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  • 1. logicpond Engineering Innovations
  • 2. Contents
    • Company Profile
    • Market Focus
    • Core Expertise
    • Services
    • Facilities
    • Benefits
    • Project Samples
  • 3. Company Profile
    • Logicpond Inc, was founded in California by a group of young entrepreneurs from the Silicon Valley seeing the need for a customer oriented product design and development company offering cost effective technology and management solutions in the visual computing area.
    • Logicpond Technologies Pvt Ltd, is a subsidiary of Logicpond Inc, established as an offshore research and development center
    • Our Business: Full Life Cycle Product Development
    • Our Strength: Highly qualified domain specific expertise
    • Our Vision: Inspire and engineer innovations and help companies and people to make it possible cost effectively.
  • 4. Market Focus
    • Scientific Instrumentation
    • Image Processing & Analysis
    • Data Visualization & Interactive work-flows
    • Embedded Systems & Avionics
    • Visual Simulation & Virtual Reality
    • Game Development Tools
    • Iphone Application & Game Development
    • Real-Time 3D Modeling Tools
    • Storage, Security & Collaboration Tools
    • High Performance Computing
    • Medical Imaging & Analysis
    • 3D Animation & Visual Effects
  • 5. Services
    • Full life-cycle product design and development services in the visual and scientific computing domains.
    • Application development and migration service for different platforms: Window, Linux, Mac & Mobile platforms.
    • Core competencies coupled with on-site/offshore delivery model to offer high quality, round-the-clock, cost effective product development and maintenance services.
  • 6. Core Expertise
    • Image Processing, Analysis & Measurements
    • Real Time 3D Graphics, & Virtual Reality
    • Visual Simulation & Game Development Tools
    • Embedded Graphics & Imaging
    • Data Acquisition & Visualization
    • Scientific Instrumentation, Hardware Control & Interfacing
    • Cross Platform Product Development & Porting
    • Software Quality Assurance & Control
    • Iphone Application & Game Development
    • Web Services based Application Integration
  • 7. Company Facilities
    • Intellectual Property Protection
    • Highly Focused & Technology Oriented
    • Highly Flexible Relationship Management
    • Highly Functional & Modern Facilities
    • Industry Standard Development Platforms & Tools
    • High Bandwidth Network Availability
    • Secured & Dedicated Network Options
    • 24/7 Time Zone Advantage
    • Dedicated Communication Setup
  • 8. Graphics & Imaging
    • Real-Time Graphics: Interactive 2D & 3D Graphics, Scene Graph Optimization and Performance tuning
    • Image Rendering: OpenGL, DirectX, GLSL & Cg
    • Image Processing: Segmentation, Registration, Filters, ROI Measurement, 3D Reconstruction & Image Analysis
    • Video & Audio: MPEG 2/4, QuickTime
    • Application Acceleration: GPU based CUDA & OpenCL implementations
  • 9. Scientific Instrumentation & Controls
    • Data Acquisition: NIDAQ, SIDX, OMEGA
    • Camera Controls: ANDOR, SPECTRAL, ROPER
    • Motor Controls: TMG, GALIL
    • Communication Protocols: Firewire (1394) USB, RS-232, TCP/IP
  • 10. Cross Platform Development / Migration
    • Migration: Windows/Linux/Mac OS X/Universal Binary
    • Frameworks: Carbon, Cocoa, Qt, WxWidgets, iPhone SDK
    Quality Control & Assurance
    • Black/White Box Testing
    • Manual and Test Automation
    • Sustenance and Maintenance support
  • 11. Dedicated Center Service Model
    • Product Engineering & Management
    • Application Re-engineering & Feature Enhancement
    • Re-architecture & Performance Optimization
    • Software & Hardware Product Development
    • Driver & Firmware Development
    • Porting & Platform Migration
    • Application Maintenance & Support
    • Quality Assurance, Testing & Sustenance Services
  • 12. Engineering Values & Advantages
    • Cost Effective Product Research & Development
    • Round the Clock Resource Availability
    • Higher Productivity & Efficiency
    • Long Term Relationship Benefits
    • Dedicated Pool of Resources
    • Global Quality Standards
    • Extended R&D Facility
    • Product Maintenance & Support
  • 13. Present Project:
  • 14. Image Acquisition Application
  • 15. Luminescent/Fluorescent Imaging
  • 16. Image Acquisition Expertise
    • Support for wide range of high-sensitive scientific cameras for either in-vivo or microscopic imaging
    • Support for bioluminescent and fluorescent imaging
    • Manual and Auto Image acquisition capability
    • Support for single and multiple burst image acquisition
    • Support for high speed multi-frame (video) acquisition
    • Digital I/O and data Acquisition capabilities in NIDAQ, SIDX and OMEGA
    • DICOM data export capability
  • 17. Image Analysis Expertise
    • Tools to configure and calibrate acquisition parameters for optimal performance
    • Apply predefined/customized filter operations of images recursively and mathematical operations between images
    • Perform simultaneous ROI analysis on multiple images
    • Perform wide range of corrections and absolute calibrations on acquired image such as flat field, cosmic, CCD defect, background subtraction, x-ray absorption etc
    • Display/Overlay multiple images using predefined or customized color maps
  • 18. Multi-Channel Motion controller
  • 19. Motor controller and interfacing capability
    • Expertise in TMG, Gallil and other motor controller interfaces
    • Support for various communication protocols Serial, FireWire(1394), USB, RS-232, TCP/IP
    • Auto detect and loading of available devices
    • Precision micro-step motor movement support
    • Wide range of tools available for motor calibration and performance tuning.
    • Video feedback support available for remote access
    • Monitor current/voltage supply and temperature status
  • 20. Motion controls interfaces
    • Easily usable interfaces to control motor parameters
    • Real-time motion parameter feedback and status
    • Display simulated and real-time motion profile
    • Visual indication of current data transfer, motion, error and warning status
    • Import/Export motion parameters and profile setting.
  • 21. 3D & Medical Visualization expertise
  • 22. 2D/3D expertise
    • Interactive 2D & 3D graphics and scene graph optimization
    • Wide range of Image based operations such as Segmentation, color correction, registration, digital compositing, geometric hashing, ROI generation and morphing
    • Expertise in tools development for various Image analysis operations including filters, 2D/3D ROI generations and measurements
    • Surface reconstruction, 3D analysis and measurements
    • 3D surface and volumetric reconstruction, registration and visualization
    • Hardware-accelerated volume rendering for high quality and performance
  • 23. 2D/3D capabilities
    • OpenGL, DirectX and GPU based Shading Language (GLSL, Cg) expertise
    • Interactive volume segmentation and transfer function based color mapping
    • Support for wide range of data import /export capabilities ranging from DICOM to TIFF images
    • Support for wide range of surface data import/export capabilities including Open inventor (.iv), AutoCAD (.dxf), Amira Mesh format (.am), STL etc
  • 24. Multi-Modality 3D Viewer
    • Volume Registration for Multi-Modality data such as CT-MRI-PET.
    • Visualization of time lapse data
    • Volume Rendering using modern rendering modes such as MPR and MIP
    • Interactive and high-quality rendering achieved through available graphics hardware.
    • Multiple transfer functions and rendering modes can be chosen individually for every segmented object in the 3D space.
  • 25. 2D Analysis Package
    • High precision data measurement
    • Multiple ROI support: Polygons, Circles, Free-Hand and Rectangles
    • Preset/Custom Color Look-Up Tables applicable to rendered data including individual ROIs
    • Image Registration for multi-modality data such as CT-PET with adjustable blending and transparency functions
    • Image based mathematical operations
  • 26. Thank you !!!