half Cage The largest cage we make. Back-to-back design takes full advantage of open floor plans. Dedicate one side for platform work, and the other side for bench work! Extremely rigid – only 20 frame bolts. Standard features include: • Chrome offset 7 gauge racking • Laser-cut racking numbers • Chrome angled/numbered weight pegs • Storage for bars, dip attachments • Plyo band/chain holders • Multi-grip pull-up bar • Low band pegs • 3x2 spotter arms • Polymer sandwich Monster Hooks • UMHW wear guards • Bench docking system (not shown) ★ Accommodates dual workouts Dimensions L: 118” W: 64” H: 104” ship weight: 1152lbs. Bars, plates, and benches sold separately.4
  • 4. RACKS, CAGES & PLATFORMS RACKS, CAGES & PLATFORMSPro Series Cage Accesso- Pro Series cages3226 Pro Series Half CageThe not-so-little brother to the 3221 Power Cage, the Pro Series HalfCage doesn’t cut back on anything but floor space. One of our bestsellers. Available in both 8-foot and 9-foot tall models.Standard features include:• Chrome offset 7 gauge racking • Laser-cut racking numbers• Chrome angled/numbered weight pegs • Walk-through bar & dip attachment storage• Plyo band/chain holders • Multi-grip pull-up bar• Low band pegs • 3x2 spotter arms• Polymer sandwich Monster Hooks • UMHW wear guards• Bench docking system (not shown) ★ Smaller footprintDimensions8’ Pro Series Power CageL: 58” (65” w/plates) W: 64” H: 104” ship weight: 734lbs.9’ Pro Series Power CageL: 58” (65” w/plates) W: 64” H: 116” ship weight:810lbs. Bars and plates sold separately. Some optional equipment shown. ! NEW 3215 Pro Series Power station Originally built to order for Ohio State University, we recently decided to add this one to our Pro Series lineup. All the strength and space of our Pro Series Power Cage, but with an open top for unrestricted overhead exercises. Front racking buttressed for extra strength. Standard features include: • Chrome offset 7 gauge racking • Laser-cut racking numbers • Chrome angled/numbered weight pegs • Olympic bar storage • Plyo band/chain holders • Multi-grip pull-up bar • Low band pegs • 3x2 spotter arms • Polymer sandwich Monster Hooks • UMHW wear guards • Bench docking system ★ Accommodates overhead workouts Dimensions L: 92” (99” w/plates) W: 68” H: 104” ship weight: 930lbs. Bench sold separately. Some optional equipment shown. 5
  • 5. RACKS, CAGES & PLATFORMS Pro Series MODULAR cages 3263 Pro Series Modular Power Cage The 3236 Pro Series Modular Cage features everything that you may already be familiar with in the 3221 Pro Series Power Cage, but eliminates the rear lower crossmember for a very open walk-through design, uses low profile flat steel instead of steel tubing as the “feet” of the cage, and then adds the ability for the cages to be linked together using 72-inch rear connectors and 96-inch side connectors -each with multi-grip pull-up stations (sold separately). When two or more of these cages are bolted together using this system, the rigidity is multiplied, creating an extremely stable “jungle” of cages and pull-up stations. The more racks that are added to the “jungle”, the more rigid the whole assembly becomes. Dimensions Bars, plates, and benches sold separately. Pro Series Modular Power Cage Some optional equipment shown. L: 75” (82” w/plates) W: 68.5” H: 104” ship weight: 1100lbs. NEW! 3264 Pro Series Modular Half Cage Showcasing the same great features as the Modular Power Cage (i.e. open walk-through design, flat steel feet, and modular connectivity through the use of 96- and 72-inch connecting beams) but in a more space effiencient half cage format. As with the modular power cage, when two or more of these cages are bolted together using the connecting beams (sold separately), the rigidity is multiplied, creating an extremely stable “jungle” of cages and pull-up stations. The more racks that are added to the “jungle”, the more rigid the whole assembly becomes. Dimensions Optional equipment shown. Weights, bars, squat seat, Pro Series Modular Half Cage bench, Dual Landmine, dip L: 58” (64” w/plates) W: 68.5” H: 104” attachments, technique ship weight: 645lbs. trays and swivel pull-up grips sold separately. NEW! 3268 Pro Series Modular Half Cage w/LLR Fusion Built using the same frame and features as the above Pro Modular Half Cage, but with the addition of a lat pulldown/low row pin select module. With a weight stack of 300 lbs. in 10 lb. increments, users can perform serious back exercises while inside the cage. Supplied with interchangeable foot plate and thigh pad units, as well as a place to hang whichever unit you’re not using at the time to keep it out of the way. Squats, presses, rows, pull-ups and pulldowns can now all be performed on one machine, excellent for weight rooms with big demands but small square footage, or for quick transitions in super set training. Dimensions Pro Series Modular Half Cage w/ LLR Fusion L: 71” W: 68.5” H: 104” ship weight: 1060lbs. Bar, plates, and bench sold separately. Some optional equipment shown.6
  • 6. RACKS, CAGES & PLATFORMS Pro Series cages Pro Series Cage Standard Features Complete List of Standard Cage Features 7 Gauge Offset Racking Multi Grip Pull-Up Bar w/ laser-cut numbering & chrome plating w/ foam rubber grips Bench Docking System Upper Band Pegs/Lower Band Pegscompatible only with 3222 Pro Series 3-Way Bench upper pegs not available on half cages 12 Weight Storage Pegs Two Tone Powder Coat Finishchrome-plated, frame welded w/ numbered end caps complete w/ color-keyed accessories Walk-Through Upright Bar Storage Monster Hook J-Hooks for 4 olympic bars or dip attachments & w/ replaceable polymer contact surfaces & 2 bench docking rods extended reach for increased safety/less pinching 2 Band/Chain/Rope Storage Pegs 3” x 2” Adjustable Safety Arms w/ UHMW wearguards w/ ABS wearguards & full length internal rods “I looked into to several companies to re-equip the weight room. Some of those companies included Samson, Power Lift, Equipment Guys, York, UCS, Rogers and Legend Fitness. Out of all these companies Legend was the most appealing to me. Their Pro Series Racks are comparable to Power Lift in quality and features at a lower cost. Kelly did an outstanding job to help us get a first rate facility with budget constraints. We have purchased four Double-Sided Pro Series racks complete with various attachments, utility benches, Pro Series Glute-Ham Developers, a leg press, leg extension, leg curl, as well as other equipment. The athletes are very pleased with the looks and performance of the equipment, and just as important the coaches are proud to show the weight room to help recruit the players we need to win our conference! ” Ross Miller, Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning Arkansas State University “I have recently purchased a few legend fitness products and LOVE them. You guys build awesome equipment and I hope to be purchasing more from you in the near future. Thank you guys for everything and don’t change a thing.” Andrew Shroyer, Owner Shroyer’s Gym 7
  • 7. RACKS, CAGES & PLATFORMS Pro Series Cages hook comparison8
  • 8. RACKS, CAGES & PLATFORMS Pro Series cages Pro Series Cage Options ISED REV 012 for 2 3221-T Technique Trays 3251 Dip Attachments 3246 (for 3221 only) (Half Cages: 3226-T) (Half Cages: 3255) Inverted Spotter Arms REVI S for 20 ED 12 3252 Swivel Grip 3249 Step Attachment 3247 Pull-Up Handles (Half Cages: 3250) Inverted Monster Hooks Complete List of Cage OptionsOak Tongue & Groove Insert Platform Inverted Monster Hooksmeasures 6’ x 8’ in front of cage; logo optional for exercises in front of the cage Rubber Insert Platform Inverted Safety Arms same as above; logo unavailable for exercises in front of the cage Independent Dip Attachments Modular Cage Connectors can be stowed in vertical bar storage 72- and 96-inch rigid connectors w/ pull-up stationsSingle or Dual Landmine Attachments Step Attachment see page 13 newly revised w/ diamond plate platform area Swivel Grip Pull-Up Handles Technique Trays “I chose Legend Fitness because of a few different things: First, Legend’s customer service was better than excellent. My sales rep, Don Carter sold me on Legend during our first phone conversation. Don went out of his way to answer my questions, give suggestions and help me with anything that I needed. Secondly, Legend’s prices were great. Legend’s prices gave me more flexibility to order more equipment while still staying within my budget. Finally, Legend’s equipment has many features that I was looking for … from their colors, to styles, to their versatility. I would highly recommend Legend Fitness to anyone who is starting a gym or training center.” Keith Scott, Owner IMPACT Training and Fitness “I want to be with a company that takes pride in what they do. (Legend’s) goals are to be the best, and to cut no corners to get there, and they make sure every client they have is totally satisfied.” Robby Stewart, Director of Strength Development Competitive Edge Sports 9
  • 9. RACKS, CAGES & PLATFORMS Performance Series 3133 Power Cage The foundation of our Performance Series line of American made cages, the Power Cage has the most accessories and options of any cage in the Legend lineup. Fabricated entirely of big, beefy 3” square tubing, the Power Cage has tons of features. Hole spacing on the uprights is 2” center-to-center to maximize adjust- ability. Three feet of room is inside the massive uprights, 12 welded chrome pegs stand out in the rear for weight storage, the welded J-hooks are the strongest in the industry, a chin bar is included, and it has a strong, wide base that is five feet from front to rear. And when used with a Three-Way Utility Bench, every major lift can be accomplished in one location. Optional Pro Style Top Crossmembers add 4 inches to overall height. Dimensions Length 59.5” (65” w/plates) Width 64” Height 88” (92”) ship weight: 475lbs. Bar, plates and bench sold separately. Some optional equipment shown. 3142 half Cage This is our top-selling cage among high schools. The Legend Fitness Half Cage features an open design wide enough and deep enough to accomplish all of your goals, yet its footprint is small enough to allow you to keep more space in your weight room. A 3” x 3” frame with only 8 frame bolts (compared with the competition’s 20 or more) means that this is the most rigid half cage you’ll look at today. Or any day. Other class-leading features include 2-inch hole spacing for the ultimate in flexibility for hook and spotter arm placement, 12 chrome weight horns (again, welded to the frame, not bolted), the strongest welded J-hooks in the world, extended rear and side feet for extra stability and safety, and two spotter arms. Optional Pro Style Top Crossmembers add 4 inches to overall height. Dimensions Length 54” (63” w/plates) Width 64” Shown here with optional Pro Style Height 88” (92”) ship weight: 350lbs. Crossmember and Lower Band Pegs. Bench, weights, bar and Bar and plates sold separately. Swivel Pull-Up Grips sold separately. Weight lifting Tools & Accessories 3143 Squat Stool 3254 Adjustable 7011 Pulling Blocks 3259 Chalk Bowl/ Fully welded steel frame, thick Squat Seat Fully welded with Focus more on your hamstrings, Pedestal Stainless steel bowl padding and rubber feet to protect chrome sliding surfaces and lock glutes & core by performing partial affixed to a fully welded and powder your platform. Adjusts from 15.25 – pins. Durable rubber top. Adjustable cleans & deadlifts. Fully welded. coated pedestal. A simple device 21.25 inches in 2-inch increments. from 11” to 16” in 1 inch increments. Allows for three starting heights. that is built to last. Dimensions L: 19” W: 16” H: 21” Dimensions L: 18” W: 18” H: 16” Dimensions L: 16.5” W: 13.5” H: 10.5” Dimensions L: 18” W: 18” H: 40”10
  • 10. RACKS, CAGES & PLATFORMSPerformance Series cages 3121 Power rack When it comes to power rack essentials, the Legend Fitness 3121 is definitely the Essentials, but with a burly, powder coated capital E. There’s only four posts so the 3121 is an excellent choice for those with limited budgets and space, but there’s enough room inside to do what you need to do. Speaking of those posts, they are hewn from 3x3 inch, 11 gauge steel and feature 2-inch hole spacing with laser-cut numbering. The standard top crossmember is a pull-up bar with a round cross section, and the standard J-hooks are welded from multiple pieces to be the strongest in the industry. All that, plus a long list of available upgrades means that the the Legend Power Rack is a cage that can grow with you. Optional Pro Style Top Crossmembers add 4 inches to overall height. Dimensions Length 48” Width 54” Height 88” (92”) ship weight: 372lbs. 3141 Power station Maximum headroom. Constructed of impressive 3” x 3” square tubing with fully welded uprights, the open top of the Power Station removes all the barriers of working inside of most racks while doing overhead work. Chromed weight pegs are welded to the frame and keep toe-crunching plates off the floor. For maximum adjustability, all hole spacing is two inches center-to-center, and it is easy to find the one you need because the inside of each post has laser cut numbers. Optional Pro Style Top Crossmembers add 4 inches to overall height. Dimensions Length 59” (66”w/ plates) Width 64” Height 88” ship weight: 437lbs. Bar and plates sold separately. 3171 fat bar power station The perfect training tool for any serious training. Any exercise can be done safely and effectively with this unbeatable combination. Identical to the 3141 Power Station except in that it has two upper pull-up bar crossmembers as opposed to one. One pull-up bar is 1 inch in diameter, the other is the 1” inch Fat Bar for increasing grip strength. Constructed with 3-inch, 11 gauge tubing with a durable powder coat finish, the 3171 is ready to suspend the weight of your choice. Features include chrome-finished, welded weight storage and the strongest welded J-hooks in the industry. Open top design gives you all the headroom you need for overhead exercises. Extra versatility is now available in that all hole spacing is two inches center-to-center. Optional Pro Style Top Crossmembers add 4 inches to overall height. Dimensions Length 59” (66”w/ plates) Width 64” Height 88” (92”) ship weight: 464lbs. Bar, plates, bands, rope and bench sold separately. Optional equipment shown. 3155 double-sided half cage It’s all in a day’s work when you incorporate the Double-Sided Half Cage into your training. You’ll be amazed at how quickly workouts can be completed when two athletes can train simultaneously. Long safety arms stand guard for when the load becomes too much. The Double-Sided Half Cage can be bolted to a lifting platform or be used totally alone. Besides being infinitely adjustable, this power station features generous plate storage, the strongest welded J-hooks in the industry, a standard chin bar and a “FAT BAR” pull-up bar for training variety. Now available with 2-inch hole spacing (center-to-center) as standard. Optional Pro Style Top Crossmembers add 4 inches to overall height. Dimensions Length 82” (92” w/ plates) Width 64” Height 88” (92”) ship weight: 605lbs. Bars, plates and benches sold separately. Optional equipment shown. 11
  • 11. RACKS, CAGES & PLATFORMS Performance Series NEW! 3209 Triple Power Cage Essentially, this is a Performance Series Power Rack and Half Cage merged into one, with a set of inverted safety arms and hooks added outside of the rack to provide three workout areas. Hence, the Triple Power Cage. If you need a lot of flexibility and capability in your next cage system, but don’t have a lot of square footage in your weight room, the Triple Power Cage could be the answer. On one side, a user has the choice of working performing exercises within the relative safety of a four-post power rack; or, if the user needs a little more room, he can opt to use the reverse spotter arms and hooks to perform routines in front. On the other side, another athlete can perform half cage routines as well. Also sold with a lifting platform as the 3210 (see page 16). Pro Series version coming soon! Dimensions Length 126” Width 68” Height 92.5” ship weight: 610lbs. Bar, plates and Single Land Mine sold separately. NEW! 3903 Wall-Mount Quarter Cage Originally developed to meet the precise specifications of a local Crossfit facility, the Wall-Mount Quarter Cage is an extremely economical and space-saving solution in racking systems. Constructed of the same 3x3-inch steel tubing as our Performance Series cages, the 3903 features 2-inch hole spacing, laser-cut racking numbers, a durable DuPont powder coat finish, and two of our extremely strong six-piece welded bar hooks with solid 1-inch racking pins. Overall, a fantastic solution for those looking to outfit a garage gym on a budget, or for Crossfit facilities that need a simple racking system without taking up too much valuable floorspace. Additional rigidity and pull-up options can be added among multiple Quarter Cages through the use of our 3903-C Quarter Cage Connectors. NOTE: Must be solidly secured to structural elements. Must be bolted to the floor and to a solid wall or wall support member. Dimensions Length 51” Width 48” Height 101” ship weight: 115lbs. 3903-C QUARTER CAGE CONNECTORS Shown as the green bars in the photos above, this item lends additional rigidity and pull-up options to multiple Quarter Cages. Fully welded and finished in a durable DuPont powder coat of your choice. 1.25-inch diameter tube is thick and meaty enough for a good grip. NOTE: In order to gain enough friction to get a proper grip on the bar for pull-ups, we recommend ordering with a “black carbide” finish. If any other powder coat is chosen, we recommend using nylon medical tape or bicycle handlebar tape for hand grips. Dimensions L: 62” W: 3” H: 8.5”12
  • 12. RACKS, CAGES & PLATFORMS Performance SeriesPerformance Series Cage Standard Features 2-Inch Hole Spacing more options for racking and safety bar heights 3 Inch, 11 Gauge Tubing overbuilt strength for rigidity and durability Laser-Cut Numbering keep track of what felt right the last time Designed to Use Fewer Frame Bolts CAD developed for rigidity “Beefy” J-Hooks welded from 5 pieces of steel to be the best “Fat Bar” Pull-Up Bar wide cross section for a comfortable grip DuPont Powder Coat Finish from the top name in finishes, a durable coating with a beautiful, shiny lustre Bolt-Down Tabs for additional stability and security Chrome-Plated, Angled Weight Storage Olympic size pegs that are durably finished, welded to the frame and slightly angled for safety 13
  • 13. RACKS, CAGES & PLATFORMS Performance Series OPTIONS Performance Series Cage Options (see also LandMine Attachments, page 13) 3256 Pro Style Top 3236 3236-B Adjustable 3252 Swivel Grip Crossmember Beefy Spotter Arms Band Peg Arms Pull-Up Handles ED EVIS 12 R 20 for 3238-L Lower Band Pegs 3244 Inverted Safety 3147 3172 3238-U Upper band pegs Arms Dip Attachment Step-Up Attachment 3233 Single LandMine 3235 Dual LandMine 3207 Pro Style 3261 Walk-Through (see page 13) (see page 13) Monster Hooks Bar Storage Complete List of Performance Series Cage Options Oak Tongue & Groove Insert Platform Additional Beefy J-Hooks measures 6’ x 8’ in front of cage; logo optional for exercises in front of the cage Rubber Insert Platform Inverted Safety Arms same as above; logo unavailable for exercises in front of the cage Dip Attachment Pro Style Monster Hooks Step Attachment durable yet replaceable polymer contact area; extended reach design Single Landmine Attachment see page 13 Beefy Spotter Arms thick 2” x 3” cross section and solid 1 inch pins Dual Landmine Attachment see page 13 Adjustable Band Peg Bars same as Beefy Arms, but w/ 3 band pegs per side Pro Style Top Crossmember and locking pop pin arched design w/ multi grip pull-up bar Walk-Through Bar Storage available with 2 or 4 vertical bar storage sleeves Swivel Grip Pull-Up Handles requires Pro Style Top Crossmember Two Tone Powder Coat Finish14
  • 14. RACKS, CAGES & PLATFORMS Cage AccessoriesLandMine Cage AttachmentsIncredibly versatile, LandMine attachments are simple but very effective in trans-forming your Legend cage or rack into the most complete strength and conditioningsystem on the market. Compatible with all pre-drilled Legend racks & cages (ProSeries and otherwise), these devices add dozens of routines to any strength facility,maximizing the effectiveness of training sessions.Available as either a Single LandMine or as our unique Dual LandMine(patent pending).DimensionsSingle LandMine Dual LandMine 3233 Single LandMineLength 22” Length 19.5”Width 9” Width 10.5”Height 4” Height 4”ship weight: 36lbs. ship weight: 51lbs. optional Wide Grip & Vee Grip Handles (product numbers 3220W & 3220V) 3235 Dual LandMine 15
  • 15. RACKS, CAGES & PLATFORMS Cages with Platforms 3204 Double-Sided Half Cage with Two Platforms Our 3155 Double-Sided Half Cage becomes the centerpiece of the weight room when outfitted with two of the industry’s finest insert platforms, featuring a tongue-and-groove oak footing area with rubber impact areas. All rubber platforms are available upon request. Dimensions L: 247” W: 100” H: 88” ship weight: 2465lbs. 3203 DOUBLE-SIDED HALF CAGE WITH SINGLE INSERT PLATFORM Same as seen on the left, but with a single tongue-and-groove oak insert platform. Dimensions L: 165” W: 100” H: 88” This page: Bars, plates and benches sold separately. Some optional equipment shown. 3199 POWER CAGE WITH 3201 POWER STATION WITH 3202 HALF CAGE WITH INSERT PLATFORM INSERT PLATFORM INSERT PLATFORM Product number 3199 is our robust Power Open top design gives plenty of headroom Half Cage with our 6’ x 8’ tongue-and- Cage accompanied by our above you, and the industry’s best 3-inch groove oak insert platform, which can be impressive octagonal oak and rubber insert platform provides firm footing & customized with a logo and frame color of insert platform. floor protection below you. your choice. Dimensions L: 142” W: 100” H: 88” Dimensions L: 140” W: 100” H: 88” Dimensions L: 127” W: 100” H: 88” 3210 TRIPLE POWER CAGE W/ PLATFORM Essentially, this is a Performance Series Power Rack and Half NEW! Cage merged into one, with a set of inverted safety arms and hooks added outside of the rack to provide three workout areas. Hence, the Triple Power Cage. If you need a lot of flexibility and capability in your next cage system, but don’t have a lot of square footage in your weight room, the Triple Power Cage could be the answer. On one side, a user has the choice of working performing exercises within the relative safety of a four-post power rack; or, if the user needs a little more room or wants to do Olympic lifts, he/she can opt to use the lifting platform or reverse spotter arms and hooks to perform routines in front. On the other side, another athlete can perform half cage routines as well. Dimensions L: 182” W: 100” H: 92,5” Bars and plates sold separately. Some optional equipment shown.16
  • 16. RACKS, CAGES & PLATFORMS Platforms 3223 Pro Series Insert Platform The perfect complement to any Legend cage or rack. Unlike the channel frames of some of our competitors, our frame is constructed from 3 x 2 inch rectangular tubing, offering more dent resistance. The frame is also fully welded and consists of only three pieces. Several layers of wood provide toughness beneath the top layer of thick, precision cut rubber and tongue-and-groove hardwood. Also new is a proprietary hardwood treatment that will not flake or chip, no matter what you drop on it. Cage sold separately. Custom platform logos (3144-P) are an optional extra. Now available in all standard frame colors. Custom colors are available. Also available as an all rubber platform (3223-R). Dimensions L: 130” W: 101” H: 3” ship weight: 1130lbs.7007 VibePlate PlatformThe introduction of this unique device has cemented Legend’s reputationas a leader in an industry full of followers. Implementing VibePlate’s 24x 40 vibration platform within the platform itself allows users to takefull advantage of Whole Body Vibration training while within theLegend 3226 Pro Series Half Cage. WBV training allows athletesto gain a competitive edge by stimulating fast twitch musclefiber. The payoff is that when using this platform, athletes willgain strength, speed and mobility up to 2x faster thanconventional training, with decreased recovery times.Designed for use with the 2440 VibePlate only,which is sold separately.Dimensions L: 113” W: 107” H: 6” ship weight: 1350lbs.Hardwood Freestanding Platforms3195 HARDWOOD 3194 HARDWOODLIFTING PLATFORM (8X8) LIFTING PLATFORM (6X8)New CAD-developed 2x3-inch Same excellent platform as the 3195,frame consists of only 4 pieces only with a 6-foot depth forfor extra rigidity and ease of smaller floor plans. Sameassembly. Tongue & groove dent-resistant tube frame,oak is hand assembled in same oak footing area,our factory and treated with same durable woodthe most durable finish in the finish, same toughnessindustry. and value.Dimensions DimensionsL: 108” W: 100” H: 3” L: 84” W: 100” H: 3”Standard Freestanding Platforms3139 STANDARD 3131 STANDARDLIFTING PLATFORM (8X8) LIFTING PLATFORM (6X8)You’re looking at a half ton of firm footing This is where great cleans are born.and floor protection. Same as our vener- Same tough frame and dimen-able 3195 platform, but constructed with sions as our 3194 platform, buta beautiful birch footing area. with a resilient birch footing area.Dimensions DimensionsL: 108” W: 100” H: 3” L: 84” W: 100” H: 3” 17
  • 17. RACKS, CAGES & PLATFORMS specialty racks & cages 3138 PEG SQUAT RACK 3121-V VARSITY POWER RACK 3230 LOUIE SIMMONS Squat with the confidence that 3x3 welded The most economical rack in our esteemed COMBO CAGE tubing provides. A weight room staple for lineup, but still strong enough to meet the Used daily at Westside Barbell and never bro- those seeking an excellent squat-focused demands of most any user. Constructed of ken. 1” post holes graduating to 2” for 41 ad- tool. Features ABS wearguards and six 2” tubing and only has eight frame bolts for justment points. Elevated base bars for sumo chrome-plated plate storage pegs. rigidity and ease of assembly. stances, adjustable band pegs top & bottom, pull-up bar w/ grips and plate storage. Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions L: 86” (93”) W: 48” H: 70.5” L: 48” W: 54” H: 88” L: 47” (54”) W: 68” H: 87” “Even considering how much we love the equipment, the thing that has impressed me most about Legend Fitness has been that whenever I have called, I have always gotten a reply within ten minutes. Sometimes the reply may be, ‘I’m not sure, let me check on that,’ but I always get a quick reply. Based on my experiences with other strength companies in the past, I wasn’t really expecting that. Legend just flat out takes care of me.” Hunter Fendley, Assistant Football Coach/Head Track Coach Bearden High School “We have really enjoyed working with Legend Fitness. They were very patient with our questions and great with doing adjustments to our bids. The equipment that they provided has been great to use and looks awesome also. The racks we have are built really tough, we really like them and in comparison to other brands these cages are just as nice. Delivery went great, install went great. We have had only minor issues and they resolved them quickly and without any hassle. We shopped around when we where beginning and Legend always felt like the right choice and I haven’t regretted the choice since.” Bryan Capener, Owner Results Gym and Fitness “I just wanted to let you all know that the weight equipment arrived Friday morning, and everything looks fantastic. The people at Legend Fitness were outstanding, from their customer support to their promptness with the order. I know I had a lot of questions, and you guys were easy to get ahold of and extremely caring through the process. I can already tell, with the 2 workouts our football team has had with the new equipment, there is a new level of excitement from our student athletes, as well as an entirely new level of efficiency while in the weight room! Thank You All for your help and support!” Brad Winterland, Head Football Coach Ashton-Franklin Center High School18
  • 18. FREE WEIGHT EQUIPMENT Utility Benches3222 Pro SeriesSelf-Adjusting Three Way BenchOur top-of-the-line bench that perfectly complements our Pro Series cages. Asingle pop pin adjusts both the seat elevation and backrest to one of six adjustmentangles. Comes standard with an attached diamondplate spotter’s platform thatallows using a spotter anywhere in the weight room. Wheels and a foam rubber-coated handle are provided for easy transport, and removable docking rods allow the3222 to be firmly secured to one of fifteen locations within the low profile dockingsystem in our Pro Series cages. Standard rubber feet protect floors and lifting platforms.Custom embroidery is available on wear guard for a nominal fee.DimensionsL: 62” W: 25” H: 48” ship weight: 258lbs.3100 UTILITY 3101 INCLINE 3102 DECLINE 3104 MULTI-FLAT BENCH UTILITY BENCH UTILITY BENCH PURPOSE BENCHWith over 101 uses and Adjusts from 35 to 70 degrees. Comfortable, adjustable, and Great for dumbbell work and thecounting, the Utility Flat is the Compact and stable base. Bring rugged enough to take years of Smith Machine. Diamondplateworkhorse of any weight room. your best and keep your focus on use and abuse. Adjusts from -10 foot bar and angled back padFully welded construction, no the dumbbells, not the bench. to -25 degrees with five height provide optimum support. All-bolts, no weaknesses. positions. welded construction.Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions DimensionsL: 45” W: 16” H: 19” L: 54” W: 22” H: 45” L: 54” W: 19” H: 35” L: 44” W: 24” H: 40” 3103 THREE-WAY 3216 THREE-WAY UTILITY BENCH W/ 3164 FOUR-WAY UTILITY BENCH UTILITY BENCH SPOTTER PLATFORMS Decline, flat, four incline angles and an Adjusts from 0 to 85 degrees in a flash, and Same excellent bench as the 3103, but with upright position for shoulder work. Features can be rolled about easily with one hand. diamondplate spotter platforms for safety a removable footrest for decline exercises What are you training? Chest, shoulders, and to give users the confidence to dig a little or sit-ups, an adjustable seat and wheels for arms, or back? Take a seat on the Three-Way deeper! easy set-up. for all this and more. Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions L: 55” W: 21” H: 48” L: 59” W: 21” H: 48” L: 69” W: 21” H: 47”3205 BENCH TRANSPORT 3144WG WEARGUARD LOGO OPTIONOPTION Just send us an appropriate art file of yourMake your set-up a mobile one! The desired logo, and we can bring it to life on thebench transport option includes upholstery of your equipment! Team spirit,wheels and handles and can be added anyone?to any Legend Fitness utility bench notalready equipped for easy transportand movement through your facility. 19
  • 19. FREE WEIGHT EQUIPMENT Olympic Benches 3240 Pro Series Olympic Flat Bench The first of our Olympic benches to be granted Pro Series status, the 3240 has several features that elevate it above our standard Olympic flat: • Angled uprights • Resistance band pegs • Scratch-resistant, chrome-plated carbon steel Multi-Catch Racking System • CAD developed to be as fully welded as possible for more rigidity (only 4 bolts) • Integrated, chrome-plated, frame welded plate storage pegs Dimensions L: 75” W: 67” H: 46” ship weight: 175lbs. 3242 PRO SERIES 3241 PRO SERIES 3243 PRO SERIES OLYMPIC SHOULDER BENCH OLYMPIC INCLINE BENCH OLYMPIC DECLINE BENCH Featuring dual uprights and chrome-plated Build the upper chest effectively and safely For the definition that you need for your chest multi-racking front and rear for increased safety with our Pro Series Olympic Incline. Footrest workout, our Pro Series Olympic Decline is the and to give the user the option of working the encourages proper form by assisting the user finest there is. Band pegs allow you to add barbell in front of or behind the head. Fully in not arching the back. Includes spotting plat- resistance to the end of each lift movement. featured with spotting platform and band pegs. form, band pegs & chrome racking hooks. Numbered, chrome-plated weight storage. Dimensions L: 53” W: 67.5” H: 70” Dimensions L: 81” W: 67.5” H: 65” Dimensions L: 85” W: 67.5” H: 45” 3150 OLYMPIC FLAT W/ 3154 OLYMPIC 3156 OLYMPIC SHOULDER 3157 OLYMPIC PLATE STORAGE INCLINE W/ STORAGE W/ STORAGE DECLINE W/ STORAGE 3” square tubing with ABS Lean back on a 35° angle and Built to last with ample plate Fully adjustable foot roller system wearguards. Chrome-plated prepare to put the hurt on your storage and a commodious spot- holds you in position as you push weight storage. upper chest. ter’s platform. yourself to the limit. Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions L: 72” W: 65” H: 47” L: 76” W: 55” H: 55” L: 60” W: 65” H: 65” L: 88” W: 65” H: 46” 3105 OLYMPIC FLAT 3106 OLYMPIC INCLINE 3108 OLYMPIC SHOULDER 3109 OLYMPIC DECLINE The simplest way to facilitate Adjustable seat. The large spot- Features fore & aft set of bar Adjustable foot rollers for all body chest burning workouts and the ter’s platform enables assistance catches for military presses as types, fully welded construction need to rack the bar between to arrive in the nick of time. Fully well as shoulder presses. Roomy for rigidity. sets. Fully Welded. welded, fully rigid. diamondplate platform. Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions L: 51” W: 55” H: 47” L: 61” W: 55” H: 55” L: 45” W: 55” H: 65” L: 65” W: 49” H: 46”20
  • 20. FREE WEIGHT EQUIPMENT UPPER & Lower BODY3225 Pro Series Prone High RowThis unique device allows the user to hit the upper/mid back, rear deltoids,triceps and trapezoids like nothing else, while fully supporting the torso.This full torso support helps isolate targeted muscles and allows users withlower back injuries to continue building strength. Adjustable, fully weldedbar catches accommodate users of all sizes. Recommended for use withcambered bars.DimensionsL: 73” W: 49” H: 38” ship weight: 450lbs.3114 PREACHER CURL 3145 CURL PEDESTAL 3114-PS ULTIMATE 3166 STANDINGPrecisely angled, 2ft wide pad The sturdy starting and ending PREACHER CURL PREACHER CURLpromotes isolation of the biceps. point for all of your curl bar Our already outstanding seated Arm pad is 2ft wide and heavilyTrain to failure with safety exercises. Handy weight storage preacher curl but with chrome padded with 2” thick densecatches only inches away. Fully pegs allow you to quickly change plated weight storage and foam, which is contoured overWelded. Height adjustable. plates between sets. resistance band pegs for the the top and into the chest area ultimate in focused arm strength for comfort and support. Height training. adjustable up to 58 inches.Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions DimensionsL: 39” W: 30” H: 40” L: 31” W: 29” H: 39” L: 66” W: 30” H: 46” L: 63” W: 30” H: 61”Lower BODYfree weight 7005 SQUAT STANDS 7005-C SQUAT STANDS Our most cost-effective solution for boosting CONNECTOR squat performance. Constructed from fully For more stability and consistent welded 2” steel with smooth pop pins to facilitate positioning for your 7005 Squat quick changes in lifting height - anywhere from Stands, this closed steel bar rigidly 40¼ to 67 inches. Rear foot is extended to links stands together by sliding inside provide a more stable base. the tubing of the rear feet. Secured Dimensions with wingnuts. 39” between L: 24” W: 18.5” H: 76” stands. NOTE: Squat Stands must be pre-drilled. Dimensions L: 2” W: 59” H: 2” “The equipment is great, but one of the strongest selling points to me has been the customer service. I had previously done an equipment order at my last school with another company and the service was terrible, which is why I refused to buy from them again. Because of the strength of your equipment and your great service whenever I need to order more equipment you will be at the top of my list.” Garrett Keith, CSCS, Westminster Christian Academy Offensive Line/Head Strength and Conditioning Coach 21
  • 21. BODY WEIGHT EQUIPMENT UPPER BODY & CORE 3311 Core Spider Despite looking like an escapee from a 1950’s sci-fi flick, this is actually an extremely versatile device for core training. Wheels mounted at the base of the footplate assembly ease adjustment for different user heights. Loop handles facilitate mounting/dismounting and also serve as anchors for resistance tubes or bands. Fully welded construction features industrial strength pop pins, removable ball cradle, and a diamondplate footplate. All pop pin adjustable areas are chrome-plated to minimize wear. NEW: Optional ball retainer adds an additional level of safety in ball positioning. Dimensions L: 52” W: 38” H: 30” ship weight: 116lbs. alternate “hockey” footplate Balance ball sold separately. also available Shown with optional ball retainer. 3151 HORIZONTAL HYPER 3127 45 DEGREE HYPER 3160 OBLIQUE FLEXOR Thigh pads are slightly angled for comfort and Very large diamondplate footplate, fully Thick, V-shaped pads cradle your hips while proper body alignment. Promotes low-back welded construction and thoughtful details like the unmatched rigidity of a fully welded frame and hamstring involvement, which encourages wearguards on the top surface of the forward allows the user to concentrate on the task at proper lumbar extension. Adjustable leg rollers foot make this the best value in the industry. hand. Height adjustable. fit users of all sizes. Adjustable for height. Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions L: 49” W: 24” H: 49” L: 55” W: 30” H: 36” L: 55” W: 30” H: 36” 3146 DOUBLE DIP 3113 DIP/AB/PUSH-UP 3128 DIP/CHIN/PUSH-UP 3153 DIP/CHIN/AB/PUSH-UP We have added another side so Get in the top position for knee A single welded piece of 3-inch Fully welded 4-in-1 that features that two users can use the same lifts, move forward a little for tubing, the 3128 is your personal foam rubber grips and non-slip piece. Cost effective, space dips, drop to the floor for elevated tower of power. stepping surfaces. effective! push-ups. Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions L: 60” W: 25” H: 57” L: 52” W: 38” H: 64” L: 66” W: 47” H: 90” L: 70” W: 47” H: 90” 3161 AB CRUNCH 3176 SIT-UP & LADDER 3178 GRAVITY CRUNCH 3116 MINI SIT-UP Elevated knee position reduces Includes knee support and a leg This unique item provides varying Take sit-ups off the floor & onto lower back strain. Adjustable roller. This puts the emphasis levels of intensity by changing the thickly padded 3116. Side leg pads allow for femur length where it’s supposed to be. 5 levels the fulcrum point of the user’s handles for elevated push-ups. compensation. of elevation. leg lifts. Foam rubber coated grips. Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions L: 64” W: 20” H: 51” L: 97” W: 24” H: 52” L: 45” W: 32” H: 63” L: 42” W: 27” H: 30”22
  • 22. BODY WEIGHT EQUIPMENT Glute/Ham developers7006 Yessis Glute/Ham DeveloperCreated by world-renowned kinesiologist Dr. Michael Yessis and inventor of the original glute/ham developer, the 7006 can make a legitimate claim to being the most complete GHD everdesigned. Unique features include: • Lower angled handles for ease of dismount once fatigued and to provide clearance for barbell-on-shoulder exercises • Dimensions specifically designed to accommodate a wider variety of user heights and to facilitate 12 different posterior chain exercises • Peaked thigh pad design optimizes the proper axis of rotation and enables a greater range of motion throughout the exerciseThe good doctor himself says, “This will provide the most complete sport-specificabdominal and lower back development of any machine on the market.”Dimensions L: 79” W: 35” H: 49” ship weight: 305lbs. 3214 Pro Series Glute/Ham Developer It’s an over-used phrase, but a Glute/Ham Developer really is a necessity for every serious strength facility. Used correctly, these devices will provide a very intense workout for the posterior chain. Glutes and hamstrings are where an athlete generates his explosive power and acceleration, and yet the prevalence of hamstring injuries demonstrates how little these muscles are suitably trained. Luckily, Legend Fitness builds the most robust GHD on the market in their 3214. Extra wide padding, resistance band pegs, aluminum diamondplate, wear guards and only 4 frame bolts make sure this GHD is effective and built to last. Four linear bearings sliding on tandem hardened steel guide rods make adjustments between eight footplate positions a one-handed operation. Dimensions L: 82” W: 36” H: 53” ship weight: 398lbs. Optional solid pad also available3130 GLUTE/HAM DEVELOPER 3350 PARTNER GHD 7003 VARSITY GHDOur standard GHD is also the industry standard The most affordable posterior chain training Another economical solution for exercising thefor value and toughness. Adjustable for all body tool on the market. By substituting a partner core and posterior chain. Bolt-together designsizes and comes standard with a 180° rounded for the footplate, we have greatly reduced the makes shipping more affordable, but flangespad. A split thigh pad is optional. material cost but kept the essentials that give on the bolted joints keep things strong and the user a very intense workout. sturdy. Comes with a split thigh pad.Dimensions Dimensions DimensionsL: 69” W: 25” H: 47” L: 29” W: 23” H: 12” L: 63” W: 20” H: 47” Lower BODY Body Weight 3162 SISSY SQUAT Your legs won’t call this a Sissy Squat. Talk about a direct transmission of resistance to your legs! And with only your body weight! You’re held in place by foot rollers and a contoured pad that is adjustable for different tibia lengths. This ensures optimum positioning and user comfort. The frame is all welded from 3” square tubing. The name may be an oxymoron but the results aren’t. Dimensions L: 36” W: 24” H: 19” 23
  • 23. PLATE-LOADED EQUIPMENT upper body 3229 Pro Series Incline Lever Row Lat work is everything it’s supposed to be with the Incline Lever Row. This simple design drastically reduces low-back strain and lets your lats do the work instead. Multi-position hand grips add variety and round out your training. Being a Pro Series item, the 3229 has been upgraded from the 3110 with adjustable, individual footplates for maximum comfort. Main frame is fully welded for maximum durability and rigidity. Footplates are wheeled for quick adjustments between users. Dimensions L: 86” W: 40” H: 50” ship weight: 302lbs. 3110 INCLINE LEVER ROW Reduces low-back strain and isolates the lats. Multi-grip handles. Large diamondplate foot platform. Dimensions L: 77” W: 30” H: 50” 3260 T-BAR ROW 3136 LAT/LOW ROW 3140 DESTROYER A very complete back exercise that forces use of the 2-in-1 tool for massive back Where powerful linemen are core to stabilize the upper body while performing gravity- development. Fully welded. born. For ground-based thrusting resisted rows from lower-than-floor level. With weight Exchange one snap link for exercises that build upper body storage tree. another to move from deep and trunk strength for gridiron reaching floor rows to pulldowns. combat. Chrome weight pegs. Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions L: 72” W: 57” H: 34” L: 79” W: 28” H: 91” L: 63” W: 80” H: 84” standard Wide Grip & Vee Grip Handles (product numbers 3220W & 3220V) 3124 SMITH MACHINE 3165 TRAP SHRUGGER 3220 WESTSIDE BARBELL GRAPPLER Featuring a 25 lb. counterbalanced Olympic Give your traps the focused burn that they need The Grappler is the perfect piece of equipment bar on a 5° path of motion. Linear bearings without letting the workout turn into a series of to build shoulder, upper back, and upper keep things running smoothly, and the ABS- squats. Load it up and shrug it out. body strength. Bar sold separately. Comes covered safety pegs are a flip of the wrist standard with both wide grip and narrow vee away. Features 6 chrome storage pegs and grip handles. removeable side panels. Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions L: 24” W: 18” H: 6” L: 55” W: 85” H: 92” L: 24” W: 52” H: 24”24
  • 24. PLATE-LOADED EQUIPMENT lower body3308 Unilateral Angle Leg PressGreat for balancing the strength in your legs, rehabilitating one leg at a time, or for doingthe running man during your workout. An easy-to-use locking mechanism liberates thediamondplate foot platforms from one another or locks them together. Band hooks onthe backside allow more technique options than ever before. Recently revised to featureweight pegs on the foot carriages that are easier to load (no more pinched fingers!) anda new seat design that makes it easier to step into and out of the machine. Adjustablecarriage stops allow users to adjust the range of motion while keeping things safe.Dimensions L: 102” W: 51” H: 67” ship weight: 710lbs.3122 ANGLE LEG PRESS 3123 HACK SQUAT 3224 LEG PRESS/HACK SQUATBehold a fully welded mammoth frame, with Again, a large yet fully welded frame for more Gives you the choice between two leg burninglinear bearings and case-hardened alloy steel rigidity than the competition. Linear bearings exercises within the floor space of oneshafts. Chrome weight pegs, a pop pin- roll on case-hardened alloy shafts for years of machine. Switching between the two is aadjustable seat back, carriage weight horns smooth operation. Chrome weight storage and simple matter of removing the footplate andare slightly angled to secure the load. Features angled load pegs eliminate the need for clips. seat back of the Angle Press to use the Hacka huge chrome-plated diamondplate footplate Squat, or vice versa.area and calf raise plate.Dimensions Dimensions DimensionsL: 89” W: 67” H: 57” L: 83” W: 59” H: 59” L: 89” W: 67” H: 59”3119 SEATED CALF 3152 STANDING CALF 3135 LEG EXTENSION/CURLA must for building and strengthening those Features an angled footplate that maintains The backrest adjusts to an upright position forstubborn calf muscles. Behind the heavy foot placement and maximum stretch. Height extensions and then drops to a decline angleconstruction is an efficient and fluid design adjustable. The load lever pivots on a machined that promotes proper body alignment for curls.that helps you break through your training housing w/ low-to-ground loading points over Strategically placed handles keep you lockedobstacles. chrome-plated Olympic pegs. into place.Dimensions Dimensions DimensionsL: 52” W: 25” H: 41” L: 53” W: 26” H: 75” L: 67” W: 24” H: 42”3175 STANDING LEG CURL 3129 SQUAT MACHINESelf-adjusting roller pad and offset Perform squats safely and securely on horizontalpivot accommodate a wide range of or angled foot platforms. Reduce the weightuser heights. The hip pad and rubber and do leaps to build explosive power. Slide thehand grips keep you stabilized while the Calf Blaster over the platform and tippy toe yoursingle-leg training enhances the focus way to stronger sprints. Now with new horizontalon your hamstrings. A large, checker weight pegs and new transverse handlesfoot platform and the big steel frame mounted outside the shoulder padding. Slidingprovide a rigid piece of equipment. pegs allow for three different starting heights.Dimensions DimensionsL: 25” W: 30” H: 44” L: 75” W: 29” H: 65” 25
  • 25. PLATE-LOADED EQUIPMENT 6001 Shoulder Press The first member of our ground breaking plate-loaded LeverEDGE line, the ergonomics on this piece were thoroughly researched. Built to last with beefy pillow block bearings that are smooth, tough and yet easy to replace. The seat is constructed from 32oz top stitched vinyl over high quality, dense foam. Features include: • Integrated weight storage for 45lb, 35lb, 25lb, and 10lb plates • Chrome-plated weight storage and loading pegs • Seat adjustable for height and angle • 3-position handle grips - inside, wide and neutral Dimensions L: 49” W: 61” H: 53” ship weight: 308lbs. 6002 Incline chest press Designed to be biomechanically correct, with features that maximize versatility. More rigid and compact than the competition, but will break down to fit through a standard 36-inch door. Sturdy pillow block bearings are smooth, extra durable and easy to replace should the need arise. Compact footprint helps make the most out of any floor plan. Features include: • Integrated weight storage for 45lb, 35lb, 25lb, and 10lb plates • chrome-plated weight storage and loading pegs • Seat adjustable for height and angle • 3-position handle grips - inside, wide and neutral • Extra long loading pegs will each hold 7+ plates • Variable starting position with easy-to-adjust spring loaded lever stops Dimensions L: 64” W: 63” H: 54” ship weight: 333lbs. 6003 Flat Chest Press Another star member of our premier plate-loaded LeverEDGE line. Designed to offer more value, features and results than the competition. Two-tone paint, top stitch 32oz upholstery and with minimal assembly. Smooth and strong pillow block bearings are extra durable but easy to replace. Features include: • Integrated weight storage for 45lb, 35lb, 25lb, and 10lb plates • chrome-plated weight storage and loading pegs • 3-position handle grips - inside, wide and neutral • Extra long loading pegs will each hold 7+ plates • Variable starting position with easy-to-adjust spring loaded lever stops • Bench height is tournament compatible for powerlifters-in-training Dimensions L: 70” W: 61” H: 46” ship weight: 301lbs. 6004 Seated vertical Row The world’s best way to blast your back and arms without a spotter but within a small footprint. Unilateral design keeps a strong arm from compensating for a weak arm and the adjustable pads, multiple grips and multiple footing options keep the body mechanics honest for a variety of body types. The frame is divided into 4 only pieces to retain the ultimate in rigidity yet fit through a 36-inch wide single door. Features include: • 4 integrated weight storage pegs • chrome-plated pegs • 4-position handle grips - high, low, wide and neutral • 2-position chrome-plated foot pegs • Extra long loading pegs will each hold 7+ plates • Seat and chest pad are adjustable for height and reach Dimensions L: 53.5” W: 70” H: 51” ship weight: 381lbs. 6005 Lat Pulldown Looking like a menacing praying mantis that wants to give you massive lats, the 6005 is the largest member of our otherwise compact LeverEDGE line. Precisely positioned leverage arms hover above comprehensive plate storage and a wide pair of thigh rollers are prepared to hold you in place. Features include: • Integrated weight storage for 45lb, 35lb, 25lb, and 10lb plates • Chrome-plated weight storage and loading pegs • 3-position handle grips - inside, high and rotating low • Seat and thigh pads are adjustable for height Dimensions L: 81” W: 59” H: 73” ship weight:402lbs.26
  • 26. PLATE-LOADED EQUIPMENT 6006 vertical wide chest press Get all the benefits of a converging chest press but in a smaller footprint. No need for a spotter to get a thorough chest workout, just step aboard and admire the smooth action of the heavy duty pillow block bearings and the carefully engineered ergonomics. It’s a CAD-developed Throne of Power! Features include: • chrome-plated loading pegs • Extra long loading pegs will each hold 7+ plates • Aluminum diamondplate foot platform • Seat adjustable for height & angle • Inward-facing loading pegs minimize footprint Dimensions L: 64” W: 67” H: 32.5” ship weight: 368lbs. 6007 seated bicep curl The perfect plate-loaded bicep machine. The defining feature of this piece is the complete absence of cams or cables in the articulation of the exercise. This means there is a direct transfer of energy during the lifting motion. It also means that there is increased durability and reduced maintenance costs over the life of the machine. Rotating handles reduce strain on wrists and forearms. Features include: • 2-position rotating handles for less strain on wrists and forearms • Extra long loading pegs will each hold 7+ plates • no cams or cables for direct energy transfer & minimal maintenance • Seat adjustable for height • unilateral lever action Dimensions L: 44” W: 67” H: 43” ship weight: 340lbs. 6008 trap shrug/lunge/deadlift One of the most unique and versatile members of the entire LeverEDGE line, the 6008 provides a variety of exercises for both upper and lower body, such as trap shrugs, lunges, split lunges, deadlifts and one- legged squat lunges. Features include: • 4 integrated weight storage pegs • Chrome-plated weight storage and loading pegs • Dual handles for narrow and wide grip positioning • Handles are adjustable for angle to accommodate inward- and outward-facing exercises • Extra long loading pegs will each hold 7+ plates • Thickly padded ankle rollers for squat lunges are adjustable for length Dimensions L: 64” W: 67” H: 32.5” ship weight: 296lbs. 6009 High Row The world’s best way to blast your back and arms without a spotter but within a small footprint. Unilateral design keeps a strong arm from compensating for a weak arm and the adjustable pads, multiple grips and multiple footing options keep the body mechanics honest for a variety of body types. The frame is divided into 4 only pieces to retain the ultimate in rigidity yet fit through a 36-inch wide single door. Features include: • 4 integrated weight storage pegs • chrome-plated pegs • 4-position handle grips - high, low, wide and neutral • 2-position chrome-plated foot pegs • Extra long loading pegs will each hold 7+ plates • Seat and chest pad are adjustable for height and reach Dimensions L: 91” W: 67” H: 89” ship weight: 528lbs. 6011 Leg Extension/Leg curl NEW! In contrast to the usual leg extension/leg curl, the LeverEDGE 6011 forces each leg to fend for itself by being unilateral, promoting equal muscle development in each leg. Also, like all other members of the LeverEDGE family, a priority was placed on making certain that all meaningful fitment dimensions are extremely adjustable, with chrome-plated adjustment surfaces. Robust pillow bearings are as smooth as they are tough, the generous seating area is as durable as it is comfortable, and it all is built on a robust frame of 11 gauge steel. Features include: • Angled, chrome-plated weight loading pegs • Fully independent leg actuatuon • Seat back, seat angle & leg rollers are extremely adjustable for angle and reach Dimensions L: 65” W: 75” H: 48” ship weight:305lbs. 27
  • 27. PLATE-LOADED EQUIPMENT Westside barbell NEW! 3211 WESTSIDE BARBELL Bent Pendulum Reverse Hyper The top-of-the-line when it comes to the extensive Westside Barbell suite of unique Reverse Hypers. By bending the weighted pendulum rearward, Louie sought to provide more eccentric momentum on the return stroke, providing a greater stretching effect for the lower back, glutes and hamstrings of the user. This emphasizes the rehabilitative properties of the Reverse Hypers by allowing more stretching of the posterior chain muscles and more lubrication of the lumbar discs than ever before. Since the center of gravity was extended behind the machine, a second set of handles catch the pendulum and hold it in a position to facilitate ingress/ egress from the machine. The chassis and the tilting platform are the same as on the 3234 Tilt Reverse Hyper, so the user gets the benefit of being able to address the posterior chain group of muscles at different angles, placing emphasis in specific areas for precisely targeted strength/rehab benefits. Dimensions L: 62” W: 46” H: 46” ship weight: 364lbs. 3212 WESTSIDE BARBELL 3213 WESTSIDE BARBELL 3234 WESTSIDE BARBELL REVERSE HYPER PRO REVERSE HYPER ULTRA TILT REVERSE HYPER Offering the same great strengthening and The genuine plate-loaded masterpiece, this This is the top-of-the-line model featuring rehabilitating properties as the rest of the is a must for every serious sports training an adjustable tilt table that accentuates Reverse Hyper lineup, but with the web strap facility. This piece will develop your low back, stretch and decompression or erector & only. A welded frame, a thick pad and two hips and glute area unlike any other. Like the glute stimulation. Supplied w/ foot cradle handle grips round out the features of this 3234, this model features a foot cradle with and web strap. revolutionary posterior chain developer. thickly padded ankle rollers. Dimensions L: 52” W: 40” H: 43” Dimensions L: 52” W: 40” H: 43” Dimensions L: 56” W: 46” H: 46” 3208 WESTSIDE BARBELL DUAL PENDULUM REVERSE HYPER Built using the same chassis as the revolutionary Tilt Reverse Hyper, the 3208 takes the strength mission a step further with dual pendulums that NEW! can be locked together or left independent for the world’s only unilateral reverse hyperextension exercise. Robust construction means it will last forever, and a very large table area that tilts means that even linemen can independently develop posterior chain strength at different angles to focus on different muscle groups. Dimensions L: 56” W: 46” H: 46”28
  • 28. PLATE-LOADED EQUIPMENT Westside barbell NEW!3304 WESTSIDE BARBELLPerformance Seriesinverse curl machineInverse leg curls are critical in placing focused effort on the hamstrings, a notoriouslyunderworked muscle - even among athletes. The problem with inverse leg curls is thatthey are really hard to do, especially for the novice or those with large upper bodies.Enter the latest stroke of genius from Louie Simmons, the Inverse Curl Machine. Byusing an extremely adjustable counterweight system, the user can be gradually assistedin developing the hamstrings by varying the amount of assist weight and by adjustingthe starting angle of the padded lever arm.Dimensions L: 76” W: 58” H: 63”ship weight: 355lbs.Chrome-plated cam plate Extra large, thick knee pad Fully upholstered foot andand pop pin adjusts starting for comfortable use by users ankle pads with a fully weldedposition to one of 27 angles. of all sizes. diamond plate footplate. NEW! 3303 WESTSIDE BARBELL PRO SERIES INVERSE CURL MACHINE This machine concentrates effort on one of the most difficult-to- train muscle groups and does it in a manner that grows with the user’s abilities, even if they are injured. A height-adjustable chest roller supports the upper body and forces the hamstrings to be the primary source of motion. The amount of assistance on the return to the upright position is varied by the amount of weight loaded as a counterweight and by adjusting the starting position of the support arm. Features that separate the Pro Series Inverse Curl from the value-oriented Performance Series Inverse Curl: 1) Larger footplate to accommodate a greater range of user statures and foot stances 2) Additional guide rod and linear bearings for extra smooth footplate adjustments 3) Integrated weight storage with for chrome-plated Olympic-size weight pegs Dimensions L: 76” W: 70” H: 63” Extra large aluminum Smooth footplate adjustment Four chrome-plated Olympic diamond plate footplate. via linear bearings on a solid size pegs keep plates nearby. 1-inch guide rod. “We have worked with Legend Fitness for a few years now and I can say that it is a treat to be able to call and get a pleasant voice on the phone no matter what time of day. Someone is there to take care of us. We are very pleased with the quality of the products that they produce for us, so much that I ask to be considered a dealer for all their equipment because I know I can be proud to show them to my customers and clients. We have many visitors to our gym, and they get to see the real powerlifters and football players that Lou trains put these pieces through the test of ruggedness.” Louie Simmons Westside Barbell
  • 29. PLATE-LOADED EQUIPMENT Westside barbell3305 westside barbellPro SeriesHip & Quad developer NEW!The latest strength building invention from powerlifting guru Louie Simmons, theHip & Quad Developer works much the same way as the Inverse Curl, but for the anterior of thelegs rather than the posterior, focusing on building the quadriceps and the hip flexors. The user toemploys weight ballast and variable starting positions to determine how much assistance they wantand through what portion of the repetition in performing sissy squats. Safer and more versatilethan a typical leg extension machine, especially at higher weights, this device usesconstant tension in the eccentric and concentric phases of the repetition to build crazyquads, hip flexors and core, while being flexible enough to allow hurt athletes to build legsback from injury.This Pro Series model differs from the 3306 (see below) in that it offers chrome-platedOlympic peg weight storage. Legend Fitness is the exclusive manufacturer and thisdesign is patent protected.Dimensions L: 72” W: 69” H: 64”ship weight: 396lbs. NEW! 3306 WESTSIDE BARBELL PERFORMANCE SERIES HIP & QUAD DEVELOPER Exercises that specifcally build the quariceps have typically been the domain of the ubiquitous leg extension machine. Unfortunately, those machines can be hard on the knees at higher weights and they only offer one exercise. A brilliant alternative is the latest Westside Barbell development, the Hip & Quad Developer. You can use it like any other sissy squat device, or you can use weight plates for counterbalancing assistance. Ideal for developing quads, hip flexors and core, even among injured athletes. The 3305 and 3306 are the only variable effort sissy squat devices in the world, and they are patent protected. Features include 17 starting positions for the padded and upholstered lever arm, a generously cushioned calf pad, aluminum diamond plate footplate, and chrome plating in all the places that matter. Five foot frame design is stable and uses only three bolts for the ultimate in rigidity. Dimensions L: 72” W: 58” H: 64”More Westside Barbell Originals3217 BELT SQUAT MACHINE 3218 PLYO SWINGA real Louie original, this ground- The Plyo Swing is tremendous forbreaking machine allows a person to building take-off and landings.get a full squat workout without putting By adding weight, it changesa bar on your back. The wide deck plate mass and by adding bands,offers plenty of platform space for it changes velocity for over-safety and stability in every phase of the speed eccentrics. This pieceexercise. The Belt Squat Machine will is tremendous for explosiveallow everything from a close, athletic strength.stance to a sumo stance. Add to thissplit squat stances, staggered stances,box squats, even stationary lunges!Dimensions DimensionsL: 84” W: 47” H: 68” L: 102” W: 54” H: 72”
  • 30. Speed & Strength tools 3231 performance Plyo Cushions Constructed from a very firm, dense foam and upholstered in a heavy duty tarp material. Offered as three pieces of varying heights, they can be mixed and matched to provide seven height options, from 6 to 42 inches. Enormous Velcro tabs around the edges secure the segments to one another. Since they “give” more than welded steel plyo boxes, they encourage greater participation from stabilization muscles, and since they aren’t made from shin scraping steel, the user is encouraged to dig deeper and attempt higher jumps, resulting in greater gains. Dimensions L: 36” W: 36” H: 42” ship weight: 145lbs. 3206 ADVANCED 3310 ADJUSTABLE 3219 WESTSIDE BARBELL 3134 PLYO BOXES PLYO BOXES STEP-UP BOX PULLING SLED Five boxes: 12” 18” 24” 30” 36”. Expanded set of six boxes: For weighted plyometrics or The pulling sled designed by Louie A non-slip top and all-welded 12” 18” 24” 30” 36” 42”. Fully box squats. Fully welded. Steel Simmons. Fully welded with a construction. Boxes also sold welded with thick rubber top for platform tray w/ thick rubber centrally located Olympic weight individually. sure landings. surface. Adjusts in from 9”-24” peg. Supplied with a web leash. Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions L: 35” W: 35” H: 36” L: 35” W: 35” H: 42” L: 37” W: 36” H: 26” L: 23” W: 12” H: 16”3262 Pro series Push/Pullpower SledThere’s no sled in this weight class (roughly 83lbs. empty) that can carry as much weight asthe Pro Series Push/Pull Power Sled, and the multiple strap attachment points and handleoptions make this the most versatile sled on the market, too - at a price that beats thecompetition. Tall, chrome-plated rods are removable and serve a dual purpose - an extra set ofpush handles, or an extra set of Olympic size weight pegs. Can also be loaded with kettlebells.Dimensions L: 40” W: 33” H: 36” ship weight: 160lbs.3400 Modular Push/Pull SledDesigned to be the most versatile and value-packed sled on the market. Build stronger linemenand more explosive runners with this multi-faceted device! Three tiers of pushing handles allowthe user to work on power and core strength in three different stances. Attach a belt orhandles to the eyelets on the front for running, lunging & upper body exercises. Then, linkup to seven of them together to get an entire defensive line ready for the season opener!Two Olympic chrome-plated weight pegs center the weight and keep things from shifting.Dimensions L: 72” W: 34” H: 54” ship weight: 164lbs. 31
  • 31. STORAGE SOLUTIONS Dumbbell & kettlebell storage 3239 Four-Tier Hex Head Dumbbell Rack Just in case you need to get every hex head dumbbell in your county off the floor, we have built the mother of all racks. Four tiers of powder coated 11 gauge goodness that can hold 20 pairs of dumbbells and still be as solid as a rock. Fully welded with ABS lined trays. Newly revised with a lower overall height for easier top tier access! Dimensions L: 24” W: 86” H: 55” ship weight: 476lbs. Hex Head Dumbbell Racks 3170 SIX PAIR HEX HEAD 3118 TEN PAIR HEX HEAD 3168 THREE-TIER HEX HEAD DUMBBELL RACK DUMBBELL RACK DUMBBELL RACK Like all Legend dumbbell racks, the 3170 is Nothing but more 3x3 inch fully welded Will comfortably handle five 90lb dumbbells in fully welded, so there are no bolts that will strength, supplemented by tough ABS wear five lb. increments. Fully welded 3x3 inch with loosen, no assembly, but the ultimate in rigidity guards and a beautifully applied powder coat ABS lined trays. Newly revised with a lower and strength. Durable ABS lined trays protect finish. A much-needed staple for any free overall height for easier top tier access! the powder coat finish. weight area. Dimensions L: 24” W: 46” H: 29” Dimensions L: 24” W: 86” H: 29” Dimensions L: 25” W: 86” H: 38.5” Pro Style Dumbbell Racks 3190 SIX PAIR PRO STYLE 3169 TEN PAIR PRO STYLE 3191 THREE-TIER PRO STYLE DUMBBELL RACK DUMBBELL RACK DUMBBELL RACK 6-pair dumbbell rack with individual cradles One solid piece of 3x3 inch steel to confidently Get up to 15 pairs of round-headed dumbbells for round-headed dumbbells. Excellent size for bear the load of ten round-headed pro style off the floor and onto this large rack. Individual tucking into a corner or for keeping the water dumbbells. Individual cradles keep things in rubber cradles keep things safe and orderly. fountain company. Fully welded assembly. No place and protect the powder coat finish. Newly revised with a lower overall height for bolts. No weaknesses. easier top tier access! Dimensions L: 24” W: 61” H: 29” Dimensions L: 24” W: 96.5” H: 32” Dimensions L: 24” W: 96.5” H: 50” Kettlebell Racks 3245 LONG KETTLEBELL RACK 3257 SHORT KETTLEBELL RACK When you’re done torturing your body Stop tucking your kettlebells with the bells, you can park them here. underneath your dumbbell racks. Fully welded construction has no bolts Get them up off the floor and to come loose and the 3-inch tubing onto a fully welded frame with provides the solid stability you need in a rubber sheet-lined trays. storage rack. Lined with rubber sheeting, the trays on this rack are ready to take a pounding. Dimensions Dimensions L: 24” W: 86” H: 32” L: 24” W: 46” H: 29”32
  • 32. STORAGE SOLUTIONS Barbell & Plate storageBarbell Storage 3137 OLYMPIC BAR HOLDER Store six Olympic bars upright in an 18” x 22” footprint. Maximum storage in a minimized footprint. Dimensions L: 22” W: 18” H: 11” 3174 FIVE BARBELL RACK 3149 TEN BARBELL RACK Need a five bar barbell rack and can’t find 3x3 inch tubing welded into a single piece with it anywhere? Look no more. This is a great frame-welded pegs for the ultimate in rigidity solution to conserve space and rack those and a minimum in setup or maintenance. Ac- overflow bars. Fully welded with durable commodates 10 barbells, with frame and peg wearguards on the frame uprights. polymer wearguards. Dimensions Dimensions L: 30” W: 24” H: 62” L: 43” W: 29” H: 57”Plates & Accessory Storage3112 PLATEHOLDER 3126 A-FRAME 3193 OLYMPIC PEG 3173 PLATEHOLDER/Six hundred pounds of Olympic PLATEHOLDER PLATEHOLDER ORGANIZERplates can be kept off the floor Fully welded yet economical way Our 3112 Plateholder, but with Organize your plates and barsand stored in an 18x18 inch to get plates off the floor and five chrome Olympic pegs. Fully on one convenient rack. Smallfootprint. Chip-resistant finish. onto six pegs inside a 33x18 inch welded with a tiny 18x18 inch footprint, maximum storage footprint. Chip-resistant finish. footprint. Chip-resistant finish. potential! Chip-resistant finish.Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions L: 18” W: 18” H: 44” L: 33” W: 18” H: 39” L: 18” W: 18” H: 42” L: 28” W: 26” H: 42”3313 MULTI STORAGE RACK 3163 HORIZONTAL BUMPER RACK 3159 ACCESSORY RACKA fully welded mix of a horizontal bumper plate A portable solution to your plate storage needs. Gather all of your training attachments andrack underneath a rubber-lined kettlebell rack, This rack will hold eight 45 lb. bumper plates store them in one convenient location. Fullywith chrome-plated Olympic plate storage, in place as it is moved from station to station. welded with ABS wearguards and UMHW pegOlympic bar holders and a chalk bowl on Also available with wider spacing as model surrounds. Foam rubber-lined top tray. Availablethe end. Available in all our standard colors. 3163-W. Chip-resistant Silver Vein finish. in all our standard colors.Weights, kettlebells, ball sold separately. Dimensions DimensionsDimensions L: 23” W: 67” H: 41” L: 55” W: 11” H: 11” L: 42” W: 16” H: 59” 33
  • 33. PIN SELECT EQUIPMENT UPPER BODY 906 seated row If you’re in need of a stand-alone pin select back blaster, look no further than the 906 Seated Row. Like most Legend items, the frame is fully welded, so there’s no assembly, less maintenance, and all the rigidity in the world. • Wearguard-protected handle plate • Extended-length, top-stitched seat accommodates a wide variety of user heights • Thick, chrome-plated foot pegs are elevated to maximize leverage • Weight stack upgrades available • Smooth pulley action Get ready for your next lat spread posedown! Dimensions L: 97” W: 29” H: 89” ship weight: 630lbs. Weight Stacks Standard: 200lb Optional: 250lb, 300lb900 CHEST PRESS 901 PEC DECK 902 SHOULDER PRESS 903 LEVER LAT PULLDOWNDimensions L: 54” W: 52” H: 64” Dimensions L: 57” W: 42” H: 76” Dimensions L: 67” W: 52” H: 64” Dimensions L: 71” W: 50” H: 74”Weight Stack Standard 200lb Weight Stack Standard 150lb Weight Stack Standard 200lb Weight Stack Standard 200lb Optional 250lb, 300lb Optional 200lb, 250lb, 300lb Optional 250lb, 300lb Optional 250lb, 300lb 904 VERTICAL ROW 905 LAT PULLDOWN 908 BICEP CURL Dimensions L: 59” W: 44” H: 64” Dimensions L: 58” W: 29” H: 90” Dimensions L: 46” W: 40” H: 64” Weight Stack Standard 200lb Weight Stack Standard 200lb Weight Stack Standard 150lb Optional 250lb, 300lb Optional 250lb, 300lb Optional 200lb, 250lb, 300lb34
  • 34. PIN SELECT EQUIPMENT Upper body 943 neck machine An excellent training solution for the overlooked muscle groups of the neck that can mean the difference between a bad injury or an uncomfortable moment. The dual rotating head piece is the difference. While being deceivingly simple, the movement keeps your head in a comfortable position throughout the full range. The steel weight stack features 5-lb. increments. Work the neck muscles from four different directions. With an adjustable seat and four handgrips, you’ll always be in the correct position. It is well padded and you can change the weight from the exercise position. • Fully welded construction for maximum rigidity, minimal maintenance and no assembly • Solid steel cam and aircraft-quality cable for smooth operation • Four different positions to hit different muscle groups • Top-stitched, densely padded seat is adjustable for different user heights • Weight stack upgrade available Dimensions L: 50” W: 30” H: 55” ship weight: 394lbs. Weight Stacks Standard: 75lb Optional: 100lb 2008 Model Pictured910 TRICEP EXTENSION 952 ADJUSTABLE 962 LATERAL RAISE 966 STANDING BICEP CABLE COLUMNDimensions L: 37” W: 34” H: 64” Dimensions L: 37” W: 45” H: 90” Dimensions L: 43” W: 28” H: 48” Dimensions L: 34” W: 39” H: 78”Weight Stack Standard 150lb Weight Stack Standard 150lb Weight Stack Standard 150lb Weight Stack Standard 150lb Optional 200lb, 250lb, 300lb Optional 200lb, 250lb Optional 200lb Optional 200lb, 250lb 2008 Model Pictured967 STANDING TRICEP 972 LYING CHEST PRESS 990 UNILATERAL 991 UNILATERAL SHOULDER PRESS CHEST PRESSDimensions L: 34” W: 39” H: 88” Dimensions L: 83” W: 46” H: 68” Dimensions L: 55” W: 42” H: 74” Dimensions L: 50” W: 39” H: 64”Weight Stack Standard 150lb Weight Stack Standard 200lb Weight Stack Standard 200lb Weight Stack Standard 200lb Optional 200lb, 250lb Optional 250lb, 300lb Optional 250lb, 300lb Optional 250lb, 300lb 35
  • 35. PIN SELECT EQUIPMENT lower body & core 912 Leg Curl The Leg Curl possesses all the features that make Legend Fitness Pin Select equipment the most durable and value-laden choice in the marketplace. Fully welded frames mean there is no assembly, less maintenance and extreme rigidity. Aircraft quality cables and thoughtful design result in uncommon durability. New features for 2010 include taller frames to better accommodate weight stack upgrades and metal stack shrouds. Dimensions L: 60” W: 35” H: 64” ship weight: 478lbs. Weight Stack Standard: 150lb Optional: 200lb, 250lb, 300lb907 LOW BACK 911 LEG EXTENSION 914 SUPINE LEG PRESS 915 STANDING CALFDimensions L: 43” W: 33” H: 64” Dimensions L: 53” W: 36” H: 74” Dimensions L: 77” W: 44” H: 72” Dimensions L: 53” W: 26” H: 78”Weight Stack Standard 300lb Weight Stack Standard 200lb Weight Stack Standard 300lb Weight Stack Standard 300lb Optional 400lb Optional 250lb, 300lb Optional 400lb Optional 400lb916 TOTAL HIP COMBO 931 SEATED LEG PRESS 941 AB CRUNCH 947 GLUTE PRESSDimensions L: 55” W: 27” H: 70” Dimensions L: 73” W: 43” H: 73” Dimensions L: 54” W: 37” H: 64” Dimensions L: 44” W: 36” H: 64”Weight Stack Standard 150lb Weight Stack Standard 300lb Weight Stack Standard 150lb Weight Stack Standard 150lb Optional 200lb, 250lb Optional 400lb Optional 200lb, 250lb, 300lb Optional 200lb, 250lb949 INNER THIGH 950 OUTER THIGH 956 SEATED LEG CURL 970 STANDINGDimensions L: 50” W: 60” H: 64” Dimensions L: 50” W: 60” H: 64” Dimensions L: 55” W: 36” H: 64” LEG CURLWeight Stack Standard 100lb Weight Stack Standard 100lb Weight Stack Standard 150lb Dimensions L: 46” W: 30” H: 73” Optional 200lb, 250lb Weight Stack Standard 150lb36
  • 36. PIN SELECT EQUIPMENT multi stack953 Functional TrainerVersatile doesn’t even begin to sum up this outstanding training tool. Two height-adjustable swiveling pulleys on chrome-plated adjustment columns with laser cut numbersmake setup from one exercise to the next a cinch. Dual weight stacks accommodateeither single use or two simultaneous users. A small footprint and dual-position chinstation complete the features that make the Functional Trainer one of the mostmultifaceted devices in our lineup.Dimensions L: 58” W: 66” H: 93” ship weight: 760lbs.Weight Stacks Standard: 150lb Optional: 200lb, 250lb919 CABLE CROSSOVER 954 CABLE CROSSOVER W/ ADJUSTABLE PULLEYSWith two 150-lb. steel weight stacks and upper and lower 180° swivel The pulleys adjust from the ground to the ceiling in three-inch incrementspulleys allow you to pull from high or low without making adjustments. and works over a chrome-plated adjustment tube with laser etched num-Chrome-plated handles, a dual-position chin station and a ballet bar bers. Features two 23 position chrome adjustment columns, 4”x 2” tubingcomplete the features. and a dual position pull-up bar.NOTE: This machine features 2:1 reduction, meaning that any selected NOTE: This machine features 2:1 reduction, meaning that any selectedweight will feel lighter by half due to an additional pulley between the user weight will feel lighter by half due to an additional pulley between the userand the weight stack. and the weight stack.Dimensions L: 136” W: 32” H: 93” Dimensions L: 32” W: 138” H: 90”Weight Stacks 150lb Opt. 200lb, 250lb Weight Stacks 150lb Opt. 200lb, 250lb 37
  • 37. PIN SELECT EQUIPMENT MULTI STACK 965 Combo jungle Almost a complete gym in itself, featuring six, count ‘em, six workout stations. This monster basically combines four of the machines from the facing page and combines them with a cable crossover to provide a piece of equipment that you can build an entire gym around. Here’s a rundown of the different stations: Cable Crossover: For a variety of ground-based upper body exercises. Two 150lb weight stacks. Multi Press Combo: A two-way bench w/ a multi-angle bar for flat/incline bench presses. 200lb weight stack. Leg Extension/Curl Combo: A quad and hammy burning station. 200lb weight stack. Lat Pulldown/Row Combo: Exchanging one snap link for another is all it takes to switch between two excellent back exercises. 200lb weight stack. Bicep/Tricep Combo: Smooth pulley action both above and below. 150lb weight stack. Multi Grip Pull-Up Bar: At least three different grip positions and a handy anchor point for bands/ suspension systems. Weight stack: how much do you weigh? All weight stacks can be upgraded by 50 or 100lbs. NOTE: The Cable Crossover and Bicep/Tricep Combo feature 2:1 reduction, meaning that any selected weight will feel lighter by half due to an additional pulley between the user and the weight stack. Dimensions L: 158” W: 158” H: 91” ship weight: 2847lbs. Weight Stacks See Above 958 FOUR STACK JUNGLE The premier training tool where conserving space is important, featuring: 200lb. stack Multi-Press 150lb. stack Bicep/Tricep Combo 200lb. stack Leg Extension/Leg Curl 200lb. stack Lat Row/Lat Pulldown Dimensions L: 144” W: 115” H: 90” Weight Stacks 50lb, 100lb upgrades opt. 959 EIGHT STACK JUNGLE This is a training mecca all by itself: Adj. Cable Crossover - two 150lb. stacks Two Lat Pulldowns - 200lb. weight stacks Two Seated Rows - 200lb. weight stacks Two Tricep Stations - 150lb. weight stacks Pull-up Bar - how much do you weigh? Dimensions L: 142” W: 207” H: 91” Weight Stacks 50lb, 100lb upgrades opt. 960 CABLE CROSSOVER PLUS Much like the 954, but with a seated row station and a lat pulldown station. Throw in a pull-up bar and five people can train at the same time, making this a facility centerpiece. Dimensions L: 113” W: 153” H: 93” Weight Stacks Crossover: 150lb Row & Pulldown: 200lb Upgrades: 50lb, 100lb38
  • 38. PIN SELECT EQUIPMENT COMBO STATIONS3228 Pro Series Seated Lat/Floor RowWith a larger weight stack of 300lbs. in 10lb. increments, a sophisticated design andheavy duty construction, this combo machine is one of only two pin select devices that wehave certified for Pro Series classification. Straddle the seat for extra heavy pulldowns, orbrace yourself against the footrests for crushing floor rows.DimensionsL: 66” W: 69” H: 96” ship weight: 842lbs.918 LEG EXTENSION/ 964 INNER/OUTER THIGH 957 LOW BACK/AB 942 REAR DELT/PEC FLYLEG CURLDimensions Dimensions Dimensions DimensionsL: 48” W: 36” H: 64” L: 50” W: 60” H: 64” L: 53” W: 34” H: 64” L: 36” W: 55” H: 75”933 DIP ASSIST/ 946 STANDING 951 HI/LO PULLEY 963 MULTI-PRESSPULL-UP ASSIST BICEP/TRICEPDimensions Dimensions Dimensions DimensionsL: 60” W: 39” H: 85” L: 34” W: 39” H: 88” L: 37” W: 45” H: 93” L: 80” W: 50” H: 64” Lat Pulldown Configuration945 LAT PULLDOWN/ 971 PRO SERIES LAT PULLDOWN/LOW ROW LOW ROWDimensions Low RowL: 88” W: 48” H: 90” Dimensions Configuration L: 100” W: 29” H: 96” 39
  • 39. Product Specifications Frame Materials: All equipment is CAD drawn and machined to a minimum tolerance of +/- .030. Construction is primarily of 3” x 3” 11ga. square tubing, or 4” x 2” and 3” x 2” 11ga. rectangular tubing. Frame Finish: Each piece of equipment is prepared both mechanically and chemically for powder-coating. This is an engineered powder that is scuff resistant and long wearing. Padding and Upholstery: All padding foam has a density of 10 lbs. per cubic foot. Upholstery is 32 oz. Naugahyde. All pads are top double-stitched. Support board corners are radiused and edges are chamfered on both top and bottom for comfort and durability. Bearings: Non-friction roller bearings contained in a custom cast and machined housing or a self-lubricating bronze bushing in a machined steel housing to provide smooth movement and precise alignment. Weight Transport: 3/16” diameter aircraft cable with a 7 x 19 construction and black nylon coating. The cable is rated at a breaking strength of 3100 lbs. Pulleys: Pulleys are 4 1/2” diameter fiberglass-impregnated nylon with a precision fit cable groove and double sealed non-friction roller bearings. Weight Plates: All Legend pin select equipment features solid steel weight stack plates with a black finish and are located with a coiled self-storing cord to prevent pin removal or loss. Self aligning low friction sleeve bearings surround the guide rods on every weight stack plate. Spring Suspension: Heavy duty springs are used under the weight stack to reduce shock and vibration stresses. Guide Rods: Guide rods are solid steel and hard chrome-plated to ensure quiet operation and low friction. Hand Grips: 45 durometer rubber hand grips are used for comfort, safety and durability.40
  • 40. The Legend Fitness GuaranteeLegend Fitness warrants to the original purchaser that Legend/Contours Express equipment will be free fromdefects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the following periods and in the followingrespects:Limited Lifetime Warranty: Structural welds and frames.Five Year Warranty: Bronze Bushings, Pillow Block Bearings and Pulley WheelsOne Year Warranty: Cables, Weight Plates, Guide Rods, Sealed Roller Bearings and all other components notmentioned elsewhere in this warrantyNinety Day Warranty: Upholstery and gripsAll warranty periods begin to run from the date of delivery to the original purchaser. The obligation of Legend underthis warranty is limited to repairing or replacing warranted defective parts, as Legend may elect, at the Legendplant in Maynardville, Tennessee, without charge to purchaser for either parts or labor. Purchaser is responsiblefor all transportation and insurance costs on returned or replaced equipment to and from the Legend plant inMaynardville, Tennessee.This limited warranty does not cover and no warranty is given with respect to:1. Component parts not manufactured by Legend.2. Products that are altered without the express, written consent of Legend.3. Products purchased other than directly from Legend or through a Legend authorized dealer.ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULARPURPOSE AND THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, IS LIMITED TO ONE YEAR DURATION FROM THEDATE OF DELIVERY TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER. THE REMEDY OF REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT IS THE EXCLUSIVEAND SOLE REMEDY OF THE PURCHASER. LEGEND SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL,CONTINGENT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, DAMAGE OR LOSSOF OTHER PROPERTY OR EQUIPMENT AND LOST PROFITS OR REVENUE.No action for breach of this written limited warranty or an implied warranty shall be commenced more than oneyear after the accrual of the cause of action. This written limited warranty is the complete, final and exclusiveagreement of the parties with respect to the quality or performance of the goods and any and all warranties andrepresentations. No modifications of this limited warranty or waiver of its terms shall be binding on either partyunless approved in writing by an authorized corporate officer of Legend. 41
  • 41. NOTES