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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Make Your Mark Challenge 2008 Briefing
  • 2. What is the Make Your Mark Challenge 2008?
    • The Make Your Mark Challenge is a free, one-day, national enterprise competition for secondary schools and colleges.
    • It kick-starts Enterprise Week which this year will be part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.
  • 3. Gives you an opportunity to
    • Work as part of team
    • Identify and make use of individual strengths
    • Deal with uncertainty and risk-taking
    • Develop problem-solving qualities and strategic thinking
    • Develop financial literacy skills
  • 4. Learn skills such as
    • Leadership
    • Project planning and management
    • Using tacit knowledge
    • Oral communication
    • Improving confidence, determination and independence
    • Having the drive to make ideas happen
  • 5. Key dates
    • 9 November 2008 - Registration deadline
    • 17 November 2008 Competition Day: Make Your Mark Challenge brief revealed
    • 19 November 2008 Submit your winning entry online by 1.00pm

    • 21 November 2008 Announcement of 14-16 category teams invited to Regional Finals 

    • 28 November 2008 Regional Finals
    • 9 December 2008 National Final
  • 6. Prizes
    • 1st placed team overall will win £3 ,000, a trophy and £ 1 00 in High Street vouchers for each team member.
    • 2nd placed teams will receive £2 ,000
    • 3rd placed teams £1 ,000.
    • Team prize money should be used to help set up their own Make Your Mark Club and make their ideas happen.
    • Every registered student receives a certificate
  • 7. Selecting a team to represent the school
  • 8.
    • You should work in a group of 4 or 5 of your choosing.
    • You will have 2 full periods to complete a challenge similar to the official Make Your Mark Challenge.
    • You are welcome to come up at lunchtime for extra time.
    • All entries must be e-mailed to your relevant teacher before your 3rd period of Business Management w/c 3 November.
    • Any entries not submitted will be automatically disqualified.
  • 9.
    • Each team will have 90 seconds to present their idea to a judge.
    • An overall winner will be chosen from each class.
    • The four class winners will compete against each other on the official Make Your Mark Challenge brief on Monday November 17
    • An overall winner will be chosen and their idea will be submitted to represent the school.
  • 10. What you need to produce!
    • 1. Ideas sheet
    • One side of A4 describing the idea.
    • 2. Competitors outline
    • One side of A4 identifying the target market, the competitors and demonstrating the unique selling point of their idea
    • 3. Money matters
    • Maximum of two sides of A4 including the estimated costs and profit, showing justification for the figures drawn from research.
  • 11. Ideas Sheet
    • One side of A4 describing the idea.
    • Be as creative as you like, it can be typed or contain images and diagrams
    • Suggested format is MS Word
  • 12. Describing Your Idea
    • The Judges want to be impressed by a visually stimulating one-page Ideas Sheet document. It must encapsulate everything that the team has thought about, and impart everything that makes their idea truly innovative.
    • Judges will be looking for evidence that shows students have understood the importance of lay-out and design in communicating their ideas effectively.
  • 13. Describing Your Idea
    • Use a variety of mediums - images, diagrams, colours, photographs.
    • Make it a neat, clear and uncluttered document so your idea jumps off the page.
    • Be bold! Develop concrete ideas and make justifiably bold statements that will grab the attention of the judges.
  • 14. Competitors Outline
    • One side of A4 identifying the target market, the competitors and demonstrating the unique selling point of their idea
    • The suggested format is MS Word
  • 15. Competitors Outline
    • Teams must produce a Competitors Outline that provides a thorough investigation of the marketplace, which reveals the strengths and weaknesses of its main players, and uses comparable data to help shape and formulate their idea.
    • List potential competitors
    • Gather relevant, comparable information relating to costs, products and services
    • Present your findings in an interesting and informative way - graphs, tables, photos, diagrams, marketing material etc.
  • 16. Money Matters
    • Maximum of two sides of A4 including the estimated costs and profit, showing justification for the figures drawn from research.
    • This can be shown in many ways as judges are aware that students will have different levels of financial skills
    • The suggested formats are MS Word and/or MS Excel.
  • 17. Money matters
    • The judges will be more impressed with teams who explore their Money Matters task in a simple and logical manner without bamboozling them with rows and rows of unnecessary figures
    • Don’t overcomplicate and keep figures simple
    • Use comparable data for realism
    • Support data with research and qualifying statements
    • Keep data clear, concise and realistic
  • 18. Presenting the information
    • How you choose to present the information to the judge is up to you.
  • 19. Recommended Timetable
    • Ideas Generation 10 minutes
    • Ideas Sheet 25 minutes
    • Competitors Outline 25 minutes
    • Money Matters 25 minutes
    • Pitch Preparation 10 minutes
    • You will have to present a 90 second pitch to the judge.
  • 20. Your St Ninian’s School Challenge 2008 is:
    • “ Lead the way to 5 a day!”
    • Did you know?
    • Fruit and vegetables help set you up for a healthier lifestyle.
    • The average person in the UK eats less than 3 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, instead of the recommended 5.
    • This is even lower amongst young people!
    • Your challenge is to come up with an innovative way to get young people to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.