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TEDxDelft 2011
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TEDxDelft 2011


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looking back at TEDxDelft: 7 november 2011. …

looking back at TEDxDelft: 7 november 2011.

Delft is a medium sized city in between Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Delft has a very rich history of creators and creations, of Vermeer and Van Leeuwenhoek, of Senz umbrellas and Plakkies flipflops, of quantum mechanics and satelite experts. Delft has a top ranking University of Technology, a city centre that is a treasure of cultural heritage. Delft has Delft blue pottery, royalty, design, Delft knows how to win solar power races (or almost). Delft is all about Ideas Worth Spreading. Delft is all about Creating History.

Concluding our first event: we had a great time preparing, a wonderful time on the day of the event and everyone had a fantastic time experiencing TEDx in Delft. I’ll leave you with the closing words from our host Jasper van Kuijk. He summarized TEDxDelft in a poem (one of the speakers (Bauke Steenhuisen) idea worth spreading was that poetry says more than most management reports).

Do not prozify

Have a goal
Or none at all

Build, tinker

Create life, and nurse it

Seek beauty in complexity

Find elegance in calculations

Caress a book


But never to design briefs

Think upside down
Become an astronaut
Democratize, power the people

Feel, don’t deny your emotions


Take fiction out of science fiction

Make it rain

Make music

Hold on to your dreams

Go beyond the current context
Make things

Published in: Technology, Travel

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  • 1. 7 November 2011
  • 2. 20 speakers 900 guests 2000 online viewers 30 volunteers 10 team members Live bloggers35 sponsors #trendingtopic NLSocial Media Capture
  • 3. TEDxDelft Laboratory for the future belief Delft Design dynamic Delft Marketing talent Analytical Innovator mentality paradigm shifts History Creativity Delft Industry endurance Complexity Sustainability responsability Innovation Technology pleasure Knowledge intensive future smart Delft University Royal dedication Solution driven pioneer
  • 4. 20 speakers
  • 5. 6, 12 and 18 minutes talks
  • 6. Technology, Entertainment, Design
  • 7. Leo KouwenhovenThat’s a one centimeter stepfor man, a giant leap for mankind
  • 8. Job van de KieftHow electric driving can set you free
  • 9. Musetta Blaauw I do not accept fate as society defines it
  • 10. Erik MeijerWisdom of the cloudFirst inaugural speech at a TEDxevent
  • 11. TTYPP – iPhone JamMax Kisman, Peter Mertens, Donald Beekman
  • 12. Sabine Roeser Emotions should play animportant role in debates on risky technology
  • 13. Lodewijk van den Berg How a chrystal growth scientist became an astronaut
  • 14. A new breed of beach animalsTheo Jansen
  • 15. Huba de GraaffA preview of theTomTom opera
  • 16. Michiel van Haersma Buma Building dikes is not always the answer
  • 17. Felienne Hermans
  • 18. Kas OosterhuisTowards a new kind of beauty
  • 19. Tim ZamanBuy a balloon, put helium in it,attach a camera and let it go
  • 20. Maria van der HeijdenCreating jobs for 1 million women in India
  • 21. Bauke SteenhuisenA summary more wiseis poetry in disguise
  • 22. Rolf HutI am a tinkerer
  • 23. Irma BoomA manifesto for the book
  • 24. Marcel KampmanWhat would the dream school of today look like?
  • 25. Progression stunts Freerunning in the auditorium
  • 26. Lowie VermeerschBeautiful mobility
  • 27. And one host
  • 28. Jasper van Kuijk
  • 29. The TEDxDelft venue:Aula Congress CentreMekelweg 5
  • 30. The TEDxDelft familyTEDxDelft: Yearly October/November900+ attendees in AulaTEDxDelftSalon: Monthly 50/60attendees in Library TU DelftTEDxYouth@Delft: Yearly April/March400 attendees 12-18 year old inTheater de Veste