Cosl winter conference feb 14 2014


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Cosl winter conference feb 14 2014

  1. 1. “Do you have to be a geek to be an effective principal in today’s schools?” Presentation @ the Council of School Leaders Winter conference Feb 14, 2014 Rob Fisher, Principal École Riverside School Thompson, Mb.
  2. 2. Everything I’m doing today has been saved online and publicly accessable so you don’t have to write everything down as we go. I’ll show you where that is in 3 minutes
  3. 3. Start I’d like to introduce myself a bit differently this morning so to start off
  4. 4. who am I I’d like to tell you who am I
  5. 5. if you don’t know robcfisher If you don’t know robcfisher
  6. 6. this is me
  7. 7. you already know you already know
  8. 8. I’m currently the principal of École Riverside School
  9. 9. you may not know
  10. 10. born
  11. 11. raised
  12. 12. here
  13. 13. more specifically
  14. 14. here in North end Kingston
  15. 15. grandma When I grew up, My grandma lived in our backyard
  16. 16. here. When she passed away i moved in and went to school
  17. 17. here
  18. 18. Queen’s University thats Queens university
  19. 19. Kingston in Kingston
  20. 20. that looks like this
  21. 21. and like this
  22. 22. B. Arts I received one of these
  23. 23. B. Phe and this
  24. 24. B. Ed. and this
  25. 25. M. Ed. and this
  26. 26. began teaching I began my teaching career
  27. 27. here
  28. 28. guest As a guest
  29. 29. of the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation
  30. 30. 19 for 19 years
  31. 31. first My first teaching assignment was
  32. 32. Phys. Ed. Phys Ed
  33. 33. here
  34. 34. at the community hall
  35. 35. Cree where I learned some cree words like astum
  36. 36. come here! astum --that means come here and ati apay
  37. 37. sit down! ati apay --that means sit down and chee sqwa
  38. 38. wait! chee sqwa -- that means wait But I learned It was better to learn words like
  39. 39. better neeganan chee sqwa that means wait But I learned It was better to know words like kinanaskomitten awow kapitooteak neeganan
  40. 40. that means welcome to our home
  41. 41. At Otetiskiwin School I was also
  42. 42. Computer coordinator
  43. 43. Vice Principal
  44. 44. Principal
  45. 45. Director of Education
  46. 46. great where I met a lot of great
  47. 47. people people
  48. 48. including my wife Judy
  49. 49. teacher who is also a teacher,
  50. 50. grade 2 grade 2 in Thompson
  51. 51. here at westwood school
  52. 52. we we
  53. 53. have 2 daughters
  54. 54. 2 cats
  55. 55. Blueberri
  56. 56. and Fluffy
  57. 57. and a dog Ashton
  58. 58. left When I left
  59. 59. NCN
  60. 60. to work in Thompson
  61. 61. that you can see here
  62. 62. I taught I taught for
  63. 63. 3 3 years
  64. 64. Grade 9
  65. 65. Math
  66. 66. Science
  67. 67. English
  68. 68. Social Studies
  69. 69. Grade 11
  70. 70. Biology
  71. 71. Grade 12
  72. 72. Media production
  73. 73. at RD Parker Collegiate
  74. 74. 4 For the next 4 years
  75. 75. curriculum coordinator was curriculum coordinator
  76. 76. at the school board office
  77. 77. 2 For the next 2 years
  78. 78. I’ve was seconded to Manitoba Education where I worked with the technology infusion support group
  79. 79. Right now I’m reading these
  80. 80. this one because it’s funny
  81. 81. this one because it’s interesting
  82. 82. and this one because it scares the hell out of me
  83. 83. in my spare time, this is what I do for fun , for those who don’t recognize it-- thats ref hockey
  84. 84. patient So you know I’m patient
  85. 85. fair So you know I’m fair
  86. 86. impartial and you know I’m impartial
  87. 87. or OR
  88. 88. or maybe I just like to get yelled at.
  89. 89. This is my favorite team
  90. 90. optimistic so you know I’m optimistic
  91. 91. not as optimistic but not as optimistic
  92. 92. as my daughter
  93. 93. or these guys
  94. 94. who cheer for this team
  95. 95. idea I got/stole the idea for this presentation
  96. 96. here from if you don’t know @dick
  97. 97. Attributions photo of robcfisher - by Rachel Fisher Google Maps and Google streetview - courtesy of Google photo of Queen’s University Logo - by flickr user Sam-R photo of Grant Hall - by flickr user Sam-R photo of Queen’s Football - by flickr user Tyler Ball photo of Footprint Lake - by flickr user windonfire photo of Bruins fans - by flickr user geoftheref photo of 30 Hickson Ave - by Dave Fisher photo of 30 Hickson Ave Rear - by Dave Fisher photo of blueberri the cat - by Catharine Fisher photo of fluffi the cat - by Catharine Fisher photo of king miner statue - by Catharine Fisher photo of Ashton the dog - by Catharine Fisher photo of RDPC - by Catharine Fisher this is where I found the images Logo - courtesy of Dick Hardt All other images - by Rob Fisher photo of Nisichawayasihk Welcome sign - by Ross Francois photo of Duncan Wood Hall - by Ross Francois photo of Otetiskiwin School - by Ross Francois photo of Toronto Maple leaf Logo - by Ross Francois
  98. 98. find me you can find me online
  99. 99. here on twitter
  100. 100. I’m starting to blog here
  101. 101. and you can find my stuff here including todays presentation
  102. 102. email: email me here
  103. 103. or here
  104. 104. now you know something about robcfisher with thanks to Dick Hardt’s presentation style influence
  105. 105. 9:05
  106. 106. Why did I just do that with you? the reason I showed you this presentation (besides to introduce myself) is that this was the presentation I shared with everyone at our staff meeting 4 years ago when I began being principal at École riverside some of our discussion was about how I thought we should be teaching our students to be good presenters and to show their understanding in a variety of ways. and to avoid death by powerpoint. I donʼt have time during this session to show you this but the clip is on the wiki for this presentation. The idea that presentations should be images and not words etc.and other ideas from “Made to Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath
  107. 107. Note taking notetaking requirements everything I do with you today and the links associated with them are on here (look at the bottom of the page for the date and name of this session)
  108. 108. go to live link and show location of todayʼs presentation
  109. 109. Today’s participants Iʼd like to quickly find out something about whoʼs here today Iʼm going to ask you your name, school, what you do there and your twitter handle if you have one Besides finding out who is in the room this will create a contact list for you for future relationship building after today
  110. 110. the app were going to look at next is
  111. 111. your name, school, and location, what you do there, your twitter handle using your cellphones send a message to 37607 and in the text of the message put 70456 and the answer to the ?ʼs your name, school, location, what you do there, and your twitter handle
  112. 112. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> <poll url=""> <!-- This snippet was inserted via the PollEv Presenter app --> <!-- The presence of this snippet is used to indicate that a poll will be shown during the slideshow --> <!-- TIP: You can draw a solid, filled rectangle on your slide and the PollEv Presenter will automatically display your poll in that area. --> <!-- The PollEv Presenter app must also be running and logged in for this to work. --> <!-- To remove this, simply delete it from the notes yourself or use the PollEv Presenter to remove it for you. --> <title>Who's here today COSL PD Feb 14,2014 (1)</title> </poll>
  113. 113. 9:10
  114. 114. This is Brenna Phillips Tell the story of how I know Brenna #savmp and when I asked Brenna “Do you think you have to be a geek to be an effective administrator?” She saw the ? as the -ve traits and said “of course not you have to be able to relate to people”
  115. 115. there are a lot of negative connotations when we think of the word ‘geek’
  116. 116. but today I want to reframe what we think of when we think “geek”
  117. 117. here’s the definition from
  118. 118. when I asked the question for today’s session “Do you have to be a geek to be an effective principal in today’s schools?” I meant the positive traits of geekiness
  119. 119. 78259 What positive traits do you think of when I say the word “geek”? using your cellphones send a message to 37607 and in the text of the message put 78259 and the answer to the positive things that come to mind when I say the word “geek”
  120. 120. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?> <poll url=""> <!-- This snippet was inserted via the PollEv Presenter app --> <!-- The presence of this snippet is used to indicate that a poll will be shown during the slideshow --> <!-- TIP: You can draw a solid, filled rectangle on your slide and the PollEv Presenter will automatically display your poll in that area. --> <!-- The PollEv Presenter app must also be running and logged in for this to work. --> <!-- To remove this, simply delete it from the notes yourself or use the PollEv Presenter to remove it for you. --> <title>Positive things I think of when I hear the word "geek" COSL PD Feb 14,2014</title> </poll>
  121. 121. 9:15 I’m thinking of as a term of endearment ie. creative obsure knowledge base problem solver stickwithitness See what the group comes up with
  122. 122. story of my search for ‘geekiness’ in preparation for this presentation explain the sevec trip. I asked the dj’s if I could use what I’m about to show you for this presentation and when I described that I was going to talk about +ve traits of geekiness they agreed right away
  123. 123. why do I think this demonstrates positive traits of geekiness? Involves the use of technology, it’s creative involves a obsure knowledge base or something I know very little or nothing about problem solver, stickwithitness
  124. 124. I’m suggesting we need to search for those people who know things that we don’t then build relationships and learn together and this is what I’m suggesting we do as principals, find others that know things you don’t
  125. 125. 9:18
  126. 126. “Do you have to be a geek to be an effective principal in today’s schools?” but back to our original question for today. What I’m currently thinking in response is....
  127. 127. it doesn’t hurt!
  128. 128. or you need to have or be able to find some geeky friends
  129. 129. What is the point of today’s session? It is my intention that you leave at the end of todays session knowing a few of my geeky friends and the projects we have done together. That I provide you with Potential future contacts to expand your PLN and that I leave you wanting to find out more about a couple of the things we look at today then try them with your students, or at your schools moving forward.
  130. 130. “The highest goal in life is to inquire and create” – Noam Chomsky I found this quote from a recent youtube video “The purpose of Education”
  131. 131. Itʼs our teachers and me doing the work, this is an attempt to shine a light on sone of the good work people are doing
  132. 132. 9:20
  133. 133. Some of my geeky friends are teachers in our school this is Sophie Ouelette who taught grade 8 in our school. And Sarah Fudge who taught grade 5. A couple of years ago we did this project.
  134. 134. Make a difference mondays. Explain the project
  135. 135. students talking on CBC radio promoting our project idea
  136. 136. asking for food donations every monday in march 7:30-8:30 am then delivering to the homeless shelter
  137. 137. voice recorder on ipod with make a difference mondays homeless shelter fundraiser asking people “what do you think about what we’re doing here?”
  138. 138. 9:23
  139. 139. this is Kristin Donovan who teaches grade 5 @ École Riverside School
  140. 140. Social Justice Making a difference in our world Infusing technology Peer to peer learning We applied for the Ken Spencer award for the work Mme. Kristin Donovan and her grade 7 students did last year Our projects have these foci.
  141. 141. I’d like to highlight 1 of the projects now. Red hand day, sdml district Children at war project. Starting last year, we begin our remembrance day ceremonies with this video that was created by our grade 7 students last year as a result of this project. Thanks to veteran Merv McKay pictured in this photo for many of the images used. PLAY VIDEO
  142. 142. 9:28
  143. 143. this is Melyssa Girard who teaches grade 8 in our school
  144. 144. this is the blog she created for our use with the parents when we were away for a week in Quebec City recently.
  145. 145. animoto -pie day
  146. 146. 9:28
  147. 147. this is Allison Kissick who teaches gr 7 in our school
  148. 148. She’s currently exploring an online game with her grade 7 students
  149. 149. 9:30
  150. 150. this is Erin Donovan who teaches gr 2 in our school and Lois Fisher who is a teacher and literacy with ICT support teacher in Flin Flon, Mb
  151. 151. so when I got back from Byte I spoke with Erin about he idea and... this is our bear sunny and their bear flin flin
  152. 152. and this is Lois Fisher from Flin Flon. explain the concept discussion @ byte with Lois lets try, we know each other if it bombs we’ll be ok
  153. 153. note the comment section describe how Lois and Erin used this project in their classrooms
  154. 154. 9:35
  155. 155. here is another one of my geeky friends Jen ashby from Bendigo Austrailia story of where I met Jen (unplugd11 and more on that later)
  156. 156. and this is Chelsea McKay who taught grade 5 when this project happened. She now is our grade 2/3 teacher @ École Riverside
  157. 157. Explain the 24 hour skype project
  158. 158. show clip what we do for fun at lunch and 1 clip of whats in my lunchkit if time
  159. 159. 9:40
  160. 160. this is Micheline Gagne who teaches grade 6 in our school
  161. 161. Wolves without Borders Explain the wolves without borders project explain involvement of and the tandberg with Tara using google earth and datapoints to plot wolf movements explain the connection with Babbit and Mexico
  162. 162. skyping with Babbit, Minnesota
  163. 163. and our partners in Mexico
  164. 164. collaboratively planning a community survey with their student groups in Babbit
  165. 165. and us right after the international wolf and carnivore conference click on this live link to run the clip
  166. 166. 9:45
  167. 167. I’ve just selected a few examples for today’s presentation. If you want to see other things we our doing in our school check out the class wiki’s at
  168. 168. 9:45
  169. 169. As a guiding principal constant conversations about infusion, teaching, and learning with this guiding principle that we are trying to get our student’s to create more than they consume many of these projects demonstrate our students as content creators and I would like to share a couple of examples now that are examples of partnerships between students and teachers accelerated by technology
  170. 170. Content Creators as well as creators
  171. 171. Grade 1-3 flashmob explain background how this happened tell the involvement story of artist in the school Brenda Gorlick the practices the need for collaboration (and for the cosl preso me self proclaimed title of lead collaborator) MSA RCMP city center mall shaw
  172. 172. Grade 1-3 flashmob caveat doing a flash mob with gr 1-3 students with involved parents tell the story of Rachel upset “their ruining the surprize dad!”
  173. 173. play from this live link. Use quicktime backup if issues with youtube
  174. 174. 9:55
  175. 175. Grade 1-3 flashmob You may have noticed the grade 8ʼs taking video with their ipods. explain why we couldnʼt use the footage --“vertical video syndrome
  176. 176. use live link vertical video syndrome
  177. 177. Grade 4-7 flashmob tell the story of this, gr 4-8 did the same as the gr 1-3 1 week of daily practice with artist in the school brenda gorlick involved MSA @ RDPC who danced on the benches to help guide the students showed up in the forum and started right when the bell rang for the afternoon class change and this is what happened "
  178. 178. show the teachers clip after showing the whole thing risk taking attitude and mindset and doing things your not sure how to do link for teachers only dancing gangham style
  179. 179. School District of Mystery Lake Hedley - lip dub explain the logisitics of this select song find lyrics use google doc select lines create raw video at each of the schools where the student teachers were working email clips to me Stefan then edited in imovie upload to a youtube channel
  180. 180. demo of how to create a shared spreadsheet in google docs explain the choices shared doc, preso, ss, etc.
  181. 181. so this is what we created run from this live link
  182. 182. 10:05
  183. 183. What am i doing as principal to support our journey? I find,initiate, provide technical support then the teachers in our school make it happen
  184. 184. “Of course” - Scott McLeod in many ways its a mindset (poster I recently saw online by Scott McLeod)
  185. 185. X “Of course” - Scott McLeod I don’t think that’s what we are about at our school It’s in part that I trust teachers to do the right thing and they are willing to take risks and try things and do the unusual without fear of failure
  186. 186. "When are we going to start asking ourselves why we make it so hard to be a great teacher?" Chris Lehmann “Beyond the great teacher myth” post Jan 2012 Chris Lehmann
  187. 187. "How do we create schools that make it easier for all students and teachers to shine?" Chris Lehmann “Beyond the great teacher myth” post Jan 2012 Chris Lehmann
  188. 188. create the climate of doing the unusual. permission to take risks technical help when needed or I find those who can help example of darren and kristin yesterday with the smartboard and systemic changes like Kristin’s schedule tech buddies as an example of ongoing internal support
  189. 189. 10:10
  190. 190. how do I show others (who might be interested) what we’re doing in our school
  191. 191. click on hotlink to hear soundcloud of our gr 8ʼs drumming
  192. 192. socialcam - Dylan and AC/DC sometimes itʼs the little things that are going on in our school
  193. 193. pictures and tweets on twitter the sharing of small things as frequently as possible
  194. 194. refillable bottle station project. I have applied for an LSF grant to be used towards this purchase show actual first use movie (next slide)
  195. 195. water bottle fountain movie
  196. 196. other things we are working on right now
  197. 197. Show me & Student Led Conferences Mme. Erin’s grade 2’s were creating movies using showme. These were shown to parents at our past SLC .
  198. 198. here is a Demo of a grade1 clip
  199. 199. seed grant Our books are QRCoded! Hear what we think. we also received a $900 ManAce Seed grant
  200. 200. we were featured in the ManAce journal- Spring issue
  201. 201. and this is what this project is about
  202. 202. this is a qr code. Demonstrate how they work using my phone and qrbeamer. This code links back to our school website
  203. 203. Minecraft explain the evolution of our clubs, gr 7 boys gr 5 girls then gr 5 girls and boys as a sense of belonging?
  204. 204. minecraft grade 5 club in autoplay movie
  205. 205. Printcraft explain what is here is our first creation
  206. 206. explain the evolution of our clubs, gr 7 boys gr 5 girls then gr 5 girls and boys
  207. 207. screenshare of the digital space samples of the kids creations tell the story of how we are doing this
  208. 208. 3D printers explain what is here is our first creation
  209. 209. Airserver also can use instead of a document camera using your cellphone as the cam. Cost $4 compared to $1500 for a wireless document camera use airserver and my phone to show the projects pass the models around the room
  210. 210. here’s what Simone is working on
  211. 211. this is an example of online collaboration but I’ll let my students tell you the story
  212. 212. Where to get ideas from? ie. To find out what other schools are doing. Where do I get project ideas to share with teachers, to try in our school etc.
  213. 213. and RSS feeds clude the .opml file on wiki for particpants to import do a quick demo of my rss feeds on feedly and how to find educatiional bloggers to read
  214. 214. Twitter Lists Hashtags Twitterchats ie. #mbedchat twitter, hashtags and twitterchats lists -demonstrate my hootsuite stream hashtags - at conferences how people are using to share between rooms or give 1 current example ie. #mathchat twitterchats - #mbedchat explain what Zoe is doing with this (ie. The structure of it) demo depending on available time twitter, hashtags and twitterchats lists -demonstrate my hootsuite stream hashtags - at conferences how people are using to share beteen rooms or give 1 current example ie. #mathchat twitterchats - #mbedchat As an example do a couple #mathchat Twitterchats Specifically what zoe is doing with #mbedchat√
  215. 215. Twitterchats Edit 0 2 … Wednesdays from 9-10pm CST Manitoba Teachers #mbchat Archive: ( to get to the archive use the tags searchable option) script is 9:10 Q1 920 Q2 930 Q3 940 Q4 950 Q5 Wednesday from 7-8 p.m. CST Connected principals chat #cpchat archive:
  216. 216. google hangouts #savmp cosl directors demo a quick hangout with whoever I can connect with for 3 min
  217. 217. other places to find my geeky friends
  218. 218. why __________blank matters. unplug11 (Canadian educators) click on this hotlink show a quick skim the essays. Manitobans invited were Darren Kuropatwa, Andy McKeil, Clarence Fisher, Chris Harbeck, John Evans, and me Rob Fisher.
  219. 219. in addition to the ebook, explain that we also all created a video throughout the week about what really matters in education. Here is the link to my video
  220. 220. explain at unplug12 (international) we all wrote “letters from the edge”. click on the hotlink then on any person here to see their letter. I was a facilitator at this session.
  221. 221. as a source of people to follow on twitter to expand your PLN
  222. 222. for the last part of today’s session I would like everyone here to experience a hands-on opportunity to be part of a the “maker culture” makey makey intro show the intro to what they are
  223. 223. Makey Makey Activity find an online site that lets you control something using the keys on a keyboard hookup the makey makey board to control the screen with the materials given Iʼve been using these in a grade 7 makers club and soon will be using in a few of our classrooms your task today is to in groups at your tables create something that controls an online website using the materials given arcade games online musical instruments online
  224. 224. Summary of what was looked at today redo a wordle of what we looked at today
  225. 225. The things we looked at today......... If you don’t know robcfisher (as a model of good presentation techniques) slideshare Polleverywhere text Pollev.presenter who’s here today Brenna Phillips Geekiness #savmp Positive traits of geekiness Geeky friends Make a difference mondays Sophie Oulette Sarah Fudge Kristin Donovan Ken Spencer award Red Hand Day Melyssa Girard Kidblog Sevec Allison Kissick Erin Donovan Lois Fisher Teddybear travels Chelsea McKay Jenny Ashby 24 hour skype Micheline Gagne Wolves without borders Babbit, Mn Mexico class wikis Create more than you consume Gr 1-3 flashmob Gr 4-8 flashmob Vertical video syndrome Airserver School District of Mystery Lake lipdub Google drive and google docs and student led conferences and RSS feeds Minecraft Printcraft 3D printers Soundcloud Social Cam Water bottle filling station Twitter/hootsuite Hashtags #mbedchat #cpchat Maker culture Manace QR codes collaboration Google hangouts makey makey boards Unplugd11 Unplugd12 Ahbi Pawandeep Simone Dylan Avoiding death by powerpoint Polleverywhere polling Animoto
  226. 226. Attributions “Question mark” By flickr user Marco Bellucci “Summer image of École Riverside school” By google streetview “Three note strategies: iPad, Moleskine and iPhone” By flickr user andjohan “A failed reminder” By flickr user massdistraction “Winter image of École Riverside school” By robcfisher “Creative commons welcome pack” By flickr user Carlfish “Zoghal's magical eye” By flickr user looking4poetry “Show me creation” courtesy of Mme. Pankratz gr 1 “Title page image of robcfisher” courtesy of Mme. Squires as part of our schoolwide 50th anniversary image creation project “create more than you consume” By flickr user tyler.wainright “technology use” By flickr user mrsdkrebs “Good Idea” By flickr user Celestine Chua “Teddybear travels” pics by the students of Erin Donovan and Lois Fisher “Rememberance day 2012 video” created by Hannah Murdy, Matt Tretiak and Matt Rempel “MTS and ManAce logo’s” used with permission from the parent associations “ManAce seed grant video” created by robcfisher and Keyanna Boycho Oulette Images also provided by Kristin Donovan, Sophie Ouelett, and Ashley Squires “Geek ≈ Chic” By flickr user Timmy Toucan “my geek venn diagram” By flickr user Technovore “spotlight002” By flickr user k6martini “do something unusual tomorrow” By flickr user ModernDope (old account) “Explosion of positive energy” By flickr user Lucas all other images and video’s by robcfisher and thanks to the staff of École Riverside school for providing many wonderful examples of student learning and engagement to share..... end with ?ʼs slide “your turn ;p” By flickr user Maria Ly
  227. 227. Our school’s youtube channels our school youtube channels Ecoleriversideschool kristin, becky, melissa’s
  228. 228. this is our most active channel Ecoleriversideschool kristin, becky, melissa’s
  229. 229. Ecoleriversideschool kristin, becky, melissa’s
  230. 230. Things we didn’t have time for today
  231. 231. and we should teach our students and ourselves to avoid this..... stop at 5:22
  232. 232. Are you a geek quiz?
  233. 233. Is this your favorite store?
  234. 234. do you know what this is? Have you ever actually used it?
  235. 235. Thank you!