Social media and digital communication strategies for canada's public sector


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Social Media and Fraud - Robert Cairns

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Social media and digital communication strategies for canada's public sector

  1. 1. February 25 – 26, 2014 • Ottawa, Ontario Our Faculty HEAR FROM EXPERIENCED LEADERS INCLUDING THESE EXPERTS: Mark Hudson, Vice-President UNIFORGE INC. Mark Farmer, Digital Strategist, Communications and Public Affairs YORK UNIVERSITY Christian Riel, Manager, Public Affairs and Outreach, CANADIAN INSTITUTES OF HEALTH RESEARCH David Rodier Vice-President, Public Sector HILL+KNOWLTON STRATEGIES Joseph Peters, Senior Vice-President, Social, Digital and Public Engagement HILL+KNOWLTON STRATEGIES Jason Prini, Partner UNIFORGE INC. Robert Cairn, Web Designer, Internet Security and Social Media Consultant ROBERTBCAIRNS.COM Bruce Skeaff, Social Media Planner ONTARIO MINISTRY OF LABOUR Martin Hofmann, Principal, OVERSEA STRATEGIES How to Leverage New Media Channels and Build Communication Plans That Deliver Results proactive ❑ P Getintegratingstrategies from Canadian Institutes of Health Research on social media into your overall communications strategy ❑ P Learn how Parks Canada is engaging citizens through its social media platforms ❑ P Understand why investing in real social media content is the future of your organization ❑ P Get the strategies to develop and monitor your own Web 2.0 community of building ❑ P Enhance your understanding implement ita social data archival strategy and finding the right tools to ❑ P Create business goals and how they matter when measuring ROI ❑ P Learn to engage your audience by developing a compelling story ❑ P Hear about why online communications is important during a crisis team ❑ P Build amedia with the skills and experience you need to be effective in social ❑ P Participate in a group exercise and practice creating social media content plans REGISTER NOW! Call 1.800.474.4829 Fax 1.800.474.4829 |
  2. 2. Social Media&Digital Communication Strategies for Canada's Public Sector February 25 – 26, 2014 OTTAWA, ONTARIO DAY ONE PROGRAM AGENDA: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2014 7:30 – 8:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast Welcome and Opening Remarks from the Chair • • • • 8:40 – 9:30 David Rodier has over two decades experience providing support and advice to senior officials from the federal government, national non-governmental organizations and the private sector. He specializes primarily in health and innovation, science and technology. 8:30 – 8:40 Mark Hudson, Vice-President, UniForge Inc. Creative Social Media Experiments Changing communications platforms in Canada's public sector Identifying the implications underlying the changes Complying with the regulations Emerging e-communications channels Mark Farmer, Digital Strategist, Communications and Public Affairs, York University • Creating a culture of experimentation on social platforms • Examples of experiments with specific social media • How to measure results • Agility, rapid experimentation and scrappiness for large institutions • Embracing risk, failure and other elements of experimentation Joseph Peters co-founded Ascentum in 2003, which grew into one of Canada's leading public engagement firms. He has helped integrate the public engagement, social and digital tools and philosophy into many new client assignments since Hill+Knowlton acquired Ascentum in 2012. Joseph was a 2007 recipient of the Ottawa Top 40 Under 40 award, and holds an MBA from the University of Ottawa. Mark Farmer has over a dozen years of experience in the field, working for nonprofits and commercial enterprises, one-man shops and large multinational corporations in Canada and abroad. He spent five years as webmaster and then creative director for Earth Day Canada, before shifting to digital communications for organizations such as the Royal Ontario Museum, Intuit's Global Business Division and York University. 1:30 – 2:20 CASE STUDY 9:30 – 10:20 Social Media Communications for Greater Public Outreach and Engagement Christian Riel, Manager, Public Affairs and Outreach, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) • How CIHR has managed to connect with more than a million individual via social media—a number that continues to grow • Building a team with the skills and experience you need to be effective in social media • Monitoring and measuring social media • Integrating social media into your overall communications strategy For the past 25 years, Christian Riel has devoted his life to the promotion of science and technology among young Canadians and the general public. Christian has years of communications experience at a variety of science-based organizations, including the Canada Science and Technology Museum (Ottawa) and the Merck Frosst Centre for Therapeutic Research (Montreal). 10:20 – 10:40 10:40 – 11:30 Networking Break CASE STUDY Using Social Media Communications for Greater Public Engagement at Parks Canada Ellen Bertrand, Director, External Relations Branch, Parks Canada Widely recognized as a leader in the use of social media, Parks Canada will outline how they engage citizens through their social media platforms. The presentation will provide an overview of how Parks Canada got started, the progress they've made and the various ways they engage different audiences for varying engagement objectives. 12:30 – 1:30 Luncheon Break Using Web 2.0 for Communication, Collaboration, and Engagement Jason Prini, Partner, UniForge Inc. • Developing and monitoring your own Web 2.0 community • Key features of Web 2.0 technologies • Producing and distributing digital content • Strategies for Web 2.0 community engagement Jason Prini develops web projects, provides strategic advice, speaks publicly, and develops and delivers technology training. Standard-compliant, accessible, and responsive systems and experiences have long been core principles of his development methodology. He has over 15 years experience working with public sector clients such as governments, school boards, universities and colleges, as well as non-profits and private companies. 2:20 – 3:10 Social Media and Fraud Prevention Outline Robert Cairns, Web Designer, Internet Security and Social Media Consultant, • Fraud and identity theft on social media • Specific issues with Facebook and Twitter and with respect to fraud • How to prevent fraud and protect your organization from fraud on social media platforms • How to report fraud in social media Rob Cairns has over 25 years experience working in the technology field. Rob has been a programmer, network support analyst and a project leader working in both insurance and health care. His client base comes from all types of industries both local and international. Rob is the 2013 winner of the Power Awards Social Media Award. Rob is also a member of Greater Toronto Social Media Working Group for Fraud Prevention. 3:10 – 3:30 Networking Break 3:30 – 4:20 Empowering Your Social Media Governance Model 11:30 – 12:30 Arianne Mulaire, Marketing Strategist and Co-founder, Reachology • Putting "social" back in social media: policies that work for your organization, with your employees • Big Internet, little time: effective information gathering that feeds your policies and builds your business • The "oops" moment: building a crisis management plan • Checks and balances: How is your policy doing? David Rodier, Vice-President, Public Sector, Hill+Knowlton Strategies Joseph Peters, Senior Vice-President, National Practice Leader, Social, Digital and Public Engagement, Hill+Knowlton Strategies During her time in the Government of Canada, Arianne Mulaire worked on projects that included two Royal tours and the Vancouver Olympics. She was part of a collaborative government-wide initiative to develop public service-wide Social Media Guidelines and Web 2.0 policies. She also managed the online presence for the Task Force for Payment System Review at the Department of Finance. Ellen Bertrand is responsible for developing strategies to connect millions of Canadians to their national treasures. This work includes nurturing partnerships and stakeholder relations, developing targeted national outreach programs, including broadcasting, social media and community events. Many of these programs integrate the Parks Canada brand, messaging and presence into partner venues, events and platforms. Social Media Communications Initiatives Planning Register Now! Call 1.800.474.4829 Fax 1.800.558.6520 WWW.INFONEX.CA
  3. 3. Social Media&Digital Communication Strategies for Canada's Public Sector February 25 – 26, 2014 OTTAWA, ONTARIO DAY TWO PROGRAM AGENDA: WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 2014 7:30 – 8:30 Continental Breakfast 8:30 – 8:40 Opening Remarks from the Chair Mark Hudson, Vice-President, UniForge Inc. 8:40 – 9:30 Delivering Communications Objectives in Terms of Your Bottom-Line Results Bruce Skeaff, Social Media Planner,Ontario Ministry of Labour • Using the same vocabulary for delivering your communications and business objectives • Importance of strategic planning • Evaluating your programs' platforms: do they deliver your objectives? • Examples from your own organization Bruce Skeaff is a communicator of over 20 years' experience in the Ontario Public Service. Before that, he was a newspaper reporter for 13 years. In 2000, he joined the Ministry of Labour where he currently holds the position of Social Media Planner, leading one of the most successful government social media teams in Canada. He also teaches social media for business at Seneca College. 9:30 – 10:20 H1N1 Crisis Management Plan Strategy Mark Hudson, Vice-President, UniForge Inc. • Why is online communications is important during a crisis • Planning your online response • What channels to use • Evaluating your online activity • Strategies, implementation and lessons learned Mark Hudson spent twenty-seven years working in 9 federal departments envisioning, directing and delivering government communications, marketing and consultation strategies. As a Special Assistant, Press Secretary and a Legislative Assistant Mark has advised the most senior levels of government including several cabinet ministers, the Deputy Prime Minister and the Prime Minister. He is the former e-Communications Executive for the Public Health Agency of Canada where he was responsible for engaging audiences through online mediums. While at the Agency Mark was an early adopter in the government's use of social media such as during the 2008 Listeriosis outbreak and while directing online communications during the H1N1 flu pandemic 10:20 – 10:40 Networking Break Moving at the Speed of Social Media Jennifer Shah, Vice-President, Fleishman-Hillard • Identifying challenges in today's public sector: - setting the right procedures in place for a quick reaction - achieving dynamic participation within digital and social channels • Determining processes and policies within the realities and confines of your organization • Leveraging real world examples for achievable results Jennifer Shah is the digital practice lead for Canada and is responsible for strategic consultation and the hands-on integration of digital solutions for clients across the country, as well as serving as a senior member of Fleishman-Hillard's global digital leadership team. She is a seasoned professional with more than 13 years of experience, specifically in the areas of digital communications and strategy. Shah has worked with numerous organizations on a global scale and some of the most respected brands in Canada, leveraging her vast experience to offer clients the best mix of tactics and tools available. 12:30 – 1:30 1:30 – 3:00 Luncheon Break EXTENDED INTERACTIVE SESSION Why Investing in Your Social Media Content Matters Vicki Schouten, Founder and CEO, Vinyl21 Communications • Why investing in real social media content is the future of your organization • How content investment fuels rapid social channel growth • Creating a social media content plan and define its success • Why it's important for internal communications to think and act like a newsroom • How to engage your audience and develop a compelling story • Group Exercise: Social Media Writing Vicki Schouten is founder and CEO of Vinyl 21 Communications Inc., an Ottawa-based social media management and digital marketing agency that specializes in providing strategic advice on social media campaigns, website development and mobile marketing solutions to small- and medium-sized firms across North America. Vicki brings with her over 18 years marketing and communications experience in both the private and public sector in Canada and abroad. She also serves as an Associate with the Centre of Excellence in Communications. 3:00 – 3:15 Networking Break 3:15 – 4:20 10:40 – 11:30 Fueling the Data Drive: Facebook and Twitter DataMining Solutions for Digital Communicators Adrian J. Ebsary, Online Community Specialist, University of Ottawa • Building a social data archival strategy and finding the right tools to implement it • Template formulas for getting the most of your CSV files in Microsoft Excel • Extending lessons learned from Facebook Insights dashboard • Using the free web app Netlytic to visualize networks and keyword-usage on Twitter Adrian J. Ebsary develops digital communications strategies, plans social media policy, and manages the University of Ottawa's primary social networking accounts. He advises on social widget integration and plays the role of data scientist with our online marketing campaigns. Adrian provides support and training to public relations staff across campus and coordinates the maintenance of a digital media best practices wiki. He also volunteers with iOrphan Canada's board, consults on a variety of digital marketing projects and has spoken at nearly a dozen conferences in the last two years. Register Now! 11:30 – 12:30 Call 1.800.474.4829 Social Media and Content Marketing: Measuring ROI Martin Hofmann, Principal, Oversea Strategies • Content and data: the new love affair • Knowing where to start and what to use • Measuring what matters (to your bosses) • Connecting the dots with business metrics • Integrating with other marketing programs • Acting on data insights Martin Hofmann is a communications and marketing strategist with 20 years of private and public sector experience. For most of his career, Martin has led integrated digital communications programs at marketing and public relations consultancies in Germany and Canada. He also worked for a member of the German Federal Parliament, Deutsche Telekom, and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. Before founding Oversea Strategies, Martin was Senior Vice-President of social and digital communications at a Toronto-based PR, influencer marketing and social media agency. 4:20 – 4:30 Closing Remarks from the Chair Fax 1.800.558.6520 WWW.INFONEX.CA
  4. 4. Social Media&Digital Communication Strategies for Canada's Public Sector February 25 – 26, 2014 OTTAWA, ONTARIO YOUR INVITATION TO ATTEND JoinSHOULD ATTEND Your Peers WHO Executive Directors, Directors, Managers, Advisors of: • • • • • • • • • • • • Dear Colleague, nce, employees, municate with your audie is changing how you com ies, collaboration Social media about building communit ers in every way. It is all organizations deliver and stakehold dia is a place where your iendly content. Social me s of your social media and user-fr ver, achieving real result l plement initiatives. Howe and im is not easy to draw the ful ut strategic planning. It . grams can be hard witho pro or assessed tives are being received picture of how your initia Canada's Public mmunications Strategies for Social Media and Digital Co social media programs INFONEX's ht leaders to share their s together industry thoug audiences. Our faculty Sector bring se your engagement with dia t new methods to increa and sugges ys to leverage social me timely and proactive wa soned leaders will share of sea outlets. munications search expanded its com ian Institutes of Health Re g and created the Hear how Canad YouTube, Flickr, and a blo lude Facebook, Twitter, how Parks Canada got activities to inc ation channel. Discover th traditional communic synergy wi de and the various ways the progress they've ma using social media tools, started nt objectives. Understand s for different engageme ok data for engage different audience they from Twitter and Facebo draw additional insights how to transform and grams. your communications pro n and dialogue ur organization's interactio t social media plays in yo in Ottawa and take The role tha nt now than ever. Join us audience is more importa with your away. Register today! you can implement right practical strategies that away Communications Internal Communications External Communications Public Relations and Public Affairs Employee Communications Community Consultation Electronic Communications Information Technology (IT) New Media and Interactive Media Intranet and Internet Government Online Web Content SPONSORSHIP & EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITIES If you would like to increase your visibility with communications and engagement professionals in the public service, you need to be at Social Media and Digital Communication Strategies for Canada's Public Sector. A limited number of sponsorship options are available, including: • Exhibit Space • Luncheon Sincerely, • Breakfast • Documentation Chris Graham ces Vice-President, Conferen INFONEX Inc. For more information or to check availability, contact our sponsorship department by telephone at 1.800.474.4829, ext. 285, or by email at “ “ Learned more about why we should be using social media and how it will help . . . lots of information now to take back to senior management to build our case for why we need to do this. — Manager Web Services HRSDC Good case studies, very interesting facts. Register Now! — New Media Communications Advisor TRANSPORT CANADA Call 1.800.474.4829 “ “ “ “ “ “ • Cocktail Reception The seminar provided very useful info to take back to management in order to make better decisions in our use of social media tools (when to use, what, how to measure and importance of planning) — Web Communications Advisor HEALTH CANADA Really liked it! Looking forward to apply what I’ve learned within my organization...Great variety of subjects, case studies, and insights. — Communications Officer FINANCIAL CONSUMER AGENCY OF CANADA Fax 1.800.558.6520 WWW.INFONEX.CA
  5. 5. Social Media&Digital Communication Strategies for Canada's Public Sector February 25 – 26, 2014 OTTAWA, ONTARIO FOUR KEY BENEFITS OF ATTENDING: LOCATION: 1) Learn how to engage stakeholders and upper management to maximize ROI Social Media and Digital Communications Strategies for Canada's Public Sector will be held at a convenient location in Ottawa, ON. Detailed venue information will be provided with your registration confirmation. 2) Hear how social media outlets can help you reach the public faster and on a wide scale during crisis 3) Find out ways to integrate governance policies for responsible social media use 4) Acquire new apparoaches for building strategic social media programs REGISTER BY PHONE, ON-LINE, OR IN THESE 3 EASY STEPS! 1 PRINT YOUR NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION Mr./Ms./Mrs.____________________________________________Title____________________________ Organization ______________________________________________________________________________ Name of Approving Manager_______________________________________Title_________________________ Address _________________________________________________________________________________ City ______________________________ ______ Province_______ Postal Code _______________________ Telephone ( )___________________________ Ext_____________ Fax ( ) ______________________ Email address _____________________________________________________________________________ YOUR REGISTRATION INCLUDES: Registration fees include all course materials, continental breakfast, lunch, and refreshments. Parking and accommodation are not included. SPONSORSHIP, EXHIBITION, AND PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES: Increase your visibility with public sector communications professionals at Social Media and Digital Communications Strategies for Canada's Public Sector. A limited number of sponsorship options are available. Contact our sponsorship department by telephone at 1.800.474.4829, ext. 285, or by email at Company’s main line of business____________________________________ Number of Employees:________ 2 CANCELLATION POLICY: SELECT YOUR PREFERRED PAYMENT METHOD Prices subject to HST. FULL PRICE Register by JANUARY 31 Course for Groups of 3 + $1,999 each $1,799 each Course for Groups of 2 $2,099 each $1,899 each $2,199 $1,999 Course for One Registrant *Groups must register together at the same time to be eligible for group rates. ❑ Method of Payment: ❑ VISA ❑ MasterCard Register b y JANUARY 31 to SAV E $200 off the reg u course fee lar . ❑ Cheque enclosed, payable to INFONEX Inc. Card Number: ___________________________________________ Exp. Date: ________ / ________ Signature: _______________________________________________________________ ❑ Please check box if you are GST/HST exempt 3 Exemption #___________________________ SEND US YOUR REGISTRATION WEBSITE: FAX: 1.800.558.6520 @ EMAIL: ☎ TELEPHONE: 1.800.474.4829 ✉ Substitutions may be made at any time. If you are unable to attend, please make cancellations in writing and fax to 1-800558-6520 no later than February 11, 2014. A credit voucher will be issued to you for the full amount, redeemable against any other INFONEX course and which is valid for twelve months (one year) from the date of issue. If you prefer, you may request a refund of fees paid, less a 15% administration fee. Registrants who cancel after February 11, 2014, will not be eligible to receive any credits or refunds and are liable for the entire registration fee. Confirmed registrants who do not cancel by February 11, 2014, and fail to attend will be liable for the entire registration fee. DISCOUNT CODE: 1103-W MAIL: INFONEX INC. 360 Bay Street, Suite 900 Toronto, Ontario M5H 2V6 GST/HST No. R134050012 INFONEX reserves the right to cancel any conference it deems necessary. In the unlikely event that a conference is cancelled, INFONEX's liability is limited to paid registration fees; INFONEX will not assume any further liability for incidental costs including (but not limited to) hotel and air fare. INFONEX also reserves the right to change the date, location, and content for event(s) offered herein without further notice and assumes no liability for such changes. Visit for current conference information. INFONEX is a registered business name of INFONEX INC.