Destinations for Every Traveler Type


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Where should you go on your next vacation? Discover which destinations you might enjoy most based on your personality type.

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Destinations for Every Traveler Type

  1. 1. Destinations For Every TravelerYour dream vacation awaits.
  2. 2. IntroductionWhether you’re always looking for the next adventure, or you simplywant to catch up on some quality R&R time, the types of vacations youchoose are very telling of your travel personality.So what kind of traveler are you? Read on to find out.
  3. 3. The Leader of the PackThis is you if:• You’re outspoken.• When in a large group, you often take charge.• Friends frequently ask for your opinion and heed your advice.Trips you might like:• A group high/low ropes course in North Carolina.• Whitewater rafting in West Virginia.• A scuba diving trip with your friends or family in the Florida Keys.
  4. 4. The Romantic This is you if: • You stop to take a photo of every sunset. • When traveling, you like going at a slower pace. • You don’t like traveling alone. Trips you might like: • Horseback riding on a beach in Maui, Hawaii. • A couple’s spa day in Miami, FL. • A wine tour in Paris or Tuscany, Italy.
  5. 5. The DaredevilThis is you if:• Your life motto is, “Try everything at least once.”• You’ve consumed foods that most people have only seen on the Travel Channel.• There’s nothing you’re really afraid of … except not living life to the fullest.Trips you might like:• Bungee jumping in New Zealand.• Running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.• Sledding in Switzerland.
  6. 6. The Party Planner This is you if: • You don’t leave your house without your planner. • Hosting parties and planning vacations has always come naturally to you. • Punctuality isn’t just a trait to you. It’s a way of life. Trips you might like: • A European tour package, where you can tour multiple cities and countries with a group and all of the activities are pre-planned. • Planning a group trip to attend a major event, like the Olympics. • A cruise to the Caribbean, so you can take some time off from planning altogether.
  7. 7. The Beach BumThis is you if:• Your mantra really is, “No shoes, no shirt, no problem.”• You’re always tan.• None of your shoes actually cover your entire foot.Trips you might like:• A surfing trip to Costa Rica.• Body boarding in Newport, Calif.• Sunbathing in Zrce Beach, Croatia
  8. 8. The Life of The Party This is you if: • You’ve never been on a trip where you didn’t make new friends. • You can start up a conversation with anyone, on any topic. • Jokes come naturally to you. Trips you might like: • Dancing until the early morning at a nightclub in Prague. • Partying on Haad Rin Beach in Koh Phangan, Thailand. • Visiting Dublin, Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day weekend.
  9. 9. The ShopperThis is you if:• You never have enough room in your luggage on the return flight home.• You’re on a first-name basis with all of the sales people at the mall nearest to your house.• You wholeheartedly believe that a day spent shopping is a day well spent.Trips you might like:• Times Square in New York City.• Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Calif.• Street markets in Delhi, India.
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