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presentation to the trustees of the school district of Mystery Lake

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  • This program included our travelling to Quebec in (month) and the students from Ecole Mt. Ste Anne coming to Thompson Wed Apr 30 to Wed May 7th.
    purpose of this presentation is to give you a feel of what happened when our visitors were here in Thompson and some idea of the many people who made this exchange possible
  • Arrival at airport
  • our welcome signs
  • meeting old friends
  • finding your billets
  • and host families
  • We took our partner chaperones to this condo, Thank you to Vale for donating the accomodations to us for the week
  • end of day 1
  • Day 2 -Tour of Vale. Thanks to Melanie Thompson
    Learning and Development Coordinator for organizing our site visit
  • other groups Wolf geocaching. Thanks to Volker Beckmann who organized this for us and joined us on our spirit way walk
  • other groups Wolf geocaching
  • other groups Wolf geocaching
  • other groups Wolf geocaching
  • this part ended with a museum tour. Thanks to Tanna Teneycke
    Executive Director
  • other groups participated in teepee teachings. We would like to thank Jack Robinson for sharing his wisdom with us and our guests
  • supper at RDPC cafeteria. thanks to the UCN language arts festival organizers for inviting us for supper
  • Chad solomon with 2 of the students and his puppets
  • Meet at RDPC (Letkemann Theatre) for Community
    Festival of the arts event : Performances by Ian Ross (playright, comedian), David Robertson (Author-sugar falls), Chad Solomon (pupeteer), Benjamin Paul, Dennis Day and Ron Cook (storystellers). Open mic to end the night.
  • then home at 9:30pm with their host families. end of day 2
  • next day a visit to wuskwatim was planned. Thanks to Tim Wenstob for organizing this trip.
  • BUT! the
    road washed out so in great northern fashion we quickly went to plan B
  • plan B a trip to Pisew falls
  • social cam - Pisew falls
  • then to bankside to learn to play pool
  • and some socializing. Thanks to Bankside for the group discount.
  • a visit to Thompson wouldn’t be complete without a trip to popeyes.
  • 64 wimpy’s to go please!
  • It’s 2:30 lets zoomba with Samantha Long.
  • then home to host families at 3:30. End of day 3
  • Saturday and sunday Activities with the host family (hockey, skiing, fishing,
    Paint Lake, Pisew Falls, hiking, etc.)
  • doing what people here do
  • visiting the sites
  • students and chaperones, seeing things they have never seen before
  • On Saturday I took the chaperones to visit the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation
  • and to sasagiu rapids on sunday for supper
  • end of the weekend day’s 4 and 5
  • the next day it was off to wabowden. thanks to Loretta Dykun for organizing this day trip for us, and the daytime activities at TRCC on our next day.
  • Monday to WAbowden
    Traditional medicine picking
  • poplar buds to make medicine
  • fur trapper presentation
  • and McKenna learning to skin an animal
  • a wolverine
  • making bannock
  • social cam bannock on a stick
  • thanks to our presenters in Wabowden.
  • end of day 6
  • for our last full day together we were off to the TRCC
  • Jewelry Making with Jennette Sayers
  • Art workshop with Jasyn Lucas
  • Making medicine wheels with Ron & Shelly Cook
  • and soap stone carving with Irvin Head
  • these are some of Irvin’s works
  • socialcam - soapstone carving
  • Mocassin making with Jackie Gulick
  • then it was back to École riverside
  • for the next hour we played Lazer tag.
  • Thanks to Melanie Ouelette for donating her lazer tag setup and managing the games for us
  • some students chose fiddling with Jennilee Martenaux
  • and some chose ipad rock band with M. Allard
  • we ended our evening with a feast for SEVEC participants and host families
  • with entertainment by Ricky Pronteau and Jenilee Martineau
  • ended with a community feast with host families and our guests
  • end of day 7
  • wed morning early our guests departed for their return trip to Quebec
  • Lona at Greygoose Bus lines for all her assistance
    Allison Kissick for helping to chaperone here in Thompson
    Bonnie Rempel for chaperoning in Quebec
    The city of thompson for providing Rudy the ravens for the gift bags
    The trustees of the school district of mystery Lake for the toque donations
    M. Kristin Donovan for writing the original proposal to SEVEC
  • for inviting our visitors into their homes
  • and Mme. Melyssa Girard for organizing the majority of this experience for our students. When Kristin couldn’t proceed as project lead Melyssa stepped right up and did a great job on this project.
  • and everyone had lots of fun and it’s an experience our students will never forget
  • answer any questions or respond to statements as required
  • Sevec school board presentation

    1. 1. Rob Fisher, Principal École Riverside School Thompson, Mb. École Riverside School SEVEC exchange program Presentation to the trustees of the SDML June 10,2014
    2. 2. X
    3. 3. Francis Hall Val Parker Betty Wolanski Robert Ducharme Carol Sanoffsky Bernie Jonasson Martha Jonasson Donna Sanoffsky Brian Sheltka
    4. 4. Thank you also to....
    5. 5. and our parents and their families
    6. 6. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
    7. 7. questions
    8. 8. Credits and thanks to the staff and students of École Riverside school and École Mt. Ste. Anne for providing many wonderful examples of student learning and engagement to share..... all other images by robcfisher and Melyssa Girard exterior of popeyes and TRCC by Rachel Fisher waskwatum dam, sasagui rapids, wabowden sign courtesy of google