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Eventbranding tu delft owee
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Eventbranding tu delft owee


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Presentation on how to use (social) media to brand a TU Delft event. What works and what doesn't when branding an event on social media. …

Presentation on how to use (social) media to brand a TU Delft event. What works and what doesn't when branding an event on social media.
This presentation is customized for the OWEE (ontvangstweek eerstejaars studenten in Delft)

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. 05/30/12Challenge the futureDelftUniversity ofTechnologyOh dear, an eventWhat social media can do for your eventRob Speekenbrink, marketing & communication
  • 2. 2“Event branding” TU Delft2Contents1. Social media – a short introduction2. What works well?3. Target groups, goal, message, means4. Before5. During6. After
  • 3. 3“Event branding” TU Delft31.Social media – a short introduction
  • 4. 4“Event branding” TU Delft4QuickTime™ and adecompressorare needed to see this picture.
  • 5. 5“Event branding” TU Delft5Social?• Attitudes, orientations, or behaviors which take the interests,intentions, or needs of other people into account• The tendency to cluster with other people and to interact withthem
  • 6. 6“Event branding” TU Delft6Social media?• Wikipedia: ”media for social interaction, using highly accessibleand scalable communication techniques. Social media is the useof web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication intointeractive dialogue”• People share stories, knowledge, experience• It’s about conversations / interaction, not about pushingmessages• It’s here to stay and there’s a lot of it
  • 7. 7“Event branding” TU Delft7
  • 8. 11“Event branding” TU Delft11Do social media change events?• Event branding before, during and after• Community building• Event management (where is what and why?)• Direct feedback during event• Participation• Crisis communication channel
  • 9. 12“Event branding” TU Delft122.What works well?
  • 10. 13“Event branding” TU Delft13
  • 11. 19“Event branding” TU Delft193.Target groups, goal, message, means
  • 12. 20“Event branding” TU DelftTarget group(s)• Fresh students• They’ve had a first glimpse of Delft• Maybe they already have a room in Delft• Appr. 17-20 years old• Smart• Next (first?) big step in their lives, crucial for the rest of it• They do not know their way around• >80% has a smartphone + internet (3G)20
  • 13. 21“Event branding” TU DelftGoals of Owee• Familiarise people with city, buildings, need to knows• Get to know your fellow students• Get to know your faculty specific need to knows• Informal and social structures• Sports & Culture• Study societies• Student societies (+ recruitment)• Make them feel at home• Introduction to independency (+ consequences)21
  • 14. 22“Event branding” TU DelftMessage• Delft has a lot to offer• We are here to help you get through this first week• Have fun• Find each other and make new friends22
  • 15. 23“Event branding” TU DelftMeans (mix)• Website• Facebook• Twitter• Instagram• Newsletter?• Posters• Delta• Local newspaper(s)• Owee krant?• Use same name and hash everywhere (#OWEE ??)• Start using them now (actually never really stop)23
  • 16. 24“Event branding” TU Delft244.OWEE opportunities
  • 17. 25“Event branding” TU Delft25Current situation• Owee is a steady brand with a theme per year• Where’s @owee ? (Sarah Hassan)• No tweets on @owee_2013• No branding on Twitter• Almost no followers on Twitter• Nothing on Instagram• FB seems to be for the committee or currentstudents• FB is on website, but not Twitter
  • 18. 26“Event branding” TU Delft26Start building anetwork / communityNOW!
  • 19. 27“Event branding” TU Delft27Spot your ambassadors
  • 20. 28“Event branding” TU Delft28
  • 21. 29“Event branding” TU Delft29If you do not manage your ownOWEE brandyourselfSomebody else will……….
  • 22. 30“Event branding” TU Delft304.Before
  • 23. 31“Event branding” TU Delft31• Start with a content plan• Use Twitter and Facebook from now on• Say “leuk” if people say they are coming to owee• Monitor #tudelft to see if you can help people• Appoint a (social) media/webcare team/person• Try to claim @owee• Use them differently (Twitter: announcing, FB: (recent) lookingback)• Start using Instagram #OWEE (#Delft)• Be prepared to answer obvious questions• Communicate the hastag everywhere• Promote the app• Tell people to connect amongst each other• meetup page / facebook event page / LinkedIn(?)• Calendar42 / Michel Boerrichter?• Advertorials on other websites / blogs• Like our page and receive a free pen/agenda/whatever• Find the ..... on Facebook, share and receive ......
  • 24. 32“Event branding” TU Delft325.During
  • 25. 33“Event branding” TU DelftTU Delft en Sociale Media 33• Have a team ready to post on your socials 24h per day• Point everybody to the eduroam network (and other wifi spots)• Use the mix: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and integrate• Be prepared to answer obvious questions• Use the existing screens where or arrange screens at importantplaces• Use livebloggers, photographers (instagram!)• You (the team) participate actively by adding content (becauseyou are everywhere)• So you all need a smartphone• Interact, ask for feedback, ask for advice etc
  • 26. 34“Event branding” TU Delft34
  • 27. Monitoring
  • 28. Interactiebe prepared to answerevery question
  • 29. Sentiment
  • 30. Analyse en sentimentenbeinvloeding
  • 31. Kijk uit, kijk goed naar de inhoud vande tweet
  • 32. er kan zomaar dit achter zitten
  • 33. 41“Event branding” TU Delft41Cultural differences
  • 34. 42“Event branding” TU Delft42Live screens #
  • 35. 43“Event branding” TU Delft43Instagram
  • 36. 44“Event branding” TU Delft44Livebloggersother content as wellTHEY MUST BE EVERYWHERE!YOU ARE all part of the contibutors
  • 37. 45“Event branding” TU Delft45
  • 38. 46“Event branding” TU Delft466.After
  • 39. 47“Event branding” TU DelftTU Delft en Sociale Media 47Advice• Keep the community alive• Transfer accounts to the next generation• Share content (storify) online• Look back at the event afterwards (blog)
  • 40. Rob SpeekenbrinkConsultant Online MediaTU Delft@RobSpeekenbrink06-81834114