Bahan Ajar Procedure Text


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Bahan Ajar Procedure Text

  1. 1. About ProcedureGeneric StructureLanguage FeatureExampleWord PowerObjective test
  2. 2. About Procedure Procedure is a text that show a process inorder. The social function of a procedure is to tellor describe the reader how to do or makesomething through a sequence of series Types of ProcedureTexts that instruct how to do aparticular activity : recipes, rules forgames, science experiments, road safetyrules.Texts that instruct how to operate things: how to operate an appliance, amachine, the photocopier, the computer The most common example of a proceduraltext is a recipe.
  3. 3. Generic Structure Goal or aimStates what is to be done/showing the purpose. MaterialsListed in order of use, includes items needed tocomplete task/telling the needed materials. MethodA series of steps to achieve the purpose.
  4. 4. Language Feature Using action verb(cut, fold, twist, hold, slice, pour, cook, etc) Using imperative sentence Using Simple Present Tense (do this, do that) Linking words to do with time(first, when, then) are used to connect the text. Detailed information on how (carefully, withthe scissors); where (from the top); when (afterit has set)
  5. 5. ExampleHow to make FRIED RICEIngredients :- a plate of rice- 2 tablespoon oil- 1 tablespoon soybean sauce- 1 egg- 5 shallots- 2 cloves of garlic- some salt and pepperEquipments :- a knife- a frying pan- a spatula- a plateSteps1. Slice the shallots and garlic2. Pour the oil into the pan and heat it3. Cook the shallot and garlic until it smells nice4. Put the rice into the pan5. Season with some salt and pepper6. Stir the rice until all the ingredients are mixed well7. Put the rice on a plate.
  6. 6. Materials:1 large ripe banana200 ml milk100 ml heavycream50 gm caster sugarHow To MakeHomemadeBanana IcecreamSteps:1.Mash the banana in a food processor untilsmooth.2.Mix in the milk, heavy cream and sugar.3.Pour the mixture into ice-cream maker and freezeit according to the manufacturers instructions,about 20 minutes.4.Once the ice cream has been formed in the icecream maker, it would be quite soft in texture.5.Transfer to an air-tight plastic container andplace in the freezer for several hours until the ice-cream is frozen. Or you might like to have it afterfreezing for an hour or so.
  7. 7. Words Power2 cloves of garlic = 2 siungbawang putih.Mash banana = tumbukhalus/lembutkan pisang.Heavy cream = krim pengental(pemadat)Caster Sugar = gula halusyang lembut.
  8. 8. 10 Objective tests1) What kind of text above?2) What is the social function of each example?3) What is the generic structure of each example?4) What are the action verb that mention in eachexample?5) Mention the imperative sentences that exist ineach example !Answer this question based on both example above !!
  9. 9. Answer with T for Correct Statement and Ffor Incorrect Statement !!1) The social function of a procedure is to tell ordescribe the reader how to do or make somethingthrough a sequence of series. (T/F)2) These are the igredients of how to makehomemade banana ice cream : 1 large ripebanana, 300 ml milk, 100 ml heavy cream (T/F)3) In procedure text we use simple past tense inlanguage features. (T/F)4) Fried rice made with 3 eggs. (T/F)5) The word “mash” similar with pound. (T/F)