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IGFA Fishing Tournament
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IGFA Fishing Tournament


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Published in: Sports, News & Politics

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  • 1. Chelsea Midlarsky, Stephanie Miller, Sara Morgenstern, Erica Murray, Matt Wideman
  • 2. Overview of Event •Event Date: September 5, 2009 •Location: Casa Marina Hotel for captain meeting and beach front for awards ceremony. Fish weigh in at Kings Pointe Marina •Captains meeting September 4, receive rules and captains packet and bag with goodies from sponsors •100 Boats- Captains forming teams up to 3 other people. All with locals from the Key West area. •Money raised donated to I.G.F.A for local wildlife and open space conservation
  • 3. Overview •Catch and release tournament, with largest fish turned in. Rest of fish photographed and released, but counted for points •Overnight fishing tournament • Committee boat in water all night taking radio calls about fish that are caught •Registration takes place online, have to make $100 registration payment before March 1, or it jumps to $200 after
  • 4. Locations •Casa Marina Hotel •Built in 1920, largest hotel in Key West area •Captains meeting take place inside banquet hall from 5pm-7pm •Boats fish from 8pm-5am •Beautiful Beach front, with adequate parking for buffet awards ceremony •
  • 5. Locations Kings Pointe Marina •Weigh in and camera drop off •Registered weigh in station with crane scale
  • 6. OPERATIONS ITINERARY Sept. 4, Saturday  3:00 pm – Arrive at Casa Marina Banquet Hall with captain’s packets, white boards, etc.  4:00 pm – Oversee set-up of Casa Marina Banquet Hall  4:30 pm – Complete set-up, including arrangement of captains’ packets and registration tables.  5:00 pm - Start meeting  IGFA speech by IGFA rep  rules and regulations  question-and-answer segment  5:30 pm – Registration  captain’s packets  receive permits, licenses from individual captains  7:00 pm – Pack-up all materials, end day one.
  • 7. Operations Itinerary  Sept. 5, Sunday  4;30 am – Arrive at Kings Point Marina, begin set up of tables, chairs, camera reception  5:00 am – CUTOFF FOR CALLING IN FISH  5-8 am – Take camera to CVS up until 8am.  7:30 am – Oversee set-up of breakfast buffet and awards ceremony at Casa Marina  8:00 am – Final sound check  8:00 am – Final weigh-in and camera take.  9:30 am – Pick up photo CD’s from CVS.  10:00 am – Start of buffet  10:30 am – Awards ceremony, announce winners of tournament, award prizes  11:30 am – End of buffet and ceremony
  • 8. CAPTAIN’S ITINERARY  Sept. 4, Saturday  5:00 p.m. – IGFA Fishing Tournament Captain’s meeting Casa Marina Banquet Hall  5:30 p.m. – Tournament registration Casa Marina Banquet Hall  8:00 p.m – Boats depart for IGFA Fishing Tournament and GO FISHING. King’s Point Marina
  • 9. CAPTAIN’S ITINERARY  Sept. 5, Saturday  5:00 a.m. – LINES OUT; no further catches will be recorded King’s Point Marina  8:00 a.m. – Final weigh-in King’s Point Marina  10:00 a.m. – Breakfast Buffet Awards Ceremony Casa Marina Beach Front  10:30 a.m. – Awards Ceremony Casa Marina Beach Front  11:00 a.m. – Buffet and Awards End
  • 10. Breakfast Buffet  Location: The Casa Marina Resort  Time: 10:00am  Duration: 1.5 hours
  • 11. Food and Beverage  Food includes:  Imported and Domestic cheeses  Fresh Fruit  Baked Muffins  Croissants  Bagels  Danishes  Butter and Cream Cheese  Cereals  Beverage includes:  Fresh brewed coffee  Herbal teas  Water  Juices (orange/grapefruit)
  • 12. $ Cost $  $17.00 per person for food  400 people will attend  Total food cost: $6,800  $5.00 per person for beverage  Total beverage cost: $2,000  Total overall cost: $8,600  Total cost with tax: $10,490
  • 13. Staff  Captain’s Registration  MASSE coordinators will host opening ceremony along with an IGFA coordinator to explain rules and regulations  Registration staffed by MASSE coordinators  2 representatives will be at each registration table with one representative answering captain’s questions  5 IGFA members will be on hand throughout the evening to answer any questions the captains have pertaining to the tournament
  • 14. Staff, Cont’d.  Weigh-In at King’s Pointe Marina  Casa Marina Awards Breakfast  An IGFA volunteer will be on the  The IGFA volunteer who was committee boat monitoring the aboard the committee boat will be tournament’s progress on the stage with a MASSE  IGFA coordinator with official IGFA coordinator to present the awards scale will weigh all fish with the  The remaining 4 MASSE assistance with a MASSE coordinators will be monitoring the coordinator breakfast to ensure that the event  2 MASSE coordinators will run film runs smoothly. from the marina to be developed  6 security guards will be provided before the commencement of the during the awards breakfast to tournament ensure safety for all guests  The remaining MASSE coordinator will be on hand at King’s Pointe In total, this event requires the Marina to help captains with any service of all 5 MASSE questions they may have coordinators, an IGFA coordinator,5 IGFA volunteers and 6 hotel security guards
  • 15. Marketing  Radio commercials  Magazine  Online Newspaper  Tournament Website  IGFA Website  Flyers
  • 16. US-1 Radio 104.1 FM  Classic Rock Radio Station – 60’s, 70’s, 80’s  US-1 Radio has been the #1 radio station in the Florida Keys since 1989  10 radio advertisements from 3pm to 7pm with Jennifer St. James 2 weeks before tournament  Advertisement one month up to tournament on “This Week in Fishing” which runs from 6pm to 7pm every Thursday night (total of 4)  Radio logo/name will appear on registration bags, flyers and the tournament website
  • 17. Florida Sport Fishing Magazine  This magazine targets our key demographic which is young adults to middle aged men. The magazine’s readers are 98% male and are an average age of 39  Ad will run in 3 issues of magazine ($250/ad)  Ad will be one quarter of a page and will contain a link to the tournament’s website  An ad will also run in the magazine’s “Big Game” Issue which comes out one month before the tournament. ($450/ad)  $1,200 total
  • 18.  Run by Cooke Communications, LLC  Banner rotation on site is $250/ month  For running three months prior to tournament, cost will total $750
  • 19.  5,000 flyers distributed at Bass Pro Shops in Islamorada and Ft. Lauderdale as well as local bait and tackle shops in Key West  On the IGFA website, in the events calendar there is a description of our fishing tournament. In this description there is a link to the tournament website. Brought to you by MASSE
  • 20. Sponsors •Title Sponsor: I.G.F.A. •Not actually a paying sponsor, we are using their name to draw more attention to the conservation effort. Money earned is being donated. •Presenting Sponsor: Hydroglow lights $7500 •Silver Sponsor: Van Staal Reels $5000 •Bonze Sponsor: Sweetwater Angler, Island Angler Outfitters, Conchy Joes, Hog’s Breath Saloon $1000
  • 21. Benefits to Sponsors •Title Sponsor: All of money earned donated to I.G.FA, name in title and on all promotional materials •Presenting Sponsor: Hydroglow will have their name on the tournament logo, and on all promotional material (website, flyers, registration bags) •Silver Sponsor: Van Staal Reels Logos on all promotional material •Bonze Sponsors: All of the bronze sponsors will be allowed a link to their website on the tournament homepage •Media Sponsor: Name will be on all promotional material
  • 22. Permitting  A photo copy of a current Highly Migratory Species (HMS) permit is required for all vessels competing in the tournament and must be presented at Registration  Costs $28 and is valid through December 31st of the year it is purchased
  • 23. Tournament Rules  We will follow International Game Fish Association (IGFA) and National Marine Fisheries Services (NMFS) regulations  Fishermen will only be permitted to use rod and reels, and any line class up to one hundred and thirty pound test  Catches must be assisted only by professional captains and/or mates who are eligible as anglers  Swordfish either captured or released must be photographed with tournament camera showing both the fish and an eligible angler  Fish must also be called into committee boat so staff can keep track and check there is no cheating  No more than four eligible anglers per boat including the captain  No more than four lines in the water per boat at any time  Only be one fish can weighed in per boat, and any weighed swordfish must weigh one hundred pounds or more  Captured fish for weigh-in must be transported to the weigh station at King’s Pointe Marina in either the boat in which it was caught, or by vehicle  All lines must be out of the water by 5:00 am, Sunday, September 5, 2009
  • 24. Scoring  Boats will be scored on a combination of release points and weighed fish points  Photographed and released swordfish will be scored at one hundred points  Captured swordfish will be scored one point per pound, and must have a one hundred pound minimum weight  If the captured fish does not exceed the minimum weight, then no points will be assessed nor any penalties  The total boat score of both release and capture points will determine the winner
  • 25. The National Marine Fisheries Service  A NMFS limits will apply for the tournament  They imposed a minimum size limit on captured swordfish of 47 inches from lower jaw to fork of the tail as a new regulation this year  Since we are an offshore competition, we are required to register with the NMFS  Regulations require that we, the tournament operators, notify NMFS of the purpose, dates, and location of the tournament at least four weeks prior to commencement of the tournament  We will then be notified in writing, when the tournament has been selected for reporting  A record of all catches made during the tournament must be submitted no later than the seventh day after the conclusion of the tournament
  • 26. Liability  Casa Marina has own safety standards that protect event organizers as long as those standards are met and kept  King’s Pointe Marina has own safety standards that protect event organizers as long as those standards are met and kept  Casa Marina catering accepts own liability in such scenarios as food poisoning and injury related to food or equipment
  • 27. Risk Management  All boaters aware of risks associated with saltwater fishing which are named in waiver on website. This waiver must be signed and turned in at registration  Coast guard and emergency personnel aware of tournament and know the area of which the boaters will be traveling  First Aid kit required on every boat  Every fisherman is required to carry fishing gloves to avoid injuries from swordfish (given out in gift bag)  Every boat has a radio but each team will also leave an emergency number at registration to a phone that will always be on during fishing tournament  Any cheating during tournament will mean automatic disqualification with no refund  Any unnecessary kill of fish will lead to any IGFA fines and/or disqualification  In the event of lightning and/or heavy wind conditions, the tournament will be moved to Sept. 11  All boaters are aware of the safety rules set by the Coast Guard which they learn when receiving their Florida Boater’s License
  • 28. Casa Marina  Captain’s Meeting  Casa Marina has set safety standards that, as long as properly maintained, cover any and all injuries inside Casa Marina property.  In the event that captains fail to bring proper identification or licensing, they will be unable to compete in tournament with no refund.  If a team is unable to attend tournament after registering, there is no refund.  Beach Buffet/ Awards Ceremony  Casa Marina will provide 6 security guards to monitor the safety of the guests on the beach as well as keep out uninvited guests from the ceremony  In the event of unfavorable weather conditions, a standby banquet hall has been reserved at Casa Marina  In case of injury, Casa Marina’s security as well as managers are CPR/first aid/AED trained and there is an AED on the premises. Paramedics will also be notified of the event beforehand.
  • 29. QUESTIONS?