AIESEC in Kolkata | Alumni Relations Audit | 2013


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Audits for ARM, AIESEC in Kolkata

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AIESEC in Kolkata | Alumni Relations Audit | 2013

  1. 1. AIESEC IN KOLKATA ALUMNI RELATIONS REPORT 2013 DIRECTOR AR: Raunak Jhunjhunwala MANAGED BY: Rishab Kothari and Ritansha Bagaria
  2. 2. DETAILS: Alumni In charge 2014: Giriraj Bhutra, VP BD Email address: Phone: +91 8017111115 Current ARM Team: LCP, VP BD and Director AR Mode of Communication: • FB Group (general alumni): • FB Group (LCPs): • Newsletters (Attached) • Emails via Mailing List (Database attached) • Regular information via messages •Number of Newsletters Released: 4 Sample Link:
  3. 3. MODE OF COMMUNICATION: Facebook Groups Regular Emails
  4. 4. MODE OF COMMUNICATION: Newsletters
  5. 5. ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT: Number of Events engaged in: 8 Event Date Venue Purpose Attendees Alumni and AIESECers Cricket 19th May, Sunday Victoria Grounds General engagement with LC 17 The BIG Alumni Reunion 13th July, Saturday Urban Desi Alumni Reunion and general sharing 41 Global Food Festival 28th July, Sunday Minus Six Degrees Engagement with LC Event 6 Corporate Conclave 10th July, Saturday Chrome Hotel Engagement with LC Event 10 Youth to Business Forum 11th July, Sunday St Xaviers College Engagement with LC Event 4 AIESEC Kolkata 26th Birthday 6th September, Friday Mocha Celebration and Reunion 20 LCP Elections 14th November, Thursday Ekta Floral Engagement with LC Event 6 December LCong: Alumni Night 21st December, Saturday Splendour Resorts Alumni Night 5 Note: Also included in May LTS, GBM and EB Review
  6. 6. INVITES:
  7. 7. EVENT PICTURES Cricket Match: LCP Elections Corporate Conclave Global Food Festival The BIG Alumni Reunion
  8. 8. ALUMNI DATABASE Q. Do you have alumni database updated? A. Yes (attached) Q. Database of all previous LCPs and Ebs? Does it include GB and MB? A. LCPs database is updated but not for all Ebs. Gb and MB, the same is still in the process of being compiled but it’s progress has been attached with the previous database segregated in LCP, EB, MB/OCP and GB. Q. Have you tried to clear grey areas (missing names)? A. Yes. The Director AR has been contacting all possible Ebs and LCPs and tried updating the database as much as possible. Completely revamped database is now in hand. Also Google form was released to Alumni asking them details about members from their terms. Initiatives have also been taken via phone calls and emails. LINK TO DATABASE: dG02R0Y3RGtKQ2llUGJwTVE0ZWZzTFE&usp=drive_web#gid=2
  9. 9. ALUMNI DATABASE Q. ARE YOU IN TOUCH WITH ATLEAST ONE EB MEMBER? IF YES MENTION THEIR NAMES. 2010-2012: In touch with all EB members 2009- Raaghav Fomra, Ankit Saraogi, Ritwick Saharia 2008- Mayank Kandoi, Raaghav Fomra 2007- Ambika Khanna, Mayank Kandoi, Rohan Ganeriwal 2006-Ansh Sahai, Moiz Rangoonwala 2005- Moiz Rangoonwala, Kaamil Gandhi, Vinay Jaju, 2004-Abhishek Daga 2003-Sahil Saharia 2002- Shantanu Saharia, Kanupriya Didwania 2000- Rahul Gadi 1999- Deepak Sharma 1996- Ronak Seth 1995- Manav Jalan 1994- Kavita Chowdhary 1993- Mr. Rishi Dhanuka 1988- Srikant Kanoi 1987- Mr. Akshay Sabarwal, Mr. Sandip Mukherji
  10. 10. Other Details: . Q. Criteria to Alumni Status? A. 1 year of Voting rights Q. Have you identified Masters, Seniors and Juniors? A. No, they don’t appeal to our reality. Q. Any Local Alumni Association? A. None. In process of creating Alumni Funds via LCPs.
  11. 11. Contribution Details: . Total iGIP TNs raised: 2 Details: Jaypee Group, Mr. Aditya Bajaj (VP TN 2003) Total oGIP raises: 1 Details: Vaibhav Toshniwal Matched to Brazil, Edge. Total iGCDP Raises: 3 It is in process, details yet to go on system. TN details: PS Group, Mr. Saurabh Dugar In Kind Raising: Backstage Banquet hall raised for GBMs.
  12. 12. Key Innovations: . • Newsletters for Active Alumni Engagement leading to ELD contribution • Revamping the Database by regular feedback and podio forms helping us connect to AIESEC alumni • The BIG ALUMNI Reunion: Uniting 41 alumni from 1990’s till 2011 after 10 years. Never done before in AIESEC Kolkata