The Best Photography Tips to Make You a Pro!


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These are the best photography tips that the Pros don't want you to know.

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The Best Photography Tips to Make You a Pro!

  1. 1. ==== ====Photography secrets the pros dont want you to know! ====Do you like extreme sports? Have you always wanted to be able to record them in high-definitionbut found traditional cameras bulky and inoperable while performing them? If this is case, youre inluck because a company out of Half Boon Bay, California called GoPro has been working on anew line of wearable and mountable cameras called the GoPro HD Hero2, and they all shoot in1080p high-definition!The GoPro HD Hero2 is the most compact and advanced sports action camera on the market. Itincorporates big technology in a small body. The main users of the camera are sport athletes thatrace cars, surf, kayak, skate, snowboard, ski, mountain bike, and more. Even general consumersenjoy the limitless mountable capabilities of the small camera; videos on YouTube show footage ofthe camera mounted even to a dog!The GoPro HD Hero2 was released November 30, 2011. The main upgrades you need to know isthat GoPro has developed a lens that contains two times sharper professional glass. This is greatnews because that means the image quality will be sharper in your recordings. In addition to newphoto capabilities, the camera system enables the camera to shoot 11 megapixel pictures! Theprevious GoPro HD Hero original was only capable of 5 megapixel photos. Furthermore, theGoPro HD Hero camera has an easy to use 10 photo per second burst mode. This makes it easyto capture fast moving sequences. Lastly, wi-fi capability and a new time-lapse setting make thiscamera a big upgrade from the GoPro HD Hero original. The GoPro HD Hero2 comes with apolycarbonate waterproof, bombproof, and shockproof water housing that enables you take it withyou to submerge the camera underwater. The camera also comes with one lithium ion battery.Charger and all necessary cables are included.ProsCamera lens incorporates 2X Sharper Lens enhancing image quality.10 Photo per second burst allows users to capture fast moving sequences easily.Highest quality 1080p footage on the market for wearable consumer sport cameras.Wi-Fi capabilities to control up to control 50 GoPro cameras at once.New LCD interface makes this cameras even more user friendly.Cons
  2. 2. Since the camera still shoots in 1080p. it is not much of an upgrade from the previous GoPro HDHero Original.The LCD interface although much more user friendly, requires button pushing.The camera does not have a LCD viewfinder so it may be hard to see what is in your field of view.However, an accessory called the LCD Bacpac is available.Memory card not included.In conclusion, if you want the best wearable point of view action camera on the market in terms ofhigh-definition video quality, usability, high ease of use, and countability, then the GoPro HDHero2 is for you. Not only does it incorporate the most advanced technology in the wearablecamera consumer market but it is also priced the best. From Disney to the Discovery channel, themovie industry is learning that GoPro cameras are capable of capturing amazing footage thatpreviously was thought impossible. Now is your chance to document your most amazingexperiences in high-definition, and its all in the power of the GoPro HD Hero2 camera. Read aGoPro camera review for pictures, video footage, and a comparison chart of cameras.Jon Russel is a fan of small HD video camcorders and experiments with all types of digital and filmcameras. Jon has been making sport action videos for over 10 years. The ability to attach them toyour helmet, surfboard, or just about anything make them incredibly versatile gadgets evenoutside of action sports. Interested in learning more about the GoPro HD Hero2 camera? Visit aGoPro camera review to learn more information about the main features of GoPro cameras. Thereeven some tips and tricks from the pros that you can learn that will improve your footage.Article Source: ====Photography secrets the pros dont want you to know! ====