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Using Content at the Top of the Funnel
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Using Content at the Top of the Funnel


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  • 1. Using Content at the Top of the Funnel Rob Ousbey @RobOusbey
  • 2. Why an SEO CompanyEmbraces Content Marketing
  • 3. The business technology experts. Cloud Computing Your Guide Mobile to Surviving Workforce a Zombie CRM Apocalypse SoftwareSEOs used to create off-topic content to attract links, thus increasing Domain Authority and helping commercialcontent to rank. It generally worked reasonably well.
  • 4. The business technology experts. Cloud Computing 10 Ways to Speed Up Mobile your Office Workforce Internet CRM Connection SoftwareWe’ve skewed toward creating non-commercial content that will appeal to the same people that are interestedin our products & services. This content can be discovered through links & shares, but will also rank forrelevant terms – attracting customers who are much higher up in the sales funnel.
  • 5. -- mens razorContent marketing has also been a successful extension of SEO, when we’ve maxed out on searchers for thehead terms, or when there’s very little search volume to begin with.,
  • 6. -- mens razor -- dollar shave clubDollarShaveClub created a market for their product and for themselves.
  • 7. Simply Business
  • 8. Simply Business Guide to Social Media Success The Productivity Series Google AdWords for Small BusinessesData via:
  • 9. 36,000 FB likes 325 linking domains 47,500 FB likes 1,000 FB likes 43 linking domains 145 linking domains
  • 10. Outreach The hustle that turns great content into famous content
  • 11. Priorities for Outreach Build relationships Get Coverage Acquire Links
  • 12. Identifying Targets
  • 13. Using Google Cloud Computing Blogs best cloud computing blogs Men’s Fashion Blogs allintitle:list fashion men Rock Climbing Blogs allintitle:"list of" climbing blogs Yoga Blogs “list of” intitle:blogs intitle:yogaVia GroupHigh:
  • 14. AlltopEG:
  • 15. Competitor Analysis • Find relevant content • See who embedded / linked to it • See who linked to those embedsVia @GeoffKenyon at Distilled:
  • 16. Link Research: Open Site Explorer
  • 17. Link Research:
  • 18. Individual Research: FollowerWonk
  • 19. Individual Research: FindPeopleOnPlus
  • 20. Making Contact
  • 21. Hi Dave,I work for FishingNet, we’re a fun young company that runs, a placefor people to find and review great fishing spots. I found your blog and I can see thatyou’re a fishing lover through and through!We recently partnered with the Good Pub Guide, so that you can now find pubs nearto your favorite lakes and streams! Great, but why do you care? Well, to celebrate thispartnership we have some copies of the Good Pub Guide to give away and wonderedif you wanted one?There’s absolutely zero obligation and no strings attached – we’d love it if you wereable to post something on your site about how awesome is in return, but ifyou don’t want to that’s totally fine. Either way, we’re offering you a free book :-)If you’re interested then please let me know your address so we can get the book outto you. If you’re not interested, my sincere apologies for bothering you by email. Letme know how I can make it up to you?Thanks, Sam
  • 22. Dear Blogger: Love, WebsiteA single step approach to outreach leads to getting what you want, or not. Usually, no one ends up happy here.
  • 23. Dear Blogger: Dear Blogger: Dear Website: Dear Website: Love, Website Love, Website Love, Blogger Love, BloggerA longer conversation – a ‘multi-step’ approach – likely brings better results. If there’s only one change youmake to your outreach efforts, do this. It forces you to build relationships.
  • 24. Hi John,I’m Sam from We’re running acompetition for bloggers to win an iPad and a‘Learn French’ gift box.Let me know if you’re interested in entering yourblog, and I’ll send you all the details.Best wishes,SamanthaA shorter introductory email means you can contact more people, and with a lower barrier to response theyusually have higher engagement / response rates.
  • 25. First Contact Strategies
  • 26. First Contact Strategies For example: Follow them on Twitter Comment on their blogRetweet something of theirs Tweet at themComment again on their blog Email them
  • 27. First Contact Strategies Follow Blog Comment Retweet @ mention EmailJonathan Smith ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓Joseph Bloggs ✓ ✓Annabelle Other ✓Stanley Burrell ✓ ✓
  • 28. Pre-Outreach as aContent Marketing Tactic
  • 29. Process (Take 1)Research ContentCreateContent Push on social networksPublishContent Promote to appropriate sites
  • 30. Process (Take 2)Research Talk to relevant sites & individuals Content Publish Create Content ContentTalk to those sites again Promote on social
  • 31. Process (Take 2) Talk to relevant sites & individuals Ask these people to: give their feedback on content / draft “what do you think of this?”give their feedback on the idea / concept “would you be interested in this?” suggest resources or data “what should we include?”
  • 32. Biggest Takeaways
  • 33. Succesful content will appeal to the samepeople who are interestedin your product / services
  • 34. Content can be targetedat people who didn’t knowthey were looking for your product / services
  • 35. Promote your content to people who can give it visibility, but makerelationship building with them your priority
  • 36. Use those ‘gatekeepers’as sounding boards in thecontent-generation phase
  • 37. Using Content at the Top of the Funnel Rob Ousbey @RobOusbeyPhotos were CC licensed by: