Osmovian products and services


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Osmovian are a niche supplier of outsourcing consultancy and services to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

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Osmovian products and services

  1. 1. Osmovian International Limited
  2. 2. • Osmovian International Ltd., is a R&D outsourcing and vendor management solutions provider, based in Leeds & Kent, UK and Boston, MA. • Osmovian, provides dedicated clinical outsourcing resource solutions to biopharmaceutical, generic and MD&D companies, acting as our customers outsourcing expert. We have extensive experience of all stages of the outsourcing process and can work with you at any point in the cycle
  3. 3. Osmovian believes outsourcing relationships play a critical part in ensuring the industry meets both its mission and obligation to deliver life-saving and lifeenhancing medicines to patients. We offer a wide range of outsourcing support products and services to improve the value and performance of outsourcing arrangements. Service Provider Audits Interim Outsourcing Managers Project Recovery Outsourcing Consulting Outsourcing Directors Outsourcing Consortium
  4. 4. External & Interim Outsourcing Management Services • • • • • Access to expert clinical outsourcing professionals for operational support initiating, contracting and overseeing critical clinical trials Improves supplier selection, performance and relationships Reduces overall project cost and risk profile Low fixed monthly fee Interim Outsourcing Director • • • • Access to outsourcing director for on-going review of strategies and advising senior management on outsourcing decisions Provision of category spend reviews and building business case to evaluate and support decision making Ensures decisions are most appropriate for each individual organisation Ensures all expenditure is effectively managed Outsourcing Effectiveness and Process Improvement • • • • Provision of expertise to perform a comprehensive review of all SOPs, tools, techniques and staff capability in the area of outsourcing Provide a clear, action oriented improvement programme Ensures biopharma companies maximise their effectiveness, create value and competitive advantages in this critical business area Establishing and continuously improving outsourcing infrastructure is vital to the successful delivery of externalised clinical trials.
  5. 5. Osmovian International Limited
  6. 6. Biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes can benefit from the support of a clinical outsourcing professional:  Deliver cost savings  Reduce the risks of outsourcing  Assist with financial compliance and control  Protect assets and liabilities  Issue avoidance or rapid resolution  Enable technical staff to focus on deliverables With internal resources at a premium, a full time dedicated outsourcing professional can be difficult to approve. This flat rate service provides frequent access to a dedicated outsourcing manager who will work alongside you to enable your team to focus on the highest value activities and delivery of the project Our services reduce your overall outsourcing cost and risk profile, whilst optimising supplier performance at a fraction of the cost of a permanent or contract employee.
  7. 7. We work alongside your teams throughout the life of the study, dedicating resource and effort during the times when the financial and delivery risks are at their greatest; spreading the cost evenly across the year. Minimum 12 Month Contract Cost per month - £3.5k Outsourcing Effort Risk Profile Activities      Assess client & study requirements Scope setting Proposal process & evaluation Supplier evaluation & selection Contract negotiation & writing     Vendor management On-going contract oversight Issue resolution Financial reconciliation & study close out End of Study Study Ramp-up Study Initiation Vendor Selection and Contracting Operational Delivery
  8. 8. Osmovian International Limited
  9. 9. Smaller biopharma companies may benefit from a frequent review from a senior outsourcing director to provide input into outsourcing strategies and oversee on-going activities.  On-going review of current spending practices  Identify & quantify savings opportunities  Increased weight in contractual & financial negotiations  Advise & support senior management decision making  Validate current direction or provide the case for change  Ensure outsourcing practices compliment internal capabilities  Provides the appropriate stake holder support to embed good outsourcing practice within your organisation at the highest level.  Ensures there is appropriate financial control and tracking on your outsourcing spend.  Support and security for decisions involving significant organisation expense. This service includes advising senior management, profiling spend categories, and negotiating alongside executive decision makers to ensure that all expenditure is effectively managed.
  10. 10. Osmovian International Limited
  11. 11. Risk / Cost / Timeliness Establishing and continuously improving outsourcing infrastructure is vital to the successful delivery of externalised clinical trials. Ensures biopharma companies can create value and competitive advantages in this critical business area. Instilled Outsourcing & Institutionalised Processes Performance Reliable & Predictable Performance Organisational Infrastructure Organisational Preparedness Spot to Functional Outsourcing Organisational processes, policies, governance Consistent & stable outsourcing relationships. Innovation and expertise benefits from strategic partners NPD Outsourcing Maturity Levels Time Maintenance & Continuous Improvement
  12. 12. Through the comprehensive review of all SOPs, tools, techniques and staff capability, we provide a clear, action oriented improvement programme to maximise the effectiveness of your outsourcing and procurement practices. Stage 1 • • • • Business Preparedness Costs & Spend Staffing Organisation Impact Stage 2 • • • • RFIs RFPs Vendor Selection Contract Execution Stage 3 • • • Update policy & procedures Governance structures Training Stage 4 • • • KPIs Spend & Savings Performance Management Stage 5 • Handover to customer management
  13. 13. Osmovian International Limited
  14. 14. The key operating principle of Osmovian is to avoid studies running into difficulties through diligent oversight and relationship management. No new product should fail to meet a development milestone due to poor contracting practice or relationships. Addressing issues as they arise or preparing for difficulties and working to avoid them has massive benefits; saving money, time and effort in the long run. Not always possible, however, and relationships can become strained for a variety of reasons: Relationship Performance Issues Scope Changes Breakdown Budget Restrictions Supplier Dissolution Project Recovery
  15. 15. Osmovian can act as either as an independent party to arbitrate between the Sponsor and Supplier, or as the Sponsor’s advisor and negotiator to resolve issues. Our Aim: • Bring studies back on track and budget whilst rebuilding business-to-business relationships Focus on problem Avoid blame Recognise investment Our approach: • Get all parties focused on the problem; • Avoid blame and fault finding; • Recognise both parties have invested in the relationship to date; • Collaborate to find mutually beneficial solutions; • Work together to a unified goal of delivering the study or next milestone. Collaborate to find solutions Work to unified goal
  16. 16. Innovation House Discovery Park Ramsgate Road Sandwich Kent CT13 9NJ United Kingdom www.osmovian.com +44 (0) 208 123 0402 Managing Director: Mark Campbell is a seasoned outsourcing, change management and negotiation professional, with a rich and diverse experience in business and management consulting, gained in both early stage and global world class life-science organizations. Email: mark.campbell@osmovian.com Mobile: +44 (0)7775 438 676 Executive Director, R&D Outsourcing: Rob Aitchison is a highly experienced Outsourcing professional. He has held senior roles within Analytical Development and Clinical R&D Outsourcing; guiding and setting new strategies of outsourcing and implementing them into organizations. Email: rob.aitchison@osmovian.com Mobile: +44 (0)7717 677 539