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Langdale Training Introduction
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Langdale Training Introduction


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An Introduction to Langdale Training

An Introduction to Langdale Training

Published in: Career, Technology

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  • 1. An Introduction To:
  • 2. Who We Are
    • Rob Barklamb
    • 14 Years’ experience in Recruitment
    • Experience ranges from database recruitment to retained Search & Selection
    • Has recruited from £12,000 to £265,000 (14 years is a long time!)
    • Has worked for Macmillan Davies Hodes, Michael Page and MRINetwork
  • 3. What We Do
    • Bespoke training to the recruitment industry
    • Specialising in permanent, management/technical/professional recruitment
  • 4. What We Do – One Day Courses
    • A Methodical Approach To Recruitment
    • Who’s it For? This is an ideal course for new starters (especially those who are new to recruitment), but it can be just as effective for experienced recruiters who have never really been encouraged to work in a structured way.
    • The Nuts & Bolts of Search
    • Who’s it For? This course is aimed at those new to Search, be that experienced database recruiters who aim to adopt some Search into their portfolio or those joining a Search firm for the first time.
    • Advanced Sales Techniques for Recruiters
    • Who’s It For? Experienced recruiters who need further development in sales. That might include those who have to sell recruitment in a hard market for the first time. This course will help them cope in the tighter market we face for the next few years.
    • Managing Recruiters’ Performance
    • Who’s it For? Anyone with Line Management responsibility for recruitment consultants.
    • Team Building Days
    • Who’s it for? Either new teams, or teams with a number of recent joiners, or for teams which perhaps lost their way and need some fresh impetus and sense of direction.
  • 5. What We Do – Half Day Courses
    • How to Make More Effective Recruitment Sales Calls
    • Who’s it for? Any recruiter who makes sales calls to clients.
    • Selling Retained Recruitment Solutions
    • Who’s it for? Consultants who have some grounding in recruitment and now want to step up to winning more retained work.
    • Building Successful Client Accounts
    • Who’s it for? Any recruiter who wants to develop repeat business and deeper account penetration.
    • Improve Your Candidate Control
    • Who’s it for? Any recruiter dealing with candidates on a day to day basis.
    • Selling Client Paid Advertising
    • Who’s it For? Consultants who have mastered the basics of recruitment and who now want to develop further.
    • Improve Your Time Management and Reach The Goals You Set
    • Who’s it For? Show me the person who couldn’t improve their time management and they will be the ones who do not need to attend! Also for those who set goals, but struggle to meet them.
  • 6. What We Do – Power Hours
    • Protect Your Fee
    • Overview: In a tightening market where clients will hold more sway, this session teaches a variety of tactics and strategies which will help your Consultants protect their fees and show them that a drop in fees from 25% to 20% is not a drop of 5%!
    • Managing Counter Offers
    • Overview: This course teaches tactics and techniques which should allow your staff to make a huge reduction in the number of times they fall foul of the counter offer.
    • 10 Reasons Deals Fail (and how to prevent it happening)
    • Overview: A simple session which allows consultants to confront some of those cut corners which lead to placements failing to materialise and to identify ways in which they can work more thoroughly and effectively.
    • Time Management
    • Overview: a briefer version of the half day course (how’s that for time management!)
    • Closing Skills
    • Overview: Again, a mixture of a strategic approach and some cold, hard tactical tips to help your consultants close more effectively with clients and candidates.
  • 7. What We Do – Additional Services
    • Owner Manager Consulting
    • Ever feel so close to running the business you can’t see the wood for the trees? Or that you need to take stock of the business? Need some help, but just don’t know where to get it? I spent four and half years coaching and advising owner managers of small to medium sized recruitment businesses. I myself am an owner manager. This service is one which can very much be adapted to your needs from just having someone independent take a look at your business to offering an ongoing support programme.
    • Desk Diagnosis
    • Again, this is a highly adaptable service, but its prime aim is to help you help your Consultants achieve more and improve their skills and performance. Essentially it’s where I come in and work with consultants on a one on one basis, helping to diagnose problems and identify areas for improvement. Time frames and ongoing support tailored to suit your needs.
  • 8. Costs
    • We charge by the TRAINER, not the TRAINEE
    • Costs remain the same no matter how many delegates you have
    • One Day Sessions - £600 + VAT
    • Half day Sessions - £300 + VAT
    • Power Hours - £75 + VAT
  • 9. What Delegates Say About Us
    • “ One of the best!”
    • “ Enthusiasm throughout which was infectious, very well presented and pitched at the right level”
    • “ Excellent, well presented with enthusiasm and knowledge, also very good interaction”
    • “ Was unsure what would get out of it, but really enlightening”
  • 10. Feedback Scores
    • Attendees are asked to feedback after courses, our average scores (out of 5) are:
    • The trainer presented effectively - 4.86
    • The course was good value for money – 4.81
    • The course content was interesting – 4.71
    • The course was enjoyable – 4.71
    • The content was practical: I can “use” it – 4.67
    • The pace of the course was right – 4.67
    • I’d recommend Langdale to others – 4.57
    • The course materials were suitable – 4.57
    • Content was at “right level” for me – 4.52
  • 11. Contact
    • To find out how Langdale Training can help you, contact
    • Rob Barklamb – 0113 217 5631 or 07969 689435
    • [email_address]