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Lost – They Were Not Dead
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Lost – They Were Not Dead


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Title explains it all.

Title explains it all.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. LOST – THEY WERE NOT DEAD THE ENTIRE TIME.“This Is The Actual Timeline.”
  • 2. The end of season 5 “Jug Head” is detonated sending Jack and the others, <- Not the other “Others”, I mean the rest of the cast, Kate, Sawyer etc etc….back to the present.
    First scene - Jack wakes up after the crash.
    Bla Bla Bla seasons 1 thru 5 happen.
  • 3. More stuff happens in season 6, Bla Bla Bla… Jack Kills the Smoke Monster, saves the Island, and everyone on it.
    Hugo and Ben now run the Island and the plane takes off with the people the writers didn't kill. Man, Desmond is going to be really confused when he wakes up.
    Jack lays down in the exact spot He first woke up on in Season 1. He sees the plane flying away, the dog probably eats him.
  • 4. Jack has total recall, realizes He’s dead, and that He is ready to move on – but not without his Pals, who luckily for him feel the same way –”THE END”.
    Jack wakes up in the “After Life” on the plane with no memory of his life on the Island.
    Jack Dies.
    We were lead to believe that the detonation of “Jug Head” created a parallel universe – But this was not the case. What we were really seeing was a “Flash Forward” to what happened after Jack dies at the end of the show. In time, everyone else eventually died, We were also seeing their journey in the “After Life.” Time has no relevance when you’re dead, 1 second might as well be 1,000 years. Time is based on a start and end, if you’re dead there is no end, at least not one we can comprehend, so time is irrelevant.
  • 5. Example: If I died tomorrow, and you 50 years later, and I see you in the “After Life”, to me it would seem as if I just saw you alive a second ago. The 50 years you lived while I was dead would seem instantaneous to me.
    The Example below is NOT to scale.
    Jack Dies
    Hugo Dies
    Kate Dies
    What ever comes next
    After Life
    More ..After Life
  • 6. Here is another visual timeline: Even though they were played next to each other, the “After Life” was actually a “Flash-forward”.
    “Real Life”
    Bla Bla Bla
    Episode 18 Begins
    Beginning of Season 6
    “After Life”
    Beginning of Season 6
    Bla Bla Bla
    Episode 18 Begins
  • 7. After Jack Dies
    Kate, Sawyer, etc etc … flew away on the plane, lived the rest of their lives and died. They then too found themselves in the “After Life” on the plane (oceanic 815) with no memory of the Island. Not sure if they all just appeared there or they had to live their entire lives…again. If they did, it was a better life, for most of them anyways.
    Hugo and Ben could have gone on to run the Island for 10,000 years for all we know. When Hugo died he too was on the plane with Jack at the exact same time, Ben was on the ground having unnatural thoughts about Alex – Anyways later on: The “You were a good number 1 and 2” conversation they had at the church was past tense. From our perspective “the viewer” they had just started running the Island, but from their perspective in the “After Life” they had already had their run of the Island and died.
  • 8. In Conclusion:Everything that happened on the Island was real and they did not die in the plane crash. The Island is just a magical crazy place, but not the main plot of the story.
    J.J Abrams pulled a fast one on us this season by making us think Jack and the others successfully created a parallel universe where there plane never crashed. This assumption was further convoluted by the fact that they showed these 2 point of views to us side by side. In reality though, we were in fact seeing what happened at the end of the show next to the beginning of it, both running in parallel.
    So many other things in this show, and some of the comments I have written, are open to interpretation. The “Timeline” though, and I mean the “Timeline ONLY”, is the way it happened.
  • 9. Seriously, that many of you didn't get it….
    It only took the Bears 2 hours!!!