Unemployability Spain
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Unemployability Spain






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Unemployability Spain Unemployability Spain Presentation Transcript

  • GENERATION Y Did you born in the 90s ? This is what you have to knowRobert Brunet Page 1 of 10
  • You born…Robert Brunet Page 2 of 10
  • You go to school…Robert Brunet Page 3 of 10
  • You go to Institute…Robert Brunet Page 4 of 10
  • You go to University…Robert Brunet Page 5 of 10
  • And then…Robert Brunet Page 6 of 10
  • I want to work…Robert Brunet Page 7 of 10
  • …but the employability situation in Spain ???Robert Brunet Page 8 of 10
  • Employability in Spain in 2011 Unemployed in Spain is 5.273.600*1 Unemployment rate 22,85%*1 Youth unemployment rate 48,61%*2*1  EPA Encuesta de Población Activa del INE *2 Paro juvenil, del éxito al fracaso en cuatro años. El PaísRobert Brunet Page 9 of 10
  • Evolution of unemployment in Spain Comunidadad 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Cataluña 6,95 6,6 6,55 9 16,25 17,75 18,06Robert Brunet Page 10 of 10
  • We have a problem…Robert Brunet Page 11 of 10
  • …High youth unemployment rate in Spain…Robert Brunet Page 12 of 10
  • … but we have a list of solutions…Robert Brunet Page 13 of 10
  • 1. Be more competentRobert Brunet Page 14 of 10
  • What you have to know ? A DEGREE IS NOT ENOUGH · You cant rely on your degree alone to automatically open doors after you graduate. It will certainly unlock doors - in other words it will make you eligible to apply for jobs that specify "must be a graduate" · It is likely that you will be competing for this job with a number of other graduates who are equally well-qualified academically. NOTHING IS CERTAIN · The world of work is in a state of continual change. · Your career today may involve moving between a number of different job functions  and employers.  · Those jobs and employers are themselves likely to change and develop during the  time you are employed in them.  THINK AHEAD · In parallel with your studies, you should aim to develop skills that will be of help to  you in your future career Robert Brunet Page 15 of 10
  • What do you need? Employability skills Employability has been defined as "the capability of getting and keeping satisfactory work". Employability skills "A set of achievements, understandings and personal attributes  that make individuals more likely to gain employment and to be successful in their  chosen occupations".  Other factors · Knowledge and abalities relating to a particular job; · Ability to identify suitable job opportunities; · Self-presentation · External factors such as the job market and personal circumstances.Robert Brunet Page 16 of 10
  • 2. The world is something more than TarragonaRobert Brunet Page 17 of 10
  • Why not to do an Erasmus ?Why not to do a Summer University ?Why not to do an internship abroad ?Why not to work abroad for some years ?Robert Brunet Page 18 of 10
  • If you are interested we have here something to communicate you… … and maybe in some months you will be…Robert Brunet Page 19 of 10