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  • Earn the right: Rob My name is Rob Lovegrove and I have been working in communication and reputation management for almost 15 years Since 2005 I’ve been consulting specifically in digital communication strategy and techniques I have developed and implemented a global blogger outreach program for an Australian NFP – garnering coverage in more than 164 countries I created McDonald’s Australia’s first Facebook strategy My current role sees me developing transmedia programs to ensure critical touchpoints © Rowland 2009 Page
  • © Rowland 2009 Page
  • Good news – it ’ s not that complicated Bad news – it ’ s ever changing Most significant change is the mindset on narrowcasting rather than broadcasting… it ’ s much more precise and targeted – as a consequence we have to be realistic about time and effort. Social networks – Facebook, Google Plus, Orkut, LinkedIn Online advocacy – Get Up! Change.org, Causes Video sharing – YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion Blogging – Blogger, Word Press Microblogging - Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook Social tagging (bookmarking) – Delicious, StumbleUpon, Google Reader Social news – Reddit, Digg Virtual worlds – Second Life, Playstation Network, World of Warcraft Photography and art sharing – Flickr, Instagram, Pintrest Community Q+A – Wikipedia, Yahoo! Answers, Whirlpool © Rowland 2009 Page
  • ROB # 30 secs on each There are many genres Some tools serve multiple purposes but they tend to have a core purpose E.g. Facebook allows status updates (microblogging) but is primarily a social network LinkedIn enables a Twitter feed but is primarily a social network YouTube allows comments to be submitted but is primarily video sharing © Rowland 2009 Page
  • Consider traditional media and the limitations on the ‘ opportunity to see ’ Compiled by SocialMediaNews.com.au (CC BY-ND 3.0) – September 2012 IPAD interaction – Facebook user information related to Prescare © Rowland 2009 Page
  • © Rowland 2009 Page
  • © Rowland 2009 Page
  • © Rowland 2009 Page
  • Interaction with iPad to demonstrate NFP ’ s presence and use of media Mission Australia YouTube page Charity Water – Facebook and Twitter – raised in excess of $15m through social media marketing Lifeline Australia – Twitter Brotherhood of St Laurence – Facebook American Red Cross - LinkedIn © Rowland 2009 Page
  • Rowland have a built a hierarchy of social media activity Helps organisations to organise their disparate activities into a focused and structured social media strategy. This hierarchy also offers clients a road map for the future Flexible enough to withstand the pace of change surrounding social media. © Rowland 2009 Page
  • ROB Underground QANTAS Share price dropped Blamed media for relying on Twitter reports BUT: QANTAS issued a media release and did nothing on their (until then) dormant Twitter account He admitted they needed to improve their social media presence and they did exactly that © Rowland 2009 Page
  • Like any form of communication planning, better quality insight into your audience and their issues, concerns and motivations leads to more effective and efficient communication. By listening to and analysing conversations, organisations can build their understanding of customers, stakeholders and audiences. These social media insights can be gathered in many ways – ranging from statistical trend analysis generated by online monitoring tools to online audits or customised primary and secondary research. Generating statistics involves setting up and configuring an online monitoring tool to track and measure where your customers, competitors or stakeholders are interacting and, broadly, what is being said. However, capturing automated statistics is only one side of the equation. The real value is added by interpreting the sentiment or tone of a conversation and anticipating the likelihood of it escalating into a significant reputation opportunity or risk. © Rowland 2009 Page
  • © Rowland 2009 Page
  • Second strategy an organisation should consider is Prepare: test and learn Something that should be done before you set up accounts or start to publish content Goal is to build capacity and align organisation in behind the strategy Many organisations skip this stage Things to consider Research (define audiences and brand personality) Social media policy Build capacity Reputation management (issues management, escalation path, spokesperson, approvals) Crisis planning © Rowland 2009 Page
  • © Rowland 2009 Page
  • QPS ‘ lessons learnt ’ : If you are not doing social media, do it now. If you wait until its needed, it will be too late Rething clearance processes. Trust your staff to release information Do not treat social media as something special or separate from normal work processes. It should be integrated as standard practice Do not use social media solely to push out information. Use it to receive feedback and involve your online community © Rowland 2009 Page
  • Demonstrate activist groups online – relevant to Prescare Demonstrate activating too late © Rowland 2009 Page
  • Content marketing strategy Schedule of: Articles Resources Tips Topics Links © Rowland 2009 Page
  • Tailoring your content is only one step Delivering your message is key It requires an understanding of who you are speaking with and how they want to be spoken to Need to develop your online brand persona Skittles use a very different persona to QPSMedia Datafication project based in Sydney have mapped Twitter conversations according to Karl Jung’s archetypes Four dominant personalities The Lover (connectors, earnest – Delta Goodrem) The Caregiver (care, nurturing – Whole Foods Market) The Jester (humour, off-beat – Joe Hildebrand) The Sage (truth, mythbusters, in the know – McKinsey Quarterly) Not suggesting applied to literally but an interesting look at the mechanics of matching tone to target audiences © Rowland 2009 Page
  • © Rowland 2009 Page
  • RSPCA © Rowland 2009 Page
  • © Rowland 2009 Page
  • The Issue: 100,000 dogs are needlessly euthanised every year in Australia. Most people think rescue dogs are damaged goods. No TV spend Investment in digital app Hero channel = ‘ earned media ’ Strategy: Share their stories Get people talking Refer consumers to hero assets Create awareness to bust the myth! How? Engage mass consumer audiences via earned media: Traditional & Social Use real life rescue dogs to inspire Empower action via media / influencer discussion: Website, Facebook & Dog‐A‐Like App Create bespoke news packages Engage high profile ambassadors Prepare for any reputation issues © Rowland 2009 Page
  • © Rowland 2009 Page
  • 38% increase (3 month campaign period only) © Rowland 2009 Page
  • © Rowland 2009 Page
  • © Rowland 2009 Page
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    1. 1. Social media: managingreputation in real time…15 February 2013Commercial-in-confidence
    2. 2. Welcome● Social media 101● Online landscape● The big four● Social media strategy ○ Strategy 1 – Listen ○ Strategy 2 – Prepare ○ Strategy 3 – Connect ○ Strategy 4 – Engage
    3. 3. Social media 101
    4. 4. Social media 101 - Social media landscape● Social networks – Facebook, Google Plus, Orkut, LinkedIn● Online advocacy – Get Up! Change.org, Causes● Video sharing – YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion● Blogging – Blogger, Word Press● Microblogging - Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook● Social tagging (bookmarking) – Delicious, StumbleUpon, Google Reader● Social news – Reddit, Digg● Virtual worlds – Second Life, Playstation Network, World of Warcraft● Photography and art sharing – Flickr, Instagram, Pintrest● Community Q+A – Wikipedia, Yahoo! Answers, Whirlpool
    5. 5. Australian media landscape●Monthly active users Time per visit ○ Facebook – 11,500,000 25mins 43secs ○ YouTube – 11,000,000 17mins 35secs ○ Blogspot – 3,800,000 6mins 40secs ○ LinkedIn – 2,200,000 8mins 50secs ○ Twitter – 2,114,000 11mins 20 secs●Traditional print ○ Herald Sun – 515,500 ○ The Daily Telegraph – 374,395 ○ The Courier-Mail – 216,638
    6. 6. Australian social media landscape
    7. 7. Australian social media landscape
    8. 8. Australian social media landscape
    9. 9. THE BIG 4
    10. 10. Social media strategy – Social media road map
    11. 11. Strategy One > Listen > Why do we listen?
    12. 12. Strategy One > Listen ○ Google Alerts ○ Twitter advanced search ○ Tweetdeck ○ Social mention ○ Hootsuite ○ Beevolve ○ Dialogix ○ Radian6 ○ BuzzNumbers
    13. 13. Strategy One > Listen > Outcome● Define issues and opportunities● Map stakeholders● Manage keywords● Listen beyond your trademarks● Select a listening tool that best fits your needs● Measure influence and outreach
    14. 14. Strategy Two > Prepare● Social media policy● Build capacity● Reputation management● Escalation planning● Insights
    15. 15. Strategy Two > Prepare > QPS case study
    16. 16. Strategy Two > Prepare > QPS case study
    17. 17. Strategy Two > Prepare > Outcomes● Do more than write a social media policy: engage● Knowledge at all levels● Mainstream media will adapt, not disappear● Journos manage their own reputations online now● Be prepared – don’t wait for the issue or opportunity
    18. 18. Strategy Three > Connect ● No short cuts – build one conversation at a time ● Editorial team ● Curation v creation ● Thought leadership ● Advice-based content ● Give something, offer value ● Above all – BE USEFUL!
    19. 19. Strategy Three > Connect > Online brand persona 13 Jungian archetypes: 1. Lover 8. Hero 2. Caregiver 9. Explorer 3. Jester 10. Innocent 4. Sage 11. Magician 5. Creator 12. Shadow 6. Ruler 13. Outlaw 7. Everyman (source: http://www.datafication.com.au)
    20. 20. Strategy Three > Connect > Outcomes● Cannot leverage a network which does not exist● No shortcuts – one conversation at a time● Identify creators and curators● Begin editorial team● Prepare a content schedule● Consider online persona/s
    21. 21. Social media strategy – Enhance● Viral campaigns ○ Everyone wants their campaign to go viral ○ Be realistic in what you’re promised / what you promise● Competitions, incentives, special offers ○ Highlight a new service line or offer ○ Encourage followers to share stories● Webcasting ○ AGM or media call● Video/animation ○ UGC ○ Tell ‘the people’s story’
    22. 22. Strategy Four > Engage > Integrated campaignsPAIDEARNEDSHAREDOWNED
    23. 23. Strategy Four > Engage > Integrated campaigns
    24. 24. Strategy Four > Engage > Integrated campaignsResults:● Twitter reach: +1 Million in one day● Earned media: 30 Million *OTS● 95% media coverage featured references / links to Website, Facebook or App● Underdog Day: 7,000 engagements● 168,000 bowls of dog food donated● Dog‐A‐Like was #1 App in iTunes● 1000 mobile downloads every day● 173,000 new Facebook Likes● 5.8 million Dog‐A‐Like Facebook users
    25. 25. Strategy Four > Engage > Integrated campaigns● More importantly…● More than 6,200 dogs saved in three months!
    26. 26. Strategy Four> Enhance > Outcomes● Viral vs sharable● Engaging content still the goal● Integrated campaigns ○ Paid ○ Earned ○ Shared ○ Owned● Digital assets the new ‘hero’ assets
    27. 27. thank you…