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The Smallpox Vaccine
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The Smallpox Vaccine



A brief slide show about how biotechnology was applied to cure Smallpox.

A brief slide show about how biotechnology was applied to cure Smallpox.



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    The Smallpox Vaccine The Smallpox Vaccine Presentation Transcript

    • The Smallpox Vaccine
    • Smallpox and Biotechnology
      Perhaps one of the greatest examples of biotechnology at work
      Successful application has saved millions of lives
    • What is Smallpox?
      Disease that has existed for at least 3,000 years
      Highly contagious
      Typically fatal
    • Symptoms
      Rashes on face, hands, and feet
      Pus-filled pimples develop
      Attacks brain, heart, and lungs
    • Edward Jenner
      Born May 1749
      From Gloucestershire, England
      Studied Anatomy and Surgery at hospital
      Received many smallpox patients in 1788
    • The Theory
      Noted patients who worked with cattle were immune to smallpox
      These patients previously contracted cowpox
      Suggested someone injected with cowpox would be immune to smallpox
    • Testing the Theory
      Extracted liquid from sores of milkmaid with smallpox
      Injected cowpox into young boy
      Boy recovers in 6 weeks, injects him with smallpox
      Experiment was successful; boy was immune to smallpox
    • The Vaccine
      Time-tested and successful
      World Health Organization declared smallpox extinct in 1979
      Excellent example of the application of biotechnology
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