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Grooming presentation Grooming presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Assessor Name – Miss. Shivangi Varma Presented By –Ritu Srivastava Batch – C1 Session – 2012- 2013
  •  Acknowledgement PERSONAL QUALITIES REQUIRED FOR WORKING IN THE AVIATION AND THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Good Communication Skills Graceful High Sense of Grooming Tactful to manage even a difficult customer OR diplomatic Patience Correct Body Posture SKIN CARE TYPES OF SKIN NORMAL SKIN DRY SKIN OILY SKIN COMBINATION SKIN SENSITIVE SKIN Personal grooming treatment HAIR CARE My Hair Type Art of self presentation Different Types Of Exercises Which Keep us Fit… Exercises which I do… How to Gain Weight How to Losses Weight My Weight according to my height… My Dite Plan… Why o you think that its is important to look proffsional in an interview… Body Language Bibliography Thank You…
  • With due respect I RITU SRIVASTAVA student ofFrankfinn have been able to complete thisproject by the guidelines of my trainer Miss.Shivangi Varma.This project has been nicelycame out nicely by the best wishes of my friends,parents and of course my trainer. All my friendshelped me in by various types.At the last but not least I want to thanks allthose people who helped me in making thisproject nice.
  • Good Communication SkillsGracefulHigh Sense of GroomingTactful to manage even adifficult customer OR diplomaticPatienceCorrect Body Posture
  • Having effective communication skills is imperative for your success.Positive communication will certainly increase the opportunities youfind in your career and business. Having good communication skillswill enable you to get ahead in certain areas where others who areless assertive may not succeed.A few things to keep your eyes on while practicing the fine art ofcommunication are: Body Language Speech and Attentiveness Speech and Attentiveness Communication Consistency Patience Practicing Effective Communication Skills
  •  Tolerant and even-tempered perseverance The capacity for calmly enduring pain, trying situations, etc. Obsolete permission; sufferanceHad the patience of a man who worked a step at a timethrough month-long laboratory experiments —Elizabeth
  • Perfer not to say whatever its true.Or not to hurt the one whoask the question too much. Or...dont want to talk... Of, pertaining to, or engaged in diplomacy: diplomatic officials. Skilled in dealing with sensitive matters or people; tactful Of or pertaining to diplomatics DiplomaticDiplomatic has two senses or meanings: Using or marked by tact in dealing with sensitive matters or people relating to or characteristic of diplomacy A tactful yet respectful person.
  • Correct body posture minimizes painand makes daily activities moreefficient. Long hours at the computer,muscular imbalances, injuries and evena bad mattress all contribute to badposture. Correct body posture keeps kinksout of the bodys kinetic chain.
  • Always have a grace……….
  •  Face Wash Soap Cleansing Milk Moisturizers Face Mask Facial Scrub Eye Cream Night Cream
  •  Cleansing, Tonning, and Moisturising are very important for face skin to keep soft, healthy and it also help skin to breath properly… Apply these on face twice a day… In the morning and in the night when you are about to sleep…
  • If you skin belongs to anormal type, the tissuewill not reveal any tracesof oil. Your skin shouldfeel vibrant, elastic, andsupple.Normal skin is theleast problematic type.It looks clean and smoothand has a good circulationand healthy complexion.Even with a minimumcare, it will look goodwell into your advancedage.
  • If your skin is dry, the paperwill be clean, too, but yourface skin will feel flaky, dry,and tight after you havewiped it. Dry skin can easily developa sallow tone, wrinkles, andfine pores, and it is veryprone to aging and irritating.It might still look great on ayoung person, but, to keep ithealthy, you should applythorough care and useregular skin or beautytreatment with naturalmasks and moisturizers.
  • If you have oily skin, the paperwill have spots of facial oil onit, corresponding to the areas ofyour cheeks, nose, andforehead.Oily skin isproblematic – it usually looksgreasy, thick, coarse, and shiny,has enlarged pores, and tendsto break into acne. A good thing, though, is thatoily skin is not prone much toaging and wrinkling. Carefulcleaning, minimizing ofcarbohydrate consumption, andavoiding rich creams can behelpful in improving the qualityof oily skin.
  • If you skin is combination, likethat of most women, the tissuewill have traces of oil comingfrom your nose and forehead,but will be clean in the areasthat touched your cheeks. Combination skin has patchesof both dry and oily skin, and itrequires different types of carein relation to particular facialareas. Dry zones, which are usuallylocated on the cheeks andaround the eyes, should betreated with rich creams andmoisturizers, while oily areas,usually on the forehead andnose, will benefit from frequentand thorough cleaning.
  • Sensitive skin is usuallyvery dry, tends to feeltight, and becomesinflamed and irritatedeasily. Typically, sensitiveskin develops reddish andscaly areas, can be itchyand tingly, and is prone tobreaking into spots. It isthe most problematic andfragile type of skin, whichneeds a very special typeof care. To get the rightbody products for this skintype too requires greatresearch.
  • My Skin Type is COMBINATION SKIN I apply cleansing milk, tonner and moisturizers regularly twice a day. On my dry zone, I apply rich creams and moisturizers. While on oily area, I do frequent and cleaning.
  • PRODUCTS………….
  •  First, I wash fash with cold water in the morning. Then I brush my teeth & I take bath. After bath I apply Vasiline Body Lotion. Before coming to Frankfinn I use amway sunscree. After reaching Frankfinn I use Amway Face Wash to clean my face. I use Oriflame Foundation for base. Then I use Amway Losse Powder. I use Oriflame eye shadow and blush-on. Iuse Amway lipstick . I use Amway eye liner, kajal and mascara. I use Hair Gel to Set my hair. After Make – up I use Translucent Powder of Amway for final touch up. After returning home I use Make – up Remover and wash my face with cold water and face wash. Then I rub my face with Tonner to prevent tanning.
  • I use Body Lotation to my body which helps myskin breath while I am sleeping.Once in a week, I apply skin and hair Pack andbleech once in a month…
  • Now a days, when our lifestyle is so hectic we are unable tofollow a balance dite. This Balancing dite harms ourhealth but also hair. The common problem we facetaking in respect to our hair are : PROBLEM PREVENTION Dandruff Apply Lemon Hair Fall Apply Almond Oil Itching Medicer or Shampoo Dryness Oil or Curd Exxecive Oil Lemon
  • My Hair Type :DNDRUFFWhat I do for myhair- I shampoo my hair. I appyl serum. I apply lemon. I apply heena twice in a month for 1- 2 hours. I apply Almond oil on my hair.
  • Fitness ExercisesThere are various Physical Fitness Exercises that you canchoose from. You can try Resistance Training to help create alean and toned body, Aerobic Exercises to elevate your heartrate over a sustainable period of time, and Stretching toextend your limbs and muscles to their full extent. Thissection provides you every thing you need to know about thedifferent Fitness Exercises. Learn about them herethoroughly, including body weight exercises.
  • Neck & Shoulder StretchesIts important to maintain good flexibility on your neck andmuscles since these are where most people accumulatetension. This section contains instructions on how to stretchyour neck and shoulder muscles properly to avoidaccumulation of tension. Chest & Arm StretchesThe chest, like the neck, is also a common area for tensionbuild-up. Instructions on how to do the Basic Chest and ArmStretches that can help prevent muscle tension in the chestand upper back can be found in this section.
  • Back Stretches The back takes in tension more than any other part of the body. It is necessary to stretch the back properly after exercise. This section contains instructions on how to do the basic back stretches. Read here for more information. Leg StretchesAnother part of your body that you need to stretch is yourlegs. Instructions on how to do the basic leg stretches whichtarget the major leg muscles like the hip flexor (often themost neglected leg muscle) can be found in this section.
  • Stretching SequencesThis section will provide you with the suggested sequentialstretches to have a good and relaxing stretch. When yourbody becomes accustomed to a particular stretch, you canincrease the duration time of each exercise to lengthen aparticular stretch.
  •  Brisk Walking Yoga Neck & Shoulder Stretches Chest & Arm Stretches Back Stretches Leg Stretches
  • The key to healthy weight gin is to eat grain lessbut healthy food. A high fat dite, junk food,insaturated fat is not recommended. The average calorie requirement is approx.1900calories per day. This means the optimumamount to help most underweight people gainweight is about 2400 calories.
  • About 350 calories equal to 1 pound ofweight want to loss weight will need tocreate calories shortage. You can, but do this by reducing yourcalories intake and increasing yourcalorie expenditure.
  •  My Height is 145 cms. My Weight is 37 kg. According to height, 42-45 kg. weight is required… I am underweight about 5-6 kg. For gaining weight I follow the dite plan which was given by my trainer…
  • DAY BREAKFAST MID-DAY LUNCH EVENING DINNER SNACKS SNACKS SUNDAY 1Cup of porridge, Thick slice 2Chappati, 1 1 cup coffee, Veg Biriyani, toffo 2 table spoon of Whole Wheat bowl of rice, 1 biscuits or paneer kari, 2 chopped nuts, Toast with 1 Bowl of curd, 1 chappaties, salad, dry fruits, 1 tea spoon of bowl of Dal, 1 Dezzerts, 1 glass banana, ½ low at bowl kari, salad, peanut butter of frozen milk milk, ½ glass seasonal orange juice vegetables MONDAY ” ” ” ” ” TUESDAY ” ” ” ” ”WEDNESDAY ” ” ” ” ”THURSDAY ” ” ” ” ” FRIDAY ” ” ” ” ”SATURDAY Maggi, ” ” ” passta, burgger ”
  • If you are hoping to be hired to dosomething professional, you shouldlook like the people that do that job.Having hired many individuals, Ineed someone that not only has theproper skill set, but represents myorganization in the proper manner.
  • Every Interviwe has its hintrland, which means theinterviwe questions cover a certain area and nomore… A job for an accountant, a clerk, salesman,manger and so on…have their area of actionsand effect and a person to face the interviwe hasto make himself uptodate in that respect. Common and general knowledge howeverconcerns everybody & one should be aware of &acquainteal with the main political , economic &other headlines, one thing is to be rememberedthat never try to dominate or undervalue yourinterviewer. Never try to fool them. Some of themmay look old, soggy, & limpid but they arebitterns in their fields,. The objective should be tostrike a balance. One should neither be oversmart nor over shy or over polite the candate hasto give the impression & that he is ready forworks action & that he is serious & sincere .
  • WWW.GOOGLE.COMWWW.FRANKFINN.COM www.yahoo.comwww.bodycare999.com