Interactive wayfinding and digital signage solution


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Interactive Indoor Wayfinding software for Web, Kiosk, Digital Signage Displays and Mobile.

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  • Health CareUniversitiesCorporate / Government BuildingsMuseumsRecreational Parks(Cemeteries / Churches / Resorts / Casinos / Mall / Airport
  • What is currently out there in Wayfinding technologies:Two Different kind of Systems / technologies.1. Google and MapQuest are direction/route generators on the web. They supply OUTDOOR directions.2.- A Garmin System is a Wayfinder based on GPS and provides real OUTDOOR Turn-By-Turn directions. - iPhone: Pull up Google Maps on iPhone and it provides real OUTDOOR Turn-By-Turn directions as well. iPhone uses its build-in GPS for this.Both systems only provide OUTDOOR directions.Market / Demand: Imagine a life without them.
  • Touch Screen Wayfinding Software for Kiosks and LCDWeb application for home access to pre-plan the trip.Mobile: Suit Web Page for Mobile Access  dedicated applications for the Mobile device.
  • Here2There provides a dynamic INDOOR Wayfinding System.Basic Concept is to provide an interactive medium that shows / generates the following visitor information.
  • 1 Welcome Screen: Logo / Eye catcher / Choose Language2 Landing Screen: You Are Here. Two Directories (Departments and Physicians). Help button. Optional FAQ button.3 Choose Destination Screen: In this case department. Select one.Clickable area kept in the lower quadrant for accessibility. 4 Directions screen. Directional Line + optional Directions in Verbiage. Optional: Printer. IDLE timer to set it auto. Back to welcome screen.
  • Works exactly as Google Maps.
  • Generate and receive directions through:1 Normal Web Page2 Mobile formatted Web Page3 Dedicated Wayfinding App. (Apple, Android andBlack-Berry, W7). Can be upgraded to supply real turn-by-turn directions. With Text-2-Speech activated the mobile device can direct visual impaired as well. Accuracy: 3-10 Feet and under ideal circumstances up to 0.5 Ft.
  • Managing the Application. Web Based tool to manage the application after delivery. Multiple language option.Immediately updates all media platforms are attached, in example: web page and kiosk application.
  • Standard: Client(s) – Internet – Server (GSA hosting)Database can be hosted on-site (Intranet)
  • Other Possible Inclusions 1:Include Static Real Estate for message relayCafé menu’sHospital visiting hoursPrescription pick-upMeet the DoctorXML (RSS)
  • Other Possible Inclusions 2:Meeting room scheduling (Back-Office) and information display
  • Other Possible Inclusions 3:Humanizing the Specialist.Interactive.
  • Proprietary Software : We can tailor to your needs Experienced Developers: Created a lot of self service software for ourselves (kiosk Software, Flight Time TV, Print Boarding Pass, Accept Credit Card Payments, PCI Compliant) and third parties (Self service shipping, self service tanning, self service application to buy power per minute) 10 Yrs experience in Digital Signage: We push contents to and manage computers at clients sites since the beginning. Now probably a 1,000 pc’s) Data-Driven Wayfinding Solutions: Especially larger projects need a flexible data-driven engine in order to make changes quickly. 508 Compliance.Web Accessibility. Back-Office for Self-Management: Manage the application after delivery Made first Wayfinding app. in 2005: ConCord Customer Oriented: The Hospitality has probably the most demanding service & support. We are doing this for 10 years.
  • Set up a date for a follow up demonstration right now.
  • Interactive wayfinding and digital signage solution

    1. 1. Here2There Wayfinding<br />Indoor<br />Here2There Software<br /><br />P# 814 – 342 – 3120<br />F# 814 – 342 - 3145<br />USA<br />
    2. 2. Existing Wayfinding<br />OUTDOOR<br />
    3. 3. Wayfinding Media<br />
    4. 4. Indoor Wayfinding<br />Here2There INDOOR Wayfinding:<br /><ul><li>Where Am I
    5. 5. Where Is My Destination
    6. 6. How Do I Get There</li></li></ul><li>Kiosk / LCD Wayfinding<br />Welcome Screen:<br />Choose Language<br />You Are Here<br />Choose <br />Destination<br />Directions<br />
    7. 7. Wayfinding on the Web<br /><br />Directions can be send to smart phone.<br />
    8. 8. Mobile Wayfinding<br />1<br />Normal Web Page.<br />E-Mail / Text to Smart-Phone.<br />2<br />Web page<br />suited for mobile access. <br />3<br />Dedicated Wayfinding App.<br />Turn-by-Turn directions<br />
    9. 9. Back-Office<br /><ul><li> Appearance
    10. 10. Department List
    11. 11. Provider List
    12. 12. Floor List
    13. 13. (FAQ)</li></li></ul><li>Network<br />Client(s) – Server<br />Intranet / Internet<br />
    14. 14. Digital Signage<br />
    15. 15. Meeting Room<br />
    16. 16. Meet the Doctor<br />
    17. 17. Why H2T<br /><ul><li>Proprietary Software
    18. 18. Experienced Developers
    19. 19. 10 Yrs experience in Digital Signage
    20. 20. Data-Driven Wayfinding Solutions
    21. 21. 508 Compliance
    22. 22. Back-Office for Self-Management
    23. 23. Made first Wayfinding app. in 2005
    24. 24. Customer Oriented</li></li></ul><li>More Information<br />Wayfinding Application for:<br /><ul><li>Touch Screen Kiosk / LCD
    25. 25. Web Page
    26. 26. Mobile
    27. 27. Back-Office
    28. 28. Hospital
    29. 29. University
    30. 30. Corporate/ Government</li></li></ul><li>Here2There Software<br /><br />P# 814 – 342 – 3120<br />F# 814 – 342 - 3145<br />USA<br />Another product of<br />