Protecting Waves in New Zealand – Paul SHANKS


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Protecting Waves in New Zealand – Paul SHANKS

  1. 1. Protecting waves in Aotearoa / New Zealand Experience presented by PAUL SHANKS Morning Glory – Whangamata Bar courtesy of Tony OgleAroha nui to: Dr Rose Segedin, Te Ngaru Roa aa Maui; NSR, Surfers against Sewerage;Surfrider Foundation USA, Europe & Australia; Save the Waves; Patagonia; All at Once;Volcom; Jack Johnson and for all those that have helped with many fundraising activities
  2. 2. NZ seabed
  3. 3. Surfers practising Kaitiakitanga at Makarori• Indigenous Maori or Tangata Whenua Signed Treaty of Waitangi with British Crown• Kaitiakitanga - guardianship  key concept for NZ and surfers
  4. 4. Guiding law for development withsome environmental protectionGive regard to Treaty of WaitangiRequired policy statements and plans  Eg New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement  First NZCPS Ratified in 1998 after consultation • University Coastal Studies began same time  Attracting surfers
  5. 5. Propaganda from multinational companies in Aoteroa New Zealand “the ocean has vast purifying capabilities”Result : Sewage and outfall overflows forming algae blooms – red tides Contamination of Kai Moana beds The ocean unfit for surfing Aquaculture
  6. 6. •Similar wave and issues to Mundaka •Maori appealed •Surfers no experience •Surfer expert witness •Surfing debated in court •Surfing conditions in consent for first timePhoto G McIntosh
  7. 7.  Advised to be “proactive not reactive” ◦ Got involved in local planning ◦ Raised profile of surfing Commissioner for Environment came to our area due to our effort Won Green Ribbon Award
  8. 8. “Surfbreak Protection Society is a Society dedicated to the conservation of the "treasures" of the New Zealand Surfing Community - our surfbreaks - through the preservation of their natural characteristics, water quality, marine eco systems and low impact access for all.We strive to be Aotearoas Kaitiaki "Guardians - Trustees" of our surfbreaks and the natural environments that compliment them.”
  9. 9.  SPS mobilising surfers Surfbreaks significant features Surfing academics and surfing politicians crucial to consultation
  10. 10. Policy 16: Surf breaks of national significance Protect the surf breaks8 of national significance for surfing listed in Schedule 1, by: a.ensuring that activities in the coastal environment do not adversely affect the surf breaks; and b.avoiding adverse effects of other activities on access to, and use and enjoyment of the surf breaks.8Surf break - as defined in the 8 Surf break - as defined in the Glossary as defined in NZCPS Definition of a rideable wave Definition of swell corridor NZCP
  11. 11.  Mixed reaction Taranaki regional council enshrined 83 surfbreaks SPS promoting policy Creating scholarship
  12. 12.  SPS using policy in submissions and RMA court hearings Greater workload How do we reach out?
  13. 13. • Surfing Reserves (NSR)• National Water Standards• Engaging with legal, planning, science and academia• Economic value of surfing waves
  14. 14.  Long paddle Proactive - not reactive Guardians of inter-national surfbreaks Assist others