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  • 1. How to engage consumers in an effective and innovative way ?
  • 2. How to engage consumers in an effective and innovative way Facebook Notifications ?
  • 3. With each passing day Facebook gains more relevance within corporations. But what does that mean? How can companies take advantage of that? Thinking about the power of this social network, we created an application that allows a very interesting dialogue between your brand and your customer while remembering the importance of personalization! After all, every customer is unique with their profiles and interests. Chatting with your entire fanbase / customers with a single message is not the most effective way to utilize social media, but I think you already know that, right? Let's get down to business. What is It is a solution for you (company) to interact with thousands of users through the most powerful feature on Facebook: the notification alerts. What can I do with this? You can send relevant information to each user profile in a segmented way; cross information by integrating the app with cookies and measure all data through insights. How do I do this? Simply. With just a few clicks and automation, you can create the workflow that better suits your company’s needs.
  • 4. Dialogues between brands and consumers occur in 4 different ways on FACEBOOK: 1.Ads 2.Sponsored Posts 3.Suggested Publication $ 4. Newsfeed
  • 5. The Problem: While the reach of Posts and ADS has great relevance, the audience of your website and FanPage have different needs. Products Customer Care Social Initiatives What Every subgroup of consumers present in your fanpage or website like to hear? Promotions Relevant Information News
  • 6. THE SOLUTION: Customize the customer interaction through notifications Notification allow companies to explore a new way to engage with its consumers according to their interests. With notifications companies can: • Send relevant information to each client profile in a segmented way; • Get to know the preferences of its consumer base; • Achieve 100% of the target audience who have opted to receive notifications; • Pre Measure the consumer demand for a particular product / service; • Cross user’s preferences data through application integration and cookies.
  • 7. 2. After selecting, the user will be asked to accept the app. How does it work? 1. A menu of options are available through the application tab on Facebook or hot site. AVISE-ME AVISE-ME AVISE-ME AVISE-ME 3. Scheduling is stored and the notification is sent on the stipulated date and time.
  • 8. WORKFLOW By clicking on the request users will be routed back to the app Users request notifications through the application or gadget The user receives the notification according to his request Application stores the request with the required parameters
  • 9. The company will have exclusive access to a Dashboard for managing the notifications In this example, all users who have requested a notification of "Product" will receive this notification. • With the dashboard it is possible to create and manually direct notifications to a particular category. • Notifications can be classified into categories. With this feature it is possible to define how many requests each category received, what category engages more users, etc..
  • 10. The Dashboard allows your company to filter users by: name, region, gender, age, interests and marital status. Filtered data can be saved in the dashboard itself or exported in XLS. Messages can be manually sent to users of the various filters created. • Through choosing a product, the administrator can access a page where to view, filter and send notifications to users who have chosen that particular product.
  • 11. Upon receiving the notification facebook will send an alert to the user And displays the notification: By clicking on the request users will be routed back to the app.
  • 12. INSIGHTS Facebook provides automatic insights for notifications: •  In this example, seven notifications were sent, getting a total of 4 clicks, ie 57% (when reaching 50,000 notifications sent, FB requires a minimum of 17% clicks). •  It is possible to select the period of the report and export notifications. •  Graphic form of how many clicks were obtained in percentage.
  • 13. Additional Insights: you can see acceptance and rejection rates of the notifications:
  • 14. HOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SYSTEM ? •  Products:  People  interested  in  certain  products  may  request  to  be  notified  when  it  is   available on the portal; •  Fans  can  sign  up  to  receive  special  offers; •  Ability  to  select  the  type  of  product    the  fan  wishes  to  receive  information  (eg information technology); •  Communication  channel  between  buyers  and  enterprises.
  • 15. Benefits •  Pre- Measure  people’s    demand    on  products,  services  and  promotions; •  Measure  products  of  greatest  interest; •  Explore  the  sale  of  products  by  a  new  channel; •  Know  who  is  who  and  their  interests  within  the  fanbase; •  Directed  engagement,  allowing  users  to  receive  information  that  really  matters  ; •  100%  guaranteed  that  users  will  receive  the  notification  (upon  requesting)  while  only   6% of Facebook Fans get the message on their feeds.