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    Project Journey Project Journey Presentation Transcript

    • Robs Amazing Journey
      • Early Years 1976-1980
      • HCYU Years 1980 to 1993
      • GRGV Years (Now X'Nth) 1993 to 1996
      • The Latter Years 1997 to Now
    • Some Reflections
      • Someone asked once, if I knew what I was doing?
      • And, I answered, I did not know it was ok not to know!
      • Another said “He Doesn't sound like an Elec Engineer”
      • GOOD!
      • Heros
      • Walt Disney – Brilliant Business Man, Amazing Human, Talent, talent talent!
      • HC YU – Brilliant
      • My Mom – “Get up and make it work!”
    • The Early Years
      • Roache Mercer Faison
        • HVAC/Elec Drafter
        • Mentored by Gil Faison
        • Tons of Schools
      • Hankins Anderson
        • Met HCYU
        • Mentored by Keith Baigent
        • Hospitals, Labs and VCU
    • N Stafford High School
      • Mentors Richard Herman Elmer Diehl Gilbert Faison
      • A Joe Ciucci AIA project – MR Virginia School Architect
      • 18 Months, 16 hour days! Enough OT To Cruise to Bemuda
      • BUT not enough for wardrobe, Borrowed the bosses Tennis Outfits
    • The HCYu Years
      • The Most Amazing HVAC Engineer I ever met!
      • Participated in the Creation of Thermal Ice Storage Systems
      • “If it doesn't exist, create it!! HCYU
      • Hospitality
      • Education
      • Labs
      • Museums
      • Air Ports
      • Management
      • Associate
    • West Falls Church Station Ancillary Spaces
      • 22 Years Old! Project Mgr!
      • Learned Traction Power from Tom Collins after hours
      • Dave Van Cott Reviewer – Oh, the question isn't on his script
      • The multi-million dollar tree!
      • Traction Sub Stations
      • Parking areas
      • Kiss and Ride
      • HCYU And Associates
      • American Engineers
    • Perkins and Will Mario Schack AIA Created The Tanner Cornel Counselor Lab Fixture The R2 D2 Courtyard Bollard! Laboratories, Fume Hoods And, Ralph Bacon!
    • Mandarin Hotel
      • Mandarin Design 1997 Fairmont Design 1988
      • Richard Swig Legendary Hotelier upon my bragging about working on a Hilton
      • Slumming that year?
    • Virginia Air and Space
      • Michel Giurgala Arch
      • Rankcorn Wildman Brezinski Architects
      • Va Consulting Engineering Honor Award
      • ICE!!
      • FIRST Smart Panel Control System
      • Frank Florentine
      • Howard Brandston
      • Marked drawings at the Beach
      • Sand fell out on Mondays
      • Drafters not at all pleased!
    • GRGV/X'nth Years
      • A Dream was to be a Disney Imagineer
      • At GRGV I was one of the guys who made Imagineers Ideas Work!
      • Met Gary Vanderweil “Don't let them push you around” Priceless!
      • Theme Parks
      • Museums
      • Hotels – BIG
      • Construction Oversight
      • The Bills! Weinaug and Beckman
      • The most fun I ever had!
      • Excellent designers
      • Morris Architects
      • Sherry Blount
      • The Bills!
      • Ray Clarke
    • Orlando Science Center
      • The Project Inherited!
      • First Task – Deal with a 1million dollar change order
      • Success – Down to 70k!
      • Owners quote “Where have you been hiding this guy?”
      • The Bill – Uh, on a much bigger project?
    • Walt Disney Coronado Springs
      • Graham Gund AIA
      • Smith Bode Arch
      • Peter McDonnell!
      • The Bills!
      • 180 Acres
      • Chips Lighting
      • 80 plus hr weeks
    • Disney Coronado Springs
      • Best Moments/Quotes
      • “ How to do you keep up with all the panels?
      • Gary Vanderweils Day Long Review Session
      • Scary!
      • Can you scrunch the project into 2 resume lines?
    • Seuss Landing
      • The Team
      • Jim Good!!
      • Zoe Taylor
      • Bill Weinaug, Ray Clark
      • HKS Amazing!
      • The Universal folks
    • The Latter Years 97 to Now
      • Lighting for The Hotel Jefferson
      • Met Frank Becker -GHT, Roger Frechette, Daren Shumate Vanderweil
      • Complex Structures _ THE Jefferson at Penn Quarter
      • Met Linda Palmer AIA with Esocoff – Totally Intelligent – Totally Smart!
      • Jimmy G :)
      • Restoreing 1890s Victorian
      • Created RDA
      • GHT
      • Vanderweil Consultant
      • Wiley Wilson
      • RTKL = LEED
      • EAC Embassy
      • Security!
    • Hotel Jefferson Richmond
      • Reunited w/ Eddy Smith MWCS
      • My best lighting occurred when Eddy was in the Room
      • An amazing Architect!
    • Jefferson @ Penn Quarter
      • Seven YEARS!
      • Not a typical Condo in the place
      • Phils Facade Efforts – AMAZING
      • Walk the street, and you feel still in 1890s
      • Million SF Plus
      • Esocoff Architects
      • GHT Ltd Engineers
      • Craig Eichenlaub
      • Linda Palme r
    • Australian Ambassador DC
      • Picked up in the middle
      • Historic renovation
      • Rob Gudz
      • Jim/Ketan
      • Vanderweil
      • QUINN EVANS!!!
    • Oceans Exhibit NHM
      • Quinn Evans
      • Carl Elefante!!!
      • Vanderweil
      • Jim Good
      • Joe Keohane
      • Wicked electrical
      • Vertical Swbd Creation
      • Best Quote “Why Can't All Electrical guys do that!
    • Bldg 58 Washington Navy Yd
      • The WNYReviewer
      • The Specially built Switchboard
      • The Killer Switch
      • Challenges!
      • Jim Goods Calcs
      • Wiley Wilson
      • Judge Advocate General
      • Intensely Tight Strucure
      • John Reichart – Lighting
    • DISA
      • LEED Certified
      • 1 Million SF
      • RTKL Architects
      • MC Dean Elec
      • RTKL Elec
      • Favorite Moments
      • Mech Guy Excel Spread Sheets – Uh, this number goes in the big electrical thingy?
      • Elec Guys Circuit extraction efforts called “Poof and its magic – the number is in the panel”
    • RTKL DC Offices
      • Favorite Quotes
      • The Air is Crisp!
      • I don't have afternoon headaches
      • Our Choc Chip Cooky order went down!
      • Awesome TEAM Collaboration!
      • LEED Platinum
      • Kim Heartwell, Irwin Gueco, Pat Kazinski, Jason Chewing, Gabe Getzie, Antrone Winkey, June Parks, Neal, Paxson
      • HITT Construction
    • EBAY S Jordan
      • Issues
      • Neutral Sizing
      • Harmonic Analysis
      • Fault concerns
      • Neutral Deriving Transformer
      • Fault remediatio n
      • LEED GOLD!!!!
      • RTKL Arch/Eng
      • Entered the process during construction
      • Brain Sessions with Daren Shumate, Brad Mahon, Gabe Getzie
      • 400 volt system
      • Favorite Quote
        • “ Because its Mealoaf!”
    • Recommendation
      • Rob has been a project manager, senior electrical engineer, mentor, co-worker, client, and friend during the 14 years that I've know him. He is by far one of the most talented electrical engineer and project manager I've known in my career. He specializes in complex architectural projects with fast track schedules and highly technical systems. I've said many times that if I wanted to construct a building I would want Rob to design it. You can't hire a better person and engineer. His design and mentoring skills are an asset to any firm, more especially one with young engineers and designers that need development. His code knowledge is without a doubt exceptional and he remains a resource to me even today. Rob's unique skills really show up during client design meetings. I've watched him sketch many a details and drawings explaining a concept or constructablitly method and observed the expressions of understanding show up on the faces around the table. One architect even stated "why can't all engineers do this - this was the best design charette and coordination session I've done in years." Those that have worked with Rob can attest he is an A-team player and they would love to work with him again."
      • Jim Good PE Chief Electrical Engineer Henry Adams Consulting Engineers
    • Closing Thoughts
      • Most Fortunate Guy!
      • Have sat with some of the most creative people in the US
      • Humbled by the excellence of so many
      • Have Fun
      • Create
      • Try to be patient
      • Design is collaborative
      • Good design is deliberate
      • Great design is the willingness to push the envelope
      • Looking forward to the next project
      • And, meeting more incredible folks