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presentation to trustees, current projects and a day at our school

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  • I thought I would begin the presentation this evening by showing you some things that were happening in our school yesterday (friday)
  • but of course it didn’t look like this, it looked like
  • this
  • we always start our day with students singing O’Canada
  • followed by students wishing other students happy birthday
  • this class was starting the day with a bit of guided reading (en Francais) from our guided reading lab
  • of course people have to bring attendance to the office if they have a substitute teacher
  • Mme. Erin’s grade 2’s were creating movies using showme. These will be shown to parents at SLC tomorrow. here is a Demo of a grade1 clip
  • at the same time in our computer lab our grade 4’s were doing the “tell them from me survey”
  • we had guests, Andy McKeil from St. James, and student teacher’s from UCN in our school
  • The UCN students observed the show me lesson in grade 2, Mme. Donovan’s class creating movies with Imovie in grade 5, and this music class where they played a song on the ipads
  • students were grouped into drums and other instruments
  • then sang the song. I left before they sang the song and played at the same time on the ipads
  • while this was going on students in our grade 8 class were using glogster, collecting samples of their work in preparation for student led conferences
  • this gives you an idea of what a glogster creation looks like
  • and every friday is goodie day for staff at recess break
  • after recess we had our remembrance day ceremonies
  • our assembly began with this video, but I’ll let you know more about that in a couple of minutes
  • our assembly is emceed by our grade 8 students
  • and everyone helps with the decorations
  • also on Friday we applied for this award. explain the selection process. top 15 selected for stage 2 application. 7 projects are selected, prizes $7000, $3000, and $1000. Featured nation-wide.
  • Our projects have these foci. Explain how the project began from the novel study “the breadwinner trillogy”
  • explain the projects. Using the application as a guide. Explain all 6 projects briefly under this cycle.
  • Children at war project. Starting last year, we begin our remembrance day ceremonies with this video that was created by our grade 7 students last year as a result of this project. Thanks to veteran Merv McKay pictured in this photo for many of the images used. PLAY VIDEO
  • Here are a few other projects we are working on
  • our parent council is currently doing a book fair. $3000 worth of books were recently donated to our school
  • and Our parent advisory council is organizing this event
  • We have received $800 from MTS to cover substitute costs for some of our teachers to meet and discuss more effective use of smartboards in our school.
  • We are struggling to purchase more needed smartboards, but we are currently working on it.
  • we also received a $900 ManAce Seed grant
  • we were featured in the ManAce journal- Spring issue
  • and this is what this project is about
  • this is a qr code. Demonstrate how they work using my phone and qrbeamer. This code links back to our school website
  • we are also discussing expanding our recycling program. We already recycle paper products
  • but we are discussing to include the recycle everywhere, recycling beverage waste initiative. We are about to start a pilot project recycling drink containers.
    But we also know creating no waste is even better so we are purchasing (slide)
  • one of these --refillable bottle stations. Explain how they work. I have applied for a grant for 25% of this amount so far
  • I would like to conclude this evenings presentation, with a number....... 91%. This is the number of (slide)
  • our students who graduated last June from RDPC, who were in grade 8 with us 4 years ago. Here at École Riverside I’d like to say on behalf of our parents, teachers, and students, we are all very proud of this result.
  • answer any questions or respond to statements as required
  • School board presentation

    1. 1. École Riverside School Presentation to the trustees of the SDML Nov 12, 2013 Kindergarten grad June 2013 Rob Fisher, Principal École Riverside School Thompson, Mb.
    2. 2. Social Justice Making a difference in our world Infusing technology Peer to peer learning
    3. 3. The “It’s our backyard too!” project Action Issue Research Initiative Presentation to peers
    4. 4. Other projects
    5. 5. Reflective professional practice grant “Smarter use of Smartboards”
    6. 6. seed grant Our books are QRCoded! Hear what we think.
    7. 7. 91%
    8. 8. questions “learning is a conversation”
    9. 9. “Kindergarten grad June 2013” By robcfisher “Summer image of École Riverside school” By google streetview “Winter image of École Riverside school” By robcfisher “Show me creation” courtesy of Mme. Pankratz gr 1 “Glogster example” courtesy of Mme. Girard and Jasmin Marks Credits “Lest we forget” created by Teresa Burrows “Rememberance day 2012 video” created by Hannah Murdy, Matt Tretiak and Matt Rempel “MAPC poster” created by Manitoba association of Parent councils “MTS and ManAce logo’s” used with permission from the parent associations “ManAce seed grant video” created by robcfisher and Keyanna Boycho Oulette all other images by robcfisher and thanks to the staff of École Riverside school for providing many wonderful examples of student learning and engagement to share.....