Benefits of Travel Insurance


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Planning a trip? Here are five reasons why travel insurance should be a part of your pre-trip itinerary.

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Benefits of Travel Insurance

  1. 1. Travel Insurance BenefitsFive reasons why insured travel is smart travel.
  2. 2. IntroductionTravelers often don’t realize they need travel insurance until it’s too late.Your flight gets delayed or cancelled, causing you to miss your high school reunion cruise.Or your baggage gets lost and the golf clubs you paid a pretty penny for are now missingin action. Or maybe you become ill while traveling in a foreign country.While travel insurance can’t prevent issues like these from occurring, it can provide youwith much needed coverage to avoid costly expenses.Here are five other reasons why insured travel is smart travel.
  3. 3. Trip InterruptionReason No. 1: Your trip gets cut short due to an emergency.When you’re traveling and an emergency occurs that causes you to have to return home,the last thing you want to do is worry about having to pay for the portion of the trip youdidn’t complete.Trip interruption insurance plans typically reimburse you for pre-paid, non-refundabletravel expenses. Some examples of emergencies that can be covered include:• Accident, illness, or death of you, a family member or a travel companion• Legal requirements• Weather• Evacuation orders• Natural disaster
  4. 4. Trip CancellationReason No. 2: Your trip gets cancelled.You’ve spent months planning your family reunion in Europe and you’ve pre-paid forairfare, hotel accommodations and tours. But what you didn’t plan for is toget in a major collision on the way to the airport.Trip cancellation coverage provides you with reimbursement for expenses associatedwith non-refundable deposits. Some examples of emergencies that can be coveredinclude:• Accident, illness, or death of you, a family member, or a travel companion• Jury duty• Traffic accident on the way to the airport• Weather• Job loss
  5. 5. Accidents and IllnessReason No. 3: You become ill or injured while away from home.When you travel, you never shy away from trying new foods. Unfortunately, you eatsomething that causes you to have an allergic reaction, and now require medicaltreatment.While you may have medical insurance, there are often some limitations you may not beaware of in regard to illness and accident coverage when you travel. For this reason,services that travel medical insurance can cover include:• Physician services• Charges for anesthetics, X-ray examinations or treatments, and laboratory tests• Ambulance service, hospital stay and use of operating rooms• Drugs, medicines, prosthetics and therapeutic services
  6. 6. Rental Car DamageReason No. 4: A burglar breaks into your rental car.You rented a car for your move across the country, with all of your personal belongingspacked inside. Overnight, your rental car gets broken into and, in addition to having yourpersonal effects stolen, the window is now shattered.Travel insurance that includes rental car coverage can take care of:• Financial losses due to your rental car being damaged or stolen.• The cost to repair or replace the vehicle and loss-of-use fees imposed by the rental car company.
  7. 7. Hazardous Sports CoverageReason No. 5: You are planning to participate in an extreme adventure.While on a dive in a foreign country, the current pushes you into a coral reef and, as aresult, you suffer from some pretty bad abrasions to your right leg and need to seekmedical care.Typically, extreme adventure sports, such as scuba diving, hang gliding and parachuting,arent covered by regular emergency travel insurance. Look for an adventure package oractive package (for lesser risk activities), which can include:• Medical insurance• Baggage insurance (to protect against losses for expensive sports equipment)• Reimbursement for non-refundable fees or coverage for equipment rentals (in case your own equipment is lost or delayed)
  8. 8. The Adventure Doesn’t Stop Here.Find the travel insurance coverage you need with RoamRight.RoamRight’s travel insurance professionals have more than 60 years of experience inhelping travelers around the world get the coverage they need. We are committed toproviding our clients with:• High quality coverage – Comprehensive coverage to protect travelers and their financial investments on their trips.• Competitively-priced products – Customized programs for large groups or single travelers. You get only the coverage you need at a price you can afford.• Excellent customer service – RoamRight’s website makes it easier than ever to learn about and purchase travel insurance.Get exclusive travel news: Subscribe to our blog or connect with us on Facebook. LetRoamRight be your passport to peace of mind.