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Busn unit 3 ip

  1. 1. Unit 3 Marketing 1 Robert Besterfeldt 8/8/2010 BUSN105-1003B-05 American InterContinental University
  2. 2. Unit 3 Marketing 2 Abstract A new smartphone is on the market, it is called the HTC EVO. This particular phone has everything a computer has. In this paper you will see the four P’s of marketing which is product, price, promotion and place. The four P’s will show you how to market this particular product, the HTC EVO.
  3. 3. Unit 3 Marketing 3 Product: HTC EVO Smartphone. This phone is a small computer in your hands. It offers an array of applications to be viewed just like a computer in your home. With a touch screen, scrolling up and down web pages are easy. The HTC EVO has bookmarks to gain quick acess to your preffered web pages. It also has your everyday functions of a phone, with voice activated search, flip screen for easy typing when texting and email. Price: The price of a product is determined by the cost of materials and the cost of labor to make the product. Pricing can also be a marketing strategy. A good understanding of the price on demand as well as marketing research helps set the price for the product. So with the phones available like the IPhone that costs around $300, the HTC EVO that offers basically the same functions would the price of the product at $250 to target a cheaper version of the IPhone. Promotion: This is the way you send a message to the consumers about the product. It can include advertising, coupons and discounts to get the consumers interested. The HTC EVO is advertised everywhere. You will see it on T.V. with special discounts, on billboards and in magazines and newspapers. Place: Placement is the distribution and displacement of the product. For the manufacturers it is choosing the right wholesalers so they have the right image and brand. For the retailers it is about location of the store and product to make sure it is seen by the consumer. The placement of the HTC EVO is Sprint at all there locations nation wide.
  4. 4. Unit 3 Marketing 4 References