Applications for Oblique Aerial Imagery


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This presentation introduces some of the use cases for Oblique Aerial Imagery.

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Applications for Oblique Aerial Imagery

  1. 1. Applications for click to add text! Oblique Imagery! Robert Carroll! Pictometry Canada Corp"! Rob"Carroll@Pictometry"com!INCREASING PRODUCTIVITY, POTENTIAL AND PROFITS
  2. 2. click to add text!Introduction!
  3. 3. click to add text!Oblique imagery provides immediate #more comprehensive way for people to understand and plan!
  4. 4. click to add text!People have always been drawn to this natural perspective"!
  5. 5. click to add text!Human Perspective!
  6. 6. click to add text! Le$ vs" Right Brain!Le$ Functions:! Right Functions:!%uses logic! %uses feelings!%detail oriented! %big picture oriented!%can comprehend! %can &get it!%order perception! %spatial perception!%knows object name! %knows object function!%forms strategies! %presents possibilities!
  7. 7. click to add text!
  8. 8. Panoramic (&Bird)sto add text! click Eye View* Maps!!&Civitates orbis Terrarvm (pub"+,-.* ,/0 birds%eye views1 hand%colored engraving & etched!!!What could be more pleasant than" in one#s ownhome far from all danger" to gaze in these booksat the universal form of the earth $ $ $ adornedwith the splendor of cities and fortresses and" bylooking at pictures and reading the textsaccompanying them" to acquire knowledgewhich could scarcely be had but by long anddi%cult journeys?&
  9. 9. click to add text!!Skills immigrated to America1 2 satisfying a need to understand territory and encouraged urban growth!!Thousands of prints of more than .1333 American cities made!
  10. 10. click to add text!
  11. 11. click to add text!
  12. 12. Oblique Aerialto add text! click Photography!+4,4 French photographer # balloonist !&Nadar takes 5rst aerial image!+44,!patents use of aerial photos in map! !making! !!what Nadar had really done was to change the level of art to the level of science and utility" from the artistic drawing to an instrument of work$&
  13. 13. click to add text!Aerial Photography From Airplanes!+636 5rst aerial photography taken from !airplane by Wright near Rome! ! !Maps used in WWI were produced !from aerial photographs! !England took ,331333 photographs during WW I" !
  14. 14. Aerial Camera to add text! click Development! !Camera failures until Fairchild develops internal shutter!Commercial development:! +6.+ !+33 overlapping photo series to make ! !aerial map of Manhattan! +6.. !discovers +433 buildings not on tax rolls!
  15. 15. click to add text!
  16. 16. click to add text!Oblique vs Ortho Imagery!
  17. 17. Metric Digital Obliquetext! click to add Imagery!+66/ !Rochester NY group researches methods to !collect metric digital oblique images!+660 !Pictometry founded1 patents computerized !system for displaying1 geo%locating1 and taking !measurements from oblique images! !Pictometry creates new digital imaging process1 so$ware and hardware that maps each oblique image pixel to actual geographic coordinates!
  18. 18. Reliefclick to add text! Displacement!
  19. 19. click to add text!
  20. 20. Oblique Imageryto add text! click Capture System!•  New image capture system developed to e7ciently capture and process oblique imagery over large areas!•  Collects images at / oblique angles # cardinal directions and + nadir!•  Uses direct georeferencing to accurately geo%locates each image captured" !•  DEM referenced to image pixels to correct terrain displacement!
  21. 21. click to add text! PICTOMETRY CAPABILITIES!•  ,/ imagery planes!•  ,38 processing sta9!•  +"/8 PB image data!•  .41333 :ight hours annually!•  6-,1333 miles of :ight plans !•  Seasonal throughput ;+133313338 images!•  Processing capacity of up to +13331333 images per day"!
  22. 22. click to add text! Oblique Imagery Applications!•  Government: federal and state agencies and 0338 local government"!•  Consumer use: Microso$® Bing Maps /",M hits monthly!•  Commercial: insurance1 real estate1 banking1 retail1 and industrial!•  International: license technology to 6 companies covering +,38 countries &territories"!
  23. 23. click to add text!
  24. 24. click to add text! So$ware Applications!•  Electronic Field Study™ (desktop*1 Pictometry Online™ (Internet* and plugin modules for GIS!•  Within so$ware are tools including:! –  distance#area measurement! –  height measurement! –  location measurement! –  elevation measurement! –  query tool displays GIS attributes! –  navigation through images! –  annotation to sketch labels1 markers1 and lines!
  25. 25. click to add text!
  26. 26. click to add text!
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  28. 28. click to add text!
  29. 29. click to add text!
  30. 30. click to add text!
  31. 31. click to add text!
  32. 32. click to add text!Pictometry ArcGIS Server!
  33. 33. click to add text!
  34. 34. click to add text!
  35. 35. click to add text!
  36. 36. click to add text!
  37. 37. click to add text!Property Appraisal!
  38. 38. Fire click to add text! Applications!
  39. 39. click to add text!nuclear!
  40. 40. click to add text!
  41. 41. Critical ;03!text! click to add
  42. 42. click to add text!Pac bell!
  43. 43. Ports#Facilitiesto add text! click Management!
  44. 44. click to add text! Airport!
  45. 45. click to add text!Niagara!
  46. 46. City Planning#Landadd text! click to Development!
  47. 47. Media Supplement! click to add text!
  48. 48. click to add text!Corridor Management!
  49. 49. click to add text!Real Estate Applications!
  50. 50. click to add text!;D Model Data Generation!
  51. 51. Summary! text! click to add•  Average users bene5t from digital oblique imagery!•  Applications include visualization1 measurement1 and planning!•  Online or desktop so$ware available!•  Derivative data source for ;D city models!