River Hebert Library stuffed animal sleepover march 2013


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March 2013 River Hebert Library Stuffie Sleepover slideshow. Cumberland Public Libraries, Nova Scotia

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  • Change pic to show all of the animals
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  • Picture of stuffies brushing their teeth, washing face and hands
  • River Hebert Library stuffed animal sleepover march 2013

    1. 1. Stuffed Animal Sleepover March 2013 River Hebert Library Be creative
    2. 2. Your furry friends were excited to spend the night at the Library! Do you see yours?
    3. 3. Let’s start with Story time!
    4. 4. How can we have fun in the library?
    5. 5. Some animals used the computers to play games!
    6. 6. Some others playing games too!
    7. 7. Some found the floor cushionsreally relaxing and almost fell asleep early!
    8. 8. But most of the animals wanted to play Hide and SeekHaven’t you ever wanted to play that in the library?
    9. 9. Sophia covered her eyes and counted to 100!
    10. 10. Binky and Peanutbutter foundgood spots by the computer
    11. 11. Candy found a spot behind the book rack!
    12. 12. Isabelle peeks to see if the coast is clear!
    13. 13. Nice try Sparky, I bet she finds you first!
    14. 14. Three buddies squeeze under the photocopier and pretend they are in a cave!
    15. 15. Oh, she’ll never find you way up there!
    16. 16. Some animals found spots on the shelves!
    17. 17. The children’s section is full of good places to hide if you are small
    18. 18. That’s good camouflage Avery!
    19. 19. Valentine said the book he hid behind made him hungry!
    20. 20. A little snack before movie time!
    21. 21. Right before the movie starts, two big guys saw Someone in trouble!
    22. 22. A fellow stuffy was found dangling from a shelf!!!
    23. 23. All the animals tried to reach Fighter but they were not tall enough!
    24. 24. Finally someone thought of the step ladder!
    25. 25. Rescued at last! He is alright
    26. 26. Movie time! Down in front please.
    27. 27. It’s getting late… TIME FOR BED!
    28. 28. Brushing teeth – washing face and hands, way to go! Your peoplefriends must be so proud of you for learning good hygiene!
    29. 29. All tucked in for the night!
    30. 30. One last bedtime story, then it was sweet dreams for the stuffed friends
    31. 31. Shrek! What are you doing?????
    32. 32. Shrek! Stop that and get to bed!
    33. 33. Thank you for bringing yourstuffed friend to the sleepover SEE YOU NEXT TIME! Oh yes, one more thing…
    34. 34. Your stuffed friends had a LOT offun, but they missed you last night!