oZAPP Roadshow 2012 with Bill Tai


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Bill Tai visited River City Labs for the Brisbane leg of the 2012 oZAPP Awards National Roadshow.

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oZAPP Roadshow 2012 with Bill Tai

  1. 1. BrisbaneMonday,September 3, 2012 6:00 PM 282 Wickham Street 1
  2. 2. THE LAUNCHAdvice on launching your App & Company in today’s Mobile Web and Cloud Ecosystem. From the creators of: Bill Tai Angel Investor & Partner, CRV Adjunct Professor, Curtin University 2
  3. 3. Riding Overlapping Waves2010 --> user interface to data; App Economy 1995 --> network services; origins of ‘the cloud’1987 --> systems; routers, switches, hardware 1980 --> basic technology; microcomputers 3
  4. 4. What Do Investors Look For?✦ Markets: BIG✦ Management: “Force of Nature” appropriate to the task✦ Capital Requirement: Realistic to Fund✦ Timing: “Being early is a lot like being wrong”✦ Sustainability: Barriers through technology or network effects 4
  5. 5. The Entreprenuer✦ “Force of nature”✦ It’s a long road, many lives along the way ✦ Passion ✦ Flexibility ✦ Strategic thinking combined with tactical smarts✦ Management that can put themselves in the path of luck✦ Exactly NONE of the great companies in technology do EXACTLY what they set out to do… 5
  6. 6. Today’s Wave... Expressed • App Economy is Proving to be an EXPONENTIAL opportunity • Parabolic scalability enabled by ‘cloud infrastructure’ & massive distribution available via mobile. • Gear shift in opportunity toward “User Interface to Data, coming off the Cloud” 6
  7. 7. Hyper Growth - AWS 7
  8. 8. Exponential App Economy 8
  9. 9. My Personal App Ecosystem 9
  10. 10. Maxthon - Jeff Chen & Karl Mattson #75 in Utilities - iTunes China (8/29/12) Maxthon creates super fast tabbed browsers. Sync IOS, Mac, Windows, Android, Blackberry. Top scores in rendering HTML5. Dual core Windows browser - the ultimate browser for developers and designers. 100M+ Monthly global reach. Top 7 Markets - China, USA, Russia, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Brazil. 600M+ cumulative downloads Developer cloud service with API launching late Q4 2012, Upload/Download 5x faster than Dropbox 10
  11. 11. Advice from Karl Mattson• Take the time to define and track the entire acquisition funnel and user life cycle. Its never too early to map out CAC (customer acquisition cost) against LTV (Lifetime Value)• Commit to performance. Every millisecond gain in performance = more user engagement. • Get your hands dirty with customer service. Customers actually want you to succeed. Make them a part of your success. Take the time to selectively respond to individual reviews and users. Thank them -- even the haters -- for the feedback. Humanize what you do with dialogue, straight answers and social media presence from all points of the team when possible.• Cultivate a blogger/reporter influencer early on and ask for feedback. If you cant describe how differentiated your app is in one clear sentence, take a fresh look at what problem youre trying to solve.• SEO optimize your app descriptions, landing pages and social media presence. There are 100’s of tweaks that can ratchet up your search presence in both iTunes and Google Play.• Talent is everything. Take the time to find it. Test how well you communicate with each other in different mediums and circumstances. Set clear goals, resource realistically and get out of the way. 11
  12. 12. Tweetdeck - Iain Dodsworth # 116 in Social (8/29/12) TweetDeck is a desktop app to segment twitter and social media feeds into smaller, more easily digestible columns. We quickly grew a user-base of power users who loved the full screen power functionality of the app. After 3 years, $3.5m in funding, 15 employees, millions of high value users TweetDeck was acquired by Twitter in May 2011. 12
  13. 13. Advice from Iain Dodsworth✦ Most obvious is execute and release, the pursuit of perfection will almost guarantee failure. Leave perfection for the post launch iterations. Be very clear with your users that the release version is a 1.0 and that your vision is truly breathtaking.✦ On iOS especially, make sure your app icon is gorgeous. Make me want to promote your app to my home screen just to see your icon.✦ Once launched, set up a twitter search for your app name and app twitter account (if you dont have one get one) - respond to every single person who mentions your app ESPECIALLY those that complain about it - they are your future evangelists - you need them to spread the word. If no-one is talking about your app then search on competing apps and "enter the discussion".✦ Cozy up to a (tech) blogger of some repute. Give them (and only them) exclusive access to your app. Make sure they know its exclusive. Let them blog your launch, make sure its a long form review NOT a paragraph. Dont worry if theyre not the biggest blogger out there - if the review is in depth this will signal to other, bigger bloggers theres something interesting here. In the future your blogger will always write about your app - relationships.✦ Keep iterating (obvious), blow the minds of your users with wonderfully frequent updates which encompass their feedback. They will love you for it. 13
  14. 14. Tweetdeck Launch Story“Just after launch, as I was adding more and more (unstable) functionalityto it, I watched a piece on CNN about doctors tweeting live during anoperation - it was late 2008 and this was a big deal.All of a sudden I noticed they were using TweetDeck (wow how exciting!the software Id written just for me whilst on the sofa). Then it hit me - "f**k,dont crash...on live tv...in the middle of a operation!" - worst few minutesof my life. It didnt crash.Not long after that Ashton Kutcher used TweetDeck to secretly tweet aphoto of Demi Moores ass. I was more relaxed about that use of the app.” 14
  15. 15. Tango Video - Uri Raz & Eric Setton # 9 in Social; #86 overall (8/29/12) Leader in mobile video calling; Now also includes voice, text, pictures and video messages Amazing traction: 1M in first 10 days, over 60M in less than 2 years Our edge: it works, its simple, your friends are on it Focused on our process and our execution, we release faster than all our competitors and it makes a huge difference because we support all the phones as soon as they come out 15
  16. 16. Advice from Eric Setton✦ Build product that you will use every day. You will want to be the number 1 user, so you find all the bugs and depend on that product more than anyone else✦ Choose a co-founder that you can trust 100%. Two is a good number, its good to be complementary too, but trust is always number one✦ Try to knock down the tough technical challenges first. Before launch is the time to put in place a high technology barrier, to think and build things right. After that, you will be running even faster.✦ Your initial team needs to be rock-star material. Dont compromise, this is the DNA of your company. Address hiring mistakes as soon as your stomach starts twitching.✦ Dont worry about scalability before you launch. Scalability issues are high-class problems that you want to have, youll find enough adrenaline to fix them 16
  17. 17. Tango Launch Story - Eric “I also want to tell you a great story to share the enthusiasm for Tango when we launched: With our phone number registration process, in order to allow people to register in each and every country we had to code up all the dialing rules for all the different numbering process of the 212 countries we run in. A few hours after launch, we realized we had jumped a number for South Korea. South Korea is   a well-known early adopter for video technologies and this is THE country you dont want to screw up!! As we were rushing a fix (4 days to bring this out), a blogger in South Korea realized he could fix the issue by not entering the last digit of their number on our first day. 4 days later we already had 140k users in South Korea and our fix had to accommodate for all these early adopters :-) It was crazy!!” 17
  18. 18. Voxer - Tom Katis & Gustaf Alstromer #10 in Social, #91 overall (8/29/12) Voxer is one of the fastest growing voice applications in the world. Were re-inventing voice. Voxer is a Walkie Talkie app for iOS and Android but its a lot more than that. People user Voxer in their work life, to talk to loved ones and to friends. No ringing or texting - just talk. Voxer has the social etiquette of text but the immediacy and texture of voice 18
  19. 19. Advice from Gustaf Alstromer✦ There are radically different strategies depending on the nature of the app. If youre a social app try to focus on engineered growth around invites and friend-finding. That is where you have the most leverage.✦ At Voxer we did zero PR and zero advertising after the first million users. Unless you have a recurring revenue source those two channels wont scale to tens of millions of users✦ Do your homework and instrument all critical flows in the app. You need to know conversion rates on invite, activation etc. Understand where people drop off. Its easy to integrate something like Mixpanel✦ Most app conversion funnels are hard to track. You cant use referral tracking in the app store and some times the app store will appear as a black box. You can get around this with homegrown analytics and surveys. Make an effort to understand where your users are coming from. Its worth it✦ Move fast. Because of the app store cycles many app developers only release monthly or bi-monthly. Make an effort to get your iOS release schedule to 3 weeks and push Android weekly. Its good for morale, forproduct progress and make you have to prioritize 19
  20. 20. Voxer Launch Story - Gustaf Growing from 20,000 downloads to 275,000 downloads a day in less than a week is one of the most amazing things Ive done in my professional life. Seeing "Voxer" trending above "Thanksgiving" and "Turkey" on Twitter on the actual thanksgiving weekend was mindblowing. Getting voice messages from people I hadnt heard from in 10 years is also a very special feeling. *The funniest best day in the office was when this user-created video came out and we blasted it throughout the office: www.bit.ly/VoxerSong 20
  21. 21. Scribd - Trip Adler ✦ # 24 in reference (8/29/12) ✦ Scribd is the worlds largest social publishing and reading site, 100M monthly readers. >25M quality documents in its library ✦ Revenue from ads, premium accounts, and commerce ✦ Users range from authors to students to top publishing houses (Random House and Wiley) to media companies (Wired and New York Times), to politicians (Obama and Romney) to large companies (like Ford and Facebook) 21
  22. 22. Advice from Trip’s team✦ For a mobile app to succeed, it has to either a) do something that no one else has done before or b) do something better than everyone else. The purpose of your app should be very clear to the user. If you cant clearly state what your app does in one quick sentence, your users probably wont be able to figure it out either.✦ Competition is fierce, so time to market is extremely important. For new ideas, start with the minimum viable product and iterate quickly. Polish, speed, and tiny details that most people never notice are what separates good apps from great apps.✦ Have realistic expectations. Success in the app store is rare.✦ iOS is popular all over the world, localize your app.✦ If you take shortcuts, for example by trying to wrap a web app in a native shell, your users will notice. Look at Facebooks iOS app as an example. 22
  23. 23. Zoom.us - Eric Yuan #150 Productivity (8/29/12) zoom.us is a free HD video meeting service for high quality video conversations and screen sharing at work and at home Walt Mossbergs review about zoom.us " my verdict is that Zoom.us is a very good product with lots of practical uses." 23
  24. 24. Advice from Eric Yuan✦ Find a team who is passionate about building a world class product. Passion is the ultimate adrenaline hormone when it comes to product development✦ Keep the user experience as simple as you can. Simplicity is sexy but hard to pursue. You need to build a "simplicity culture" on day one.✦ Leverage product usage data to become your decision-making "advisor". Have your product usage metrics ready when you launch a product. Data-driven decision is more relevant.✦ Understand your competitors. Have a clear competitive understanding to know every competitors strength and weakness.  Capitalize on your competitors mistakes.✦ Work as hard as you can. When you sleep, your competitors do not. Whoever can execute, better and faster, will win. 24
  25. 25. Zoom.Us Launch Story A day after our launch, we were discussing whether to spend $10k to create a video to share with our users on how people are using zoom.us. In the middle of the meeting, someone stood up and said: "Hold our horses, the video is already on youtube!"   We were surprised to find a group of users test driving zoom.us on youtube! www.bit.ly/ZoomUsTestDrive http://bit.ly/zoomWSJ 25
  26. 26. www.OzApp.Com.Au 26
  27. 27. EMERGENCE CREATIVE| Navigating the Creative PlanetThe anti-conference for those who think digitally and differently. Emergence  Crea+ve  will  take  place  following  the  oZAPP  Awards  in  Perth.  Both   events  will  link  together  emerging  crea+ve  technologies  and  the  concept  of   digital  innova+on.  Significant  judges  from  the  awards  will  also  take  part  in  the   Emergence  program.   Emergence  is  a  unique  3  day  opportunity  to  explore  the  inter-­‐rela8onship   between  technology,  communica8on  and  crea8vity  with  some  big-­‐name  digital   dignitaries. It’s  an  an8-­‐conference.  Sure,  we’ll  have  talks  and  the  odd  Powerpoint  presenta8on.  But  also  out-­‐of-­‐the-­‐ordinary  masterclasses,  workshops  and  forums   where  you’ll  learn  from  the  best,  and  network  with  crea8ve  people,  techies,   entrepreneurs  and  investors.There’ll  be  screenings  of  some  great  crea8ve  work,  collabora8ve  sessions,  beach   breakfasts,  live  music  and  winery  dinners  all  set  in  the  stunning  surroundings  of   Australia’s  South-­‐West  crea8ve  corner. So  if  you  work  in  adver8sing,  film,  music,  communica8ons,  design  or  anything   vaguely  digital,  Emergence  is  definitely  for  you. 27
  28. 28. Appendix and Backup Links✦ www.about.me/billtai ✦ www.ozapp.com.au✦ http://bit.ly/IKA2016OlympicAmbassadors ✦ www.skatelescope.org✦ http://onforb.es/20111207MaiTai7BillionFromKiters ✦ www.latamstartupchallenge.com✦ http://bit.ly/MaiTai-2012✦ http://bit.ly/MaiTai2012SNOW ✦ www.bit.ly/VoxerSong 28
  29. 29. Soundtracking - Steve Jang Instantly #226 in identify the Music music (8/29/12 playing around you ) and then share the song with a ♥ Selected photo, by Apple as location, and "Best iPhone a comment. Music App of on 2011" Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare ★ Discover New Music from Friends, Artists, and DJs - follow 29