Personal branding and social media Young Delft
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Personal branding and social media Young Delft






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Personal branding and social media Young Delft Personal branding and social media Young Delft Presentation Transcript

  • Personal – online - branding Why use social media? Rob Speekenbrink, marketing & communication
  • Inhoud
    • Social media – a short introduction
    • Hoezo “personal branding”?
    • Wat is personal branding?
    • Bouw en onderhoud je netwerk
    • Vragen en regels
  • 1. Social media – a short introduction
  • What the HELL is social media?
  • Social?
    • Attitudes , orientations, or behaviors which take the interests, intentions, or needs of other people into account
    • The tendency to cluster with other people and to interact with them
  • Social media?
    • Wikipedia: ”media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue”
    • People share stories, knowledge, experience
    • It’s about conversations / interaction, not about pushing messages
    • It’s here to stay and there’s a lot of it
  • Does social media change our society?
    • The visibility and vulnerability of companies increases
    • People do not want to be told anymore, they expect interaction
    • The consumer is more and more empowered
    • News is now and somewehere. A worldwide crisis is spread in minutes
    • Anonymity is not much of an issue anymore
    • We are not looking for content anymore. It comes to us and it’s personalized
    • 24/7
  • 2. Why “personal branding”?
  • A personal brand means being able to be more visible than others Social media is just like real life. People will notice you and your work
    • If you do not manage your own
    • online brand
    • yourself
    • Somebody else will……….
  • Who am I?
    • Rob Speekenbrink
    • [email_address]
    • Marketing & Communication
    • Consultant Online
  • 2. How to brand your own person
  • Build your network
    • What makes you tick?
    • What’s your strategy?
    • Who do you know?
    • Behave (also) online
    • Use your own name
    • Use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook but do it wisely
    • Choose your own channel(s)
    • (Start to) blog
    • Measure your effort
  • What Facebook can do for you?
    • >650 million members worldwide
    • Social networking search becomes more important than google
    • Impact is potentially endless
    • Opinion in Facebook on products and services is more important than non-friend opinions
    • 78% of consumers trust their online experts. Only 14% trusts advertisements
  • What LinkedIn can do for you
    • 55 million members worldwide
    • Average user is a 41 year old man with 15 years of working experience and a household income of > € 90.000
    • Over 80% of all companies uses LinkedIn in applications
    • Your resume is out there.
    • Network and recommendations are important
    • Find fellow experts in groups and join in the discussions
    • Exchange of knowledge will bring you further
  • What Twitter can do for you
    • Modern version of mouth to mouth advertising
    • News is now on a specific location
    • 6 degrees of separation?
    • The news finds you
    • Influence can be very great
    • Ideal way to promote your expertise
    • Ideal way to lead people to your blog
    • Ideal to start the discussion
  • Maintaining your network
    • Follow and unfollow
    • Share / blog
    • Keep participating in discussions
    • Don’t rush it
    • Publish and use social media to buzz it
    • Speak at conferences
    • Share your presentations, photo’s, video’s etc
    • Rate other people’s content
    • “ Like” on Facebook
  • Be careful
    • Much of the content can not be deleted
    • Google your name, brand and content
    • Rumors are easily spread but difficult to delete
    • Big brother is watching you
  • 4. Do’s and don’t’s of social media
  • Social media do’s and don’ts
    • Be honest, factual and do not pretend to be someone you’re not
    • Social media are means to do something, not a goal
    • Admit making mistakes and apologise
    • Respect each other
    • Do not try to censor
    • Do not attack unless you’re absolutely sure
    • It’s all about perception, not about the truth
    • Interact
    • Respect copyrights
    • Do not misbehave
    • No marketing
    TU Delft en Sociale Media
  • You cannot beat it! Join in (and make mistakes)